What is a Deminar? The Future of Product Demonstrations

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, a new concept has emerged that is reshaping the way businesses present their products and services. This concept, known as a "deminar", is a fusion of a demonstration and a seminar, often conducted in a virtual setting. This innovative marketing approach is gaining momentum due to its unique blend of engaging content and interactive product demonstrations.

Deminars: A Comprehensive Overview

A deminar (not to be confused with LiveWebinar) serves as a potent tool for lead generation, merging the advantages of a product demonstration with the informative nature of a seminar. It provides an optimal platform for businesses to captivate their prospects with compelling content and expert insights, thereby converting them into potential customers. The process of organizing a deminar starts with the planning of a webinar, an online event that usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, primarily aimed at generating leads and educating or training participants.

Historically, webinars have been an effective method to broaden a brand’s reach, position a company as a thought-leader in its industry, and engage with prospects and customers on an accessible platform. However, traditional webinars often resulted in a passive experience for attendees, with limited branding, low interactivity, and minimal production value.

Deminars have revolutionized this format, transforming it into a dynamic, interactive experience. Deminars can incorporate panel discussions, polls, audience feedback, pre-recorded content, and dynamic presentations from industry experts. The key to a successful deminar is to plan a content program centered around a specific product demonstration, with the product being the main attraction.

Crafting Engaging Deminars

The success of a deminar hinges on the quality of its content, which should be designed to highlight the product being showcased. Here are a few tips to ensure viewer engagement and interest:

  1. Demonstrate, Don't Dictate: The less you have to verbally explain, the more the product can express its value through demonstration, leading to a better outcome. With a deminar, you can pre-record the aspects of the product you’re intending to showcase to avoid any mishaps, script persuasive dialogue to sell its merits, and use the live elements of your broadcast for interviewing industry experts on your product’s sector benefits.

  2. Promote Interaction: Effective selling is about providing the right answers to customer questions and demonstrating good listening skills. So, ensure you make good use of the chat functionality and monitor questions and comments closely. Incorporate an "Ask the Expert" segment into your schedule to allocate time for quick-fire questions that can be answered by the product manager or designer.

  3. Provide Exclusive Offers: Reward viewers for attending your deminar by incentivizing them with exclusive offers. This could be a free trial, product discount, business assessment, or loyalty reward. Your goal is to push potential customers further up the purchasing funnel, bringing you one step closer to closing the deal.

The Significance of Post-Deminar Follow-up

Communication with attendees should not cease after the deminar. The best way to follow up is to send out a survey within a day of the deminar while the content is still fresh in attendees' minds. This survey is crucial to uncovering what worked and what didn’t during your demo webinar.


Deminars, while often requiring less effort than live, virtual, or hybrid events, can yield long-term benefits that are equally impressive. From converting prospects into customers, positioning your organization as an expert in the field, or introducing new leads to your portfolio of products, deminars can play a significant role in your overall meeting and events program. As you develop your deminars, do so thoughtfully and strategically, creating quality content that truly showcases the product in the best possible light.

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