How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

A good webinar description captures the attention of potential attendees and gives them enough information to know what to expect, but not enough to give everything away. Looking for tips on creating the best attention grabbing description for your webinar? Let this article be your guide!

Words have power. Although these days visuals are gaining in popularity, the written content is still highly important. Users type questions and phrases into browsers to find solutions to their problems. That's how they might come across your website or stumble upon your online event and hit the "participate" button. However, the potency of the words you use in your webinar description is much more comprehensive. 

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The title of your live video should be eye-catching in order to attract new leads. The description is there to make them stay, hit that "participate" button and take part in your webinar. It should be entertaining as well as informative, as that's the area where you play your cards (at least to some extent). Plus, words are invaluable for bots and can help you rank better in SERPs.

These are just a few reasons why you should take a moment to think about your webinar description. But how to write a description? In this article, we’re going to explain what exactly you can do to write a gripping one, so let’s dive into the topic.

How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

What is a webinar description?

The webinar description is a piece of text that introduces the thematic scope of your webinar to your audience, and it's probably one of the most vital parts of your promotion strategy. You can do an outstanding social media campaign, do great email marketing, and prepare a marvelous presentation, but without a webinar description that grabs attention, you're not going to convince people to hit the "participate" button.

You can write a description of your webinar’s title, subject, as the agenda, and any special activities that you’ve prepared for your attendees are essential. This is the only way to show how valuable the content that you’re going to present is. With gripping text, you can make your webinar stand out from the crowd.

How does a webinar’s description relate to the topic?

The topic of your webinar is the first touchpoint between you and your audience, so it’s crucial to come up with a slogan that will grab people’s attention.

We’re not going to dwell on ways to tweak the topic of your event here, but we’re aware of the value of this factor. You can read another two of our articles that are fully dedicated to this subject: get to know eight tips for creating catchy webinar names and see other topic ideas.

What’s the purpose of writing a captivating webinar description?

Why do you ought to write a description? It's obvious. The topic can make your future audience curious and attract them to your webinar event. The description is there to make them stay and decide to take part in your live video. Every marketer knows how important it is to take care of customers at each stage of the funnel. If you want to keep your leads after captivating them, you should convince them to stay with you. In the same way, webinar titles are important. 

That’s where an alluring webinar description comes in.

How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

What should a description include?

Here is some principal information that the webinar description should convey. Forgetting about some of them might cause misunderstandings and result in one of two scenarios. First, a person may send you a direct message asking about the missing details. Second, which is more likely and far worse for your business, a user could abandon your event and forget about it altogether.

To avoid such situations, you should write a description that includes the following points:

  • Set the time and date. It will also be visible in the event parameters, but to make everything crystal clear, it's good practice to add a note about the exact timing of the webinar. And although everything takes place online, you can show where exactly the event will be hosted from.
  • Show the purpose of the webinar. People don't have much time to waste, and they seek ready-to-implement solutions. Although most of us spend some leisure moments scrolling social media or staring pointlessly at the TV, we still want to feel that if we spend an hour watching a live video then it will improve our life. So when you're writing a webinar description, make sure to show viewers how they can benefit from it.
  • Create a short agenda. Some people might not be interested in the whole webinar topic you chose, but a particular part of it could be useful for them. By providing a detailed schedule, they may decide to participate in the event but wait for the particular piece they're interested in. Plus, you will show your audience that you respect their time.
  • Stress the strong, unique points. There are plenty of webinars available, so your task is to convince the public to choose yours instead of some others. To do this successfully, you should stress the points of your video that are extraordinary and might be fresh knowledge for attendees.
  • Always add a CTA. Let's be serious - you are creating a webinar to leverage conversion rate, generate new leads, and sell your services or products. Thus, you should never forget about writing a clear call to action to show your participants what action they could take after the webinar, referring directly to your business. If you add a redirecting link, you can use an URL shortener to make it more appealing for the user. To enhance the tone of a CTA, you can repeat it during the webinar with a custom button. See? Just write a webinar description example and contain all of it in there.

Where can you use the description?

Now we know why webinar descriptions are essential, but we still lack one thing here. That is defining the place where we can publish our text. It's an important aspect, as the location indicates the form of your final description.

How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

A Facebook event

This is probably the most obvious place but is still indeed a major one. Creating a Facebook event is a great way to reach a wider audience both with paid promotion and organically. If you don't plan to stream your live video on social media, you can create an event page here and add a redirecting link.

An event’s description on Facebook can be intriguing for users because you can divide the information into a few parts. The core and fundamental information can be written in the main description to show your audience what your webinar is about and why they should attend it (that's why it's also vital to write a good webinar title - read a post about it here). The rest can be made into content for separate posts, which will reveal more insights. Thanks to doing so, you won’t reveal your whole hand at once, but you can keep your potential participants updated regularly. It might stimulate their curiosity, as they would have to follow your event to find out what’s up next. So, as you see, write a description in a Facebook event, as it's also powerful.

Your own website or a relevant landing page

Webinars can be streamed on social media or run on the official website of your company. You can also create a special landing page that can be dedicated just to this one-time event. No matter which of these three options you choose, you have to write a description that will appear on your page.

Your own website is a place where you can promote every aspect of your business activity for “free”. That means you should never disregard this channel. Anyone who visits your page, either intentionally or randomly, may bump into information about your webinar and consider participating.

Promotional emails

Using email marketing in your webinar strategy can work wonders - that’s a fact. According to the statistics, 40% of consumers prefer brands to be more informative and less promotional. You can seize this opportunity by announcing the webinar to your future attendees with a short yet absorbing description.

Some tools like LiveWebinar offer integration of video management platforms with email automation software systems. You can write a description by creating informative content similar to the event's description and add a retargeting link to the live video.

Tips and tricks to nail your description

Once you have chosen the place and type of description, there are some techniques that might give your webinar description an extra boost. They are used by professional copywriters and journalists, as well as social media managers. You can give it a try and see which method suits you best when writing a description.

How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

Know the language of your audience

It's the first rule of any marketing campaign. When you know who your target group is and what features characterize them, you can adjust your message to their natural style of speech. When your webinar is addressed to youngsters who use abbreviations and informal language, for example, you should write a description that sounds native to them. If you're trying to reach business people, on the other hand, you can add specific work jargon, and so on. If your audience speaks a different dialect it's best to learn their language for much clearer communication.

Ask surprising questions

Don't be afraid to ask rhetorical or slightly controversial questions. You have to be careful, but such a tone can captivate your audience more and grab their attention. Then, write a description where you answer such a question.

Show the numbers

Nothing works better than statistics, especially if they are particularly impressive. Write a description and show that your business actions are effective, which could convince people to participate in your event in order to hear what techniques can help them reach similar goals. It also means referring to external studies or research as a reinforcement for your words, as the opinion of others can be more convincing than just you bragging about yourself.

Let your audience breathe - leave some blank space

From a technical point of view, no one likes to read a block of text that isn't divided into paragraphs. To make your description appealing and easy to digest, remember to create whitespaces and separate the content into shorter parts.

Use emojis to highlight relevant parts

Emojis are a natural part of the language used for communicating online. They are perfect for adding variety to your text and highlighting important information. They also make you sound more friendly and shorten the distance between you and your audience. You can even use emojis as bullet points!

How can an excellent webinar description help with your SEO?

What you write and publish on your digital platforms is useful not only for your present and future clients. Google bots might also appreciate the use of keywords and reward you with a better ranking in SERPs.

Add relevant kewords

You can write a description and think about it because determining relevant keywords that relate directly to your webinar topic and using them in an event description on your website might be a smart move. When bots crawl the Internet, keywords help them with indexing content. They help with distinguishing useful websites from those that offer less expert knowledge.

So whenever you prepare your webinar description, carry out research on keywords and use a few of them in the body of the text. But keep in mind that you’re creating content for your audience with one fundamental function - it has to inform people, not serve the bots. This purpose is superior, and adding relevant phrases for SEO should just be an additional boost. That's why, when you write a description, you get so many benefits.

How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

Time to write!

Now you know why you need to write a description. We hope that this short guide will inspire you to create gripping webinar descriptions. Although the topic seems to be simple and obvious, many companies and individuals still underestimate the power of a good description.

Like we said - words have power. Write a description and your webinar will also have more potential. Keep it short and sweet, be informative and entertaining at the same time. You can try different methods to see for yourself which works best for your business. If you want to learn more about webinar marketing, our blog is full of useful content with fresh ideas. Your creativity and imagination is the only limit.

And speaking of limits, we can give you the possibility to test our platform, as you can create a free account in LiveWebinar which is for a lifetime. But remember, it has some limits, too. Check out which features are waiting for you in our premium versions of our tool to make the most of your video marketing. So don't hesitate - write a description and make your webinar better than ever.

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