The complete guide to evergreen webinars

Imagine that your lying on the beach (let’s say Hawaii) and sipping a drink under a palm tree, and at the same time your business blossoms thanks to a magical, evergreen sales funnel. Non-expiring content is not just a temporary marketing trend. It’s a powerful automation tool that allows your business to flourish without you even lifting a finger. Refresh your view on evergreen content and discover how to reinforce achieving your goals with LiveWebinar automated sessions.

The complete guide to evergreen webinars

#1 Live webinar vs. evergreen webinar

First of all, you need to distinguish live webinars from evergreen webinars. Surprisingly the content in both of them may be very similar, they just require a different context, scenario and form of presentation. Moreover, both kinds are recorded as a live video, but what makes them different is the distribution process. Live webinars are temporary and are held only once, while evergreen webinars are automated and may be shown countless times.

#2 Why evergreen webinars?

In general, webinars are a great, low-cost way to present your products or service to thousands of users, but evergreen webinars are even better. With automated webinars you record the scenario only once, with no need of refreshing the content or adjusting it to your audience. The whole scenario just goes in a loop, over and over again. This leaves you with plenty of time to rethink your marketing strategies and allows you to improve the sales funnel.

#3 Sales presentations

The complete guide to evergreen webinars

Evergreen webinars are perfect for all forms of product launching or presentation. They’re especially a great choice for selling those kinds of products that never go out of date and are demanded by customers all year long. With automated webinars, you don’t need to focus on upgrading your content – just set your presentation on autopilot and watch your sales reach a peak.

#4 Lectures and trainings

Hosting educational webinars is a great way to strengthen your brand and share a little bit of your know-how with the audience. A standard lecture scenario looks like this: listeners join the meeting at a specific time, listen to the lecture and usually need to register in advance to participate in your meeting, which leaves you with a whole bunch of valuable leads.

Upgrade your e-learning session by opting for automatization. The big advantage of hosting evergreen educational webinars is that they can be interactive and perfectly organized at the same time. Switch between different formats and tools (Prezi presentations, videos, whiteboard) to engage your audience while sticking to the initial scenario.

#5 Explainer videos

Tutorials do have a great marketing potential. Everybody loves these how-to videos with useful life hacks and backgrounders showing processes, ideas, products being created from scratch. Automated webinars may be genius by themselves but if you team them up with tutorial videos you will get a real masterpiece. Combining videos presenting your product’s unique features or values with the cleverness of an automated webinar is a great recipe for highly converting and non-expiring content.

#6 Case studies

Real-life examples of how you’ve built your brand, launched a product are worth sharing for many reasons. First, they present you as a reliable, trustworthy partner, offer loads of inspiration for your audience and support building trust among them. Next, they’re just the perfect content for evergreen webinars. Sharing your company’s story, values and testimonials from clients that successfully implemented your advice are the kind of content your audience will never get bored of. Before adding these stories to your automated webinars make sure to wrap them up with honesty and real emotions – this way your evergreen sessions will be winning your audience’s hearts and loyalty – over and over again.

#7 Get started with evergreen sessions

The greatest benefit of evergreen webinars is that you need to prepare for them only once. Start with writing down a script containing what exactly your audience will see and benefit from joining your meeting. Don’t pretend your automated sessions are live, your audience will definitely notice you’re faking. Keep in mind that automated content doesn’t have to be boring. To do so, consider mashing-up different types of content formats to create a fun, interactive and engaging experience for your audience. Finished improving your webinar script? Perfect! Now you need to bring it to live. This process won’t be repeated, so make sure you focus on the highest quality of your recording.

After recording your webinar, you can reuse and replay it literally forever. Have a catchy content idea, write a script, record the whole thing – and you’re done. Now you can share your automated session with thousands of attendees, watch them register to your event and purchase products. All in a never-ending story sequence, automatically and without your presence. And that’s the real power of evergreen content (here are some definitely worth checking some tips about creating such content) – it grows by itself, while you harvest the crops.

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