6 of the best webinar marketing examples out there to follow and get inspired

All people tend to do is talk about webinar strategies, tips and tricks that can boost your performance, or tools that offer more than others when it comes to video marketing. But let’s face it - nothing works better when it comes to making improvements than learning from real-life examples and following case studies.

That’s why if you’re planning to use webinar marketing in your business strategy (or you’re already doing so), it might help to watch how other people create video content. Sometimes watching low-quality video content can be inspirational because it lets you observe some bad practices that shouldn’t be repeated when running a webinar. But although that can be a valuable experience, here we’re instead going to look at seven great webinar examples and online videos that can inspire you. You can quickly find out that investing in webinar marketing is extremely important and beneficial.

6 of the best webinars out there to follow and get inspired

Live or on-demand?

When speaking about webinars, the first question you might ask yourself is whether you should create a live video or an on-demand one. This issue is significant, as each option requires a different approach to the topic and would give you various outcomes.

Making your webinar a one-off event

There’s no such thing as one size fits all solution when choosing a webinar format. Depending on your needs, you should consider what your audience will most appreciate. If you decide that your webinar should be a one-time event, you can interact more with your audience. You could make it paid access, as if you were selling tickets for a lecture. This is a great option if you want to gather all participants in one place at the same time, and have the possibility of talking with or engaging them in your content. It’s probably the best choice for workshops, during which performing exercises in real-time is crucial.

Why might recording videos be a game-changer?

However, live videos have one obvious drawback - they don’t last forever, and your audience won’t have access to them after you finish your speech. Of course, you could provide them with additional material and a file containing the presentation, but it’s just not the same. With recorded video content, your audience can come back to the webinar whenever they like. This is most suitable for online courses, which last for a long time and might require revising presented content. Sometimes it’s profitable to launch a live webinar and record it for future purposes. Evergreen webinars can help give your videos a second life. But before making them evergreen, if the access to an online event is paid then you should inform the participants about the creation of on-demand material. Transparency is vital in such cases and lets you benefit from both types of content.

Let's look at some great webinar examples that show the benefits and drawbacks of both methods. Not all of them were recorded, so you can feel the difference firsthand and decide whether it's better to save your videos for later usage or not.

Webinar examples at your fingertips

Making a video that can be rewatched after an online event comes to an end can be a great advert for your brand's overall image. It may also convince your audience to participate in the next edition of such conferences or showcases. Check out how to tackle webinar marketing with examples to follow. 

#1 HotJar Lightning Talks conference

The idea of this type of webinar doesn't come from HotJar itself, but they still nail it. What exactly are lightning talks? They’re short presentations that last for just a few minutes, concerning a very specific topic. In terms of webinar examples, it's a speech recorded on a video, which is run live but can be recorded as well. Such a format can definitely enhance webinar marketing. 

Lightning Talks provide a brief overview of a particular topic, and that's exactly what you can expect from HotJar’s webinars. There you can watch the latest presentations from June, when UX in the e-commerce industry was the leitmotif. Every speech could last no longer than five minutes, and each entrepreneur was permitted to use only five slides. The webinars covered fields like User Experience, User and Customer Feedback, Marketing, Design, Experimentation, and Website Architecture.

HotJar Lightning Talks is a free-of-charge periodic event, so if you’re interested in joining the upcoming one, you can sign up on their website to make sure you’re notified at the right time.

Above you can see one of the excellent webinar examples, where the author shows a case study about using website recordings to find user issues.

#2 24 hours of webinar examples containing pure knowledge

Although our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and we seek content that can be digested quickly and easily, the stats concerning webinars show the opposite. Audiences often want to get to the core of a topic and dedicate more time to watching videos that teach them particular capabilities.

The average participant spends 58 minutes viewing a webinar. That's quite a lot of time to cover a specific topic, isn't it? But if you have so much to say that it's impossible to fit all the information into one hour, you can create a memorable event like an exceptional online experience provided by UXTesting. This webinar marketing series gathered over 7,000 participants in one virtual space, and submission was free. It consisted of separate speeches, which lasted for 24 hours in total.

6 of the best webinars out there to follow and get inspired

Experts from all over the world shared their experience in the UX field, but the webinars, in contrast to HotJar, are no longer available to watch. Here, you can read the essential takeaways from the event and get inspired.

#3 Learn how to give a presentation & get inspired

Learning how to make a gripping presentation is crucial for hosting a webinar that stays in the audience's memory for a long time. Watching a video about how to run one might be a great way to leverage your own performance and create better content in the future.

Being creative and thinking outside the box is key to getting ahead of your competitors. If you want to know helpful hints, this webinar might be inspiring for you. The speaker shows various ways to use technology in virtual communication and stresses the growing importance of online presentations.

It's available on YouTube, so you can have a look at it whenever you have time and see how body language can make or break the reception of your webinar.

#4 Teach your clients how to use your product via webinar marketing

Writing instructions, even with clear and appealing visuals, might not be enough. If your product is expanded, it might require a broader explanation. There's nothing better than audio-visual content when you want to show off features thoroughly.

Depending on what your company offers, the webinar topics might vary. If you’re promoting an email automation tool, you can show how to send mass emails. If you’re selling room decor items, you can even make a ceiling fan presentation. Truly - only sky's the limit.

You don't have to make a whole series of instructions - it's good to start by showing the basics. Thanks to that, your potential customers might better understand why exactly they should choose your product.

If you already have a loyal clientele then you can even go one step further, just like Ahrefs did, and share knowledge of your merchandise. This company decided to make a whole course, in which they show how to use their tool step-by-step. This webinar example proves how you can combine creating valuable content with product promotion. Ahrefs not only talks about options they offer, but also presents them as part of the bigger picture. Thanks to that, they provide their audience with ready to implement solutions related directly to their business plan.

Below you can see a screenshot of their product course submitted on Ahrefs Academy - a specific landing page dedicated to their webinars which provide educational value while still promoting their products. What can you do with such a webinar afterwards? Think about transforming webinars into YouTube tutorials.

6 of the best webinars out there to follow and get inspired

#5 Use webinar marketing to educate your audience with useful insights

Creating valuable videos is the core of webinar marketing. That's why webinars run by Notion are so powerful - they give real online business advice. This company has a whole YouTube channel, where it provides its audience with films about many topics concerning their activities. They vary from materials showing life and work at Notions, through separate videos about one topic, to a complete tutorial series.

Above you can see some webinar examples that raise the topic of managing and leveraging your sales funnel. It’s a piece of content that might grab the attention of businesspeople who seek specific solutions to their problems or want to learn insights from other companies' actions and implement new strategies to their own workflow.

It can be an inspiration for your actions. You could make a similar webinar concerning topics such as “How to build sales process” or “How to write a business proposal”. It can be connected with your brand but not focused on presenting the product. For example, if you’re selling yoga equipment you can run a webinar about staying mindful or the health results of working from home. Your goods might be just a part of the whole content - and it should work wonders too.

#6 Get key insights from the industry without leaving home

Do you want to run a webinar related to your business, but you don't want to get too promotional? Think of creating a video related to your industry that might be useful for your potential clients and thus - improve your customer relations. Here's how AWeber used this method.

It's a company that provides an email automation tool, so it might seem that they don't have a broad spectrum of related topics to cover. However, their video proves that you can get creative in every field and make the most of it. This webinar marketing example shows to its audience the importance of content in business strategies. The entrepreneur has decided to focus on seven tips, which can help participants write texts that convert and give you ROI. Providing attendees with an email outreach guide could be additional good practice.

The webinar was recorded, so you can watch it here if you have one hour to spare.

6 of the best webinars out there to follow and get inspired

Wrapping up great webinar examples

Running out of ideas for content is natural - what matters is to know where to find inspiration. The webinar examples shown above might be a starting point for further research and an impulse to work on your existing videos.

No matter what industry you work in, virtual communication is essential to keep in touch with your clients and reach new ones. In the reality of online shopping and social media, virtual communication is a base for running a successful business. Hosting a webinar connected to your field of work or products can become an essential part of your brand's identity and help you with boosting conversions. The webinar examples above show how much you can do with amazing video content.

Your webinar's topic and form are essential, but they're equally important as the tool you're using to create your video. With LiveWebinar you can take your content to the next level, engaging your audience more than ever.

Polls & surveys, breakout rooms and integrations with video streaming platforms are just a few options to choose from. You might decide to record your video, but feel uncertain when it comes to the final quality and engagement. Although these aspects tend to be worse than during a live broadcast, it’s time to stop thinking about what can go wrong. Thanks to the feature called evergreen webinars, you can make a video that lives up to your expectations and focus on delivering valuable content with it instead of worrying about the technical aspects.

Now, it’s up to you if you want to give LiveWebinar a try!

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