How to use prerecorded webinars to generate leads effortlessly

Are you looking for a simple way to use your pre-recorded webinars while generating consistent leads and sales? Look no further! With the help of the best webinar software, you can leverage your content and expand your reach like never before.  

Read the article and discover the power of evergreen webinars. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual scheduling and hello to an automated lead-generation machine. 

What is an Evergreen webinar? 

In essence, evergreen webinars are pre-recorded presentations that can be viewed on demand whenever your audience prefers. Unlike live webinars, which require attendees to be present at a specific date and time, evergreen webinars provide flexibility and convenience for both presenters and attendees. The best webinar software solutions on the market today can automatically schedule and deliver evergreen webinars, making it easier than ever to reach your target audience. 

Thanks to this feature, you can effortlessly host webinars on autopilot. You can create captivating presentations, record them, and replay them as if they were live events. Imagine the impact of delivering high-quality content to your audience without having to be present in real time! This can be a real game-changer!  


Benefits of Evergreen webinars 

1. Time-savings and efficiency 

One amazing advantage of hosting evergreen webinars is that they save time and reduce stress for the presenters. Speakers can record their presentations once and repurpose the content indefinitely, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. Furthermore, webinar solutions like automated webinars maintain the quality of your presentation, ensuring that each attendee receives the same level of expertise. 

2. Increased flexibility for attendees 

Evergreen webinars are also convenient for your audience. Your viewers can attend them at any time and place they like. This means they don’t need to worry about scheduling conflicts or limited availability, as these recorded webinars can be accessed whenever the user chooses. This flexibility leads to higher attendance rates and greater overall satisfaction among your audience. 

3. Consistent lead generation 

With evergreen webinars, you have the potential to generate leads and sales 24/7. Use your webinar tools to create a captivating presentation and watch as potential customers find value in your recorded webinars. Simply put, evergreen webinars work for you, even when you're not there, making it a powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. You can just pick the most brilliant videos and webinars you’ve created and stream them on and on.  

Choosing the best webinar software 

To ensure a seamless experience for both you and your attendees, it's crucial to choose the best webinar software that suits your needs. You should look for a platform that offers user-friendly tools for creating, hosting, and sharing evergreen webinars with ease. Some key features to consider include: 

  • Easy webinar setup 
  • Ability to record a webinar with high-quality audio and video 
  • Robust webinar tools for audience engagement
  • Automated and evergreen webinar functionality
  • Integration with marketing tools 


How to run evergreen webinars at LiveWebinar? 

LiveWebinar lets you easily set up and run evergreen webinars, allowing you to automate your content delivery and engage with your audience on their schedule. The procedure is very simple, you just need to follow these steps:  

Step 1: Record your webinar 

The first step in running an evergreen webinar is to record your presentation. Using LiveWebinar's intuitive recording feature, you can capture your content, including audio, video, and screen sharing. Ensure that your recording is engaging, informative, and aligned with your webinar goals. 

Step 2: Upload your recorded webinar  

Once your webinar recording is complete, it's time to upload it to LiveWebinar. Access your LiveWebinar dashboard and navigate to the "Rooms/Events" section on the left panel. Click on "Schedule Webinar" and choose the “Evergreen Room” option.  

Then upload your pre-recorded video. Select the file from your computer, from YouTube or Vimeo and let LiveWebinar handle the rest. 


Step 3: Configure webinar settings  

  • Date, Time, Duration 

In the LiveWebinar interface, you'll find options to set the webinar availability, including the start date and time, as well as the duration. Choose a title, description, and relevant tags that accurately represent your webinar content. It is really simple and takes just one minute, or even less.  

You can set the frequency of your evergreen events in the event scheduling dashboard. You can set a limited schedule that runs, for example, every Monday but for the two, three, four, or five next Mondays. You can also choose an infinite option and when set, the Evergreen will run every Monday indefinitely. 

  • Call to action  

You can also enable and manage multiple Call-to-Actions that will trigger in the specific moment. Just select the time when the Call to Action has to pop up. CTAs in evergreen webinars allow participants to respond immediately to the offer. Therefore, viewers can take action right away, which minimizes the chances of them forgetting or losing interest over time. 

  • Chat  

You can enable the chat option that can significantly enhance the attendee experience. While pre-recorded presentations offer convenience and flexibility, adding a chat feature creates an interactive environment, allowing participants to engage with the content and each other.  

For example, imagine you're hosting an evergreen webinar about personal finance. By incorporating a chat option, attendees can ask questions about specific investment strategies, seek clarification on financial concepts, or share their own experiences. This real-time interaction fosters engagement and creates a sense of community, making the webinar more valuable and memorable. 

All these features are included in the LiveWebinar solution, which makes it easy to capture new leads and convert them into clients.  

The last thing to remember when organizing evergreen events is to…  

Customize registration and confirmation emails 

To attract participants to your evergreen webinar, it's important to customize your registration and confirmation emails. LiveWebinar allows you to personalize these emails with dynamic fields, such as the participant's name and the webinar details. Craft compelling email copy that highlights the benefits of attending the webinar and includes a clear call-to-action. 

You can also automate various aspects of your webinar, such as registration, reminders, and follow-up emails. By setting up automated emails, you can engage with your audience throughout their webinar journey and keep them informed and involved. 

Make the most of your Evergreen webinars 

To fully capitalize on the power of evergreen webinars, use these strategies for success: 

  • Promote your webinar online through email marketing, social media, and targeted advertisements. 
  • Ensure that your presentation offers valuable and relevant information to your audience. 
  • Update your webinars regularly and notify your subscribers of any changes or updates. 

Embrace the future of webinar solutions 

Evergreen webinars offer a passive income stream, time-saving benefits for presenters, and increased flexibility for attendees. As a result, it's clear that evergreen webinars play a vital role in the future of online presentations. Choose the best webinar software and tools available, and let your business thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape. 

Remember, the power of automated webinars is just a click away. 

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