How LeadHub Generated 300+ Leads Every Month Using LiveWebinar

Introduction: The Art of Lead Generation 

LeadHub, a renowned B2B lead generation agency from Poland, was founded by Konrad Kitaszewski and Mateusz Wyciślik. With over 7 years of expertise in the field, they've mastered the art of producing high-caliber sales leads for B2B companies, both domestically and internationally. Their commitment to excellence is evident, boasting an impressive 91% success rate in their campaigns.  

But how did they achieve such staggering results? Let's dive in. 

LeadHub's Strategy: Mastering LinkedIn and Beyond 

When it comes to how to generate leads, LeadHub's secret sauce lies in their adept use of LinkedIn.  

Over the years, they've not only mastered this platform but also integrated diverse content marketing strategies. These tactics have not only amplified the personal brands of the founders but also positioned them as thought leaders. Recognizing the potency of their knowledge, they embarked on a mission to disseminate their insights, curating educational podcasts and webinars.  

The aim? Empowering B2B entrepreneurs to supercharge their lead generation game. 

Their unique business model, which charges clients based on tangible results, underscores the importance of refining their lead generation strategies for peak performance. 

The Challenge: Strategies for Robust Email List Growth and Lead Capture 

Every marketer knows the struggle: you build a big email list, but then the engagement isn't great after you launch. What's the solution?  

A well-planned content marketing campaign.  

When you're aiming for B2B business owners or managers, the key is giving them helpful, educational content. And what do they give in return? Just their email. 

Taking a new direction, LeadHub came up with a bunch of podcasts and webinars, designed just for their audience. This move not only brought in a steady stream of top-quality B2B leads but also gave their clients a solid strategy to follow. 

However, there was a challenge.  

They needed strong tech support to host these big online events.  

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The Solution: Webinars as Lead Magnets 

LiveWebinar came through just when LeadHub needed it.  

It was a great fit for what LeadHub was looking for. With this platform, LeadHub could easily run webinars on popular topics like LinkedIn sales, Social Selling, and how live webinars can help get more leads. 

One cool thing about LiveWebinar?  

You can save and use webinars again. This means you're not just getting clients from one webinar. These webinars can be used over and over, fitting right into marketing and sales plans. 

LeadHub really liked LiveWebinar, especially because of its top-notch marketing tools and the feature that lets you see stats and reports.  

This helped them get better and better. 

To make the webinars even more engaging, LeadHub used features like special CTAs, Surveys, and Voting. This made sure attendees really remembered the webinar and also gave LeadHub useful feedback right away.  

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Elevate Your Lead Generation Strategy Today! 

LeadHub's story shows just how powerful good content marketing can be, especially when you've got the right tools. LiveWebinar played a big part in their success, giving them exactly what they needed. 

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