Best time of day and week to host webinars

Not every day of the week is the best for webinars. In this article we elaborate which days, and what times will spike your webinar attendance (and which ones will do the opposite). If you’re ready to become a webinar scheduling master, read on!

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by Ola Czmut
last updated 22.03.2021

How would you feel if the webinar, which you put hours and hours of effort into creating, doesn’t get enough participants just because you chose a bad day or a bad time? You would be disappointed that for all the hours of work you put into creating the webinar, you didn’t research a bit more about the best time to have a webinar. If you didn’t know it yet, yes, there are actually better days and times to do a webinar in a week.

It is not always easy to host a successful webinar. For example, you have to plan ahead with the right, intriguing topic, and an eye-catching presentation. In addition, for your webinar to be successful, you need to nail down the date when it will be held. So when is the best time and date to conduct a webinar? The right time to host a webinar is a tip to maximizing attendance when you want to have viewers all over the world? This article will explain how LiveWebinar can help you, so read this post from beginning to end to find out! 

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The time matters

An effective webinar begins with proper planning. Your webinar should be timed and executed properly, and not left to chance. While you don't know whether timing plays a role in maximizing attendance, it does matter when it comes to your webinar.

The more attendees you attract, the better off you are. You are investing your energy and money into a webinar after all. Additionally, remember that more attendees equal better results.

There are some days when a webinar is more suitable than others due to people's schedules. Choosing the best day (and time) for a webinar will depend on how many people will attend. Your webinar can be enhanced in a number of ways to maximize viewing and conversions. Let's dive right in and see more about the best days and times to host webinars. 

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What are the best days for webinars?

According to research conducted on thousands of webinars and their participants’ data, the best days for webinars are Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday—in other words, midweek. From these three, Thursday webinars show the highest attendance. Then, comes Wednesday and lastly, Tuesday. This trend is not a surprise. Midweek is the time of the week our working mindset is at its peak. And, of course, keep this in mind: there isn't one day that suits all audiences. Therefore, you should test the best time with your audience to determine which days produce the best attendance.

Why are Monday and Friday not on the list? We can only guess the reason, but it is most likely this – on Mondays, people are still adjusting to getting back to work after a relaxing weekend. What's more, Monday is traditionally a day to "catch up" on work, and on Fridays, people are too distracted by the upcoming weekend away from work. Hence, the popularity of webinars being conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

But keep in mind, special occasions like national holidays also impact the best days for webinars. Don’t schedule your webinar on the Thursday before a long weekend just because it’s a Thursday!

On the other hand, the worst days to have a webinar are, as you may have already guessed, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t go scheduling your webinars on weekends when most of your target audience is relaxing in weekend bliss.


What is the best time of the day to have a webinar?

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the best time to have a webinar is just before and after the lunch hour. Yes, 10 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 2 pm are the best times to do a webinar. But remember to leave out the lunch hour at noon alone when planning the webinar. In addition, it's also the ideal time if you have an international audience. Webinars between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. allow you to avoid conflicts on both coasts of America, as well as allow you to reach Europe early enough.

In most cases, though, scheduling a webinar is not as simple as selecting a time slot out of these picks. It's best to use appointment scheduling software to be inclusive to everyone and automate the scheduling process. If your target audience is spread across several time zones, even several countries, the task of picking the best time to do a webinar becomes complicated. The best approach to solving this dilemma is picking a time of the day that would include most of your audience in one of the above time slots.

To sum up, to maximize attendance, you should host your webinar in the middle of the day. Of course, it will depend to some extent on your audience's schedules to determine the best time for your webinar, but you can try to schedule it for 11 a.m. If you need to cover multiple time zones in the United States, this is your best option. Otherwise, stay close to that period, as your audience may appreciate it too. It would be best to try experimenting with different times to find out what works for your audience and you. Depending on your audience's characteristics, you might want to run a webinar earlier or later. 


What else should you consider when choosing the best time to have a webinar?

It’s true that there is clear popularity for webinars on the days and times we mentioned above. But you don’t have to think of them as the gospel.

We mentioned your audience, yes? So, depending on them, these trends may face slight changes. In addition to the above points, you should pay attention to data from your past webinars to understand when your audience prefers to join webinars. You can also communicate with the participants to get a better idea about their weekly schedules. You can even conduct polls and surveys within the audience.

If you are ready to get to know your audience better to maximize the engagement of your webinars, LiveWebinar provides easy-to-use features to connect with your audience without much hassle. You can conduct surveys and polls and chat with the participants easily thanks to this cloud-based platform.

The knowledge of the best time to do a webinar according to mainstream data, combined with the insights you gain about your particular audience through LiveWebinar, is an asset that you can use to reach a larger audience through the webinars. So, the next time you plan a webinar, remember to pick a time slot backed by data that guarantee the success of your webinar.

In conclusion

Our guide offers tips and advice on hosting a webinar at the right time and on the best days. While the data above does provide some intriguing insight into how to host a successful webinar, you need to develop your own specific strategy to make your webinar successful.

Your online presentations can attract high-quality leads and increase sales calls if you choose the right time and day. LiveWebinar will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to conduct online meetings and valuable tools for working with your audience. You have to find out that we don't make empty promises.

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