How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time

It took a pandemic to make us realize how useful webinars can be when used in the right manner with a perfect mix of promotion and engaging content!

As awareness about this trend begins to grow, a number of companies are now looking into tips on how to use webinars for the speedy growth of their business. In fact, they have adopted it as one of the most important components of their marketing strategy.

On the other hand, many companies fear that they won’t be able to keep pace with the rapidly changing approach. For those who are hesitant in learning about this new technology, this guide will provide a keen summary of everything you need to know before arranging a perfect webinar online.

But, wait! If you are even a little bit confused about whether arranging a webinar is worth your time and effort, let us show you why our answer is a big YES.

How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time

How can a webinar help you?

You can think of a webinar as a video presentation or lecture presented using webinar software. These are often business-related and are quite helpful in engaging the audience from all around the world.

The reason that so many companies are invested in the idea of hosting attractive webinars is that its benefits are virtually limitless. Webinars have helped businesses train new internees, capture leads, and attract marketers. You can monetize your webinar and get payments with a digital wallet of your choice.

Amidst globalization, it is obvious that a product launched in the US does not interest its citizens only. However, investors, as well as buyers, can not always attend physical conferences every time an internal company is showcasing its newest talent. With the help of webinars, you can gather all the interested customers in one place and educate them about the product, have question/answer sessions, discuss future ideas, and motivate them for the purchase.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of arranging a webinar is that it helps businesses generate leads. It is essential for its growth and a perfect way for beginners to make money online. For example, the virtual lecture does not always have to be about a product or service that YOU offer but WHY the public needs them. This would help attract quality leads and score buyers that are genuinely interested in doing business with you.

You got the point, right? So what’s stopping you from arranging a mind-blowing webinar for your own business?

How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time

Tips on how to use webinars effectively for small business growth

If you are scared about missing out on something important, here’s a checklist you should keep in mind and you won’t disappoint your audience for sure!

  1. Know your goals

    Remember that it is a virtual engagement and your audience does not have the whole day to sit in front of a laptop screen. Therefore, when you are planning on hosting a webinar, it is important to know your purpose and to get down to it as soon as possible.

    This would also help you stay focused and meet the objectives of the lecture correctly. The bottom line is that you are free to tell your story as long as you know how to be concise and informative.

    Moreover, ensure the title of your webinar should reflect what your discussion will be about. Don’t assign a catchy topic just to attract listeners. They will be thoroughly disappointed once they get to know that the content does not deliver what you promised.

  2. Look into other webinars

    You don’t have to copy but there is no harm in stealing a few creative ideas that serve your purpose. Some webinars that you find online will be hosted by people who have more experience in this field than you so don’t forget to carry your notepad and list down pointers that you find useful.

    Apart from that, also note down the tips in the lecture that you think caught your attention as a listening. There are the same things that will help you engage your audience in the future. Similarly, pay attention to things that you didn’t admire. Remember to omit these next time you compose a webinar.

  3. How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time
  4. Rely on guest speakers and partnerships

    Let’s assume you have to arrange a web seminar revolving around the benefits of online marketing. What’s better than inviting over a guest who has scored a great deal of fame in this field? People would want to know why and how he did it. This would not only support your topic of discussion but also keep the audience engaged.

    Now the other matter of concern is that it is highly likely you would just be “friends” with a prominent face therefore you have to provide an appropriate bait to them in order to make them a part of your event. Convey the size of your audience and let them know how it would impact their marketing efforts.

  5. Plan lead time smartly

    As we mentioned before, webinars are all about utilizing your time effectively. This does not only refer to the air time but also the period between the announcement and execution of the webinar.

    These days, event planning is virtual. So, it is highly recommended to use the proper event timelines. Once you announce the date, interested people would start to register for the program. You should make sure you are providing enough time for all the registrants to complete the process conveniently. At the same time, do not set the actual webinar date months after the announcement because the chances are the audience will forget what they had signed up for.

  6. How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time
  7. Find a way to reward your listeners

    It’s okay if your business has not yet won enough customers to sell a handsome amount of tickets for the webinar. You can try out a trick of rewarding people who sign up for the program. Providing incentives is a great way to promote and highlight the value of online events. This can include providing free e-books or other downloadable material.

    Some firms came up with another creative idea of keeping users interested. They launched promotion campaigns on social media pages and assigned special gifts for those who signed up quickly for the webinar. This can prove to be very effective in boosting the attendance numbers for your event.

    Important things that your webinar should have to make it more interesting Now you know how to execute a webinar but what can you do to make it stand out?

  8. Chat away!

    This is an outstanding technique for keeping listeners engaged. You can allow them to answer questions that you are asking via text chat or let them ask questions in this manner. It would develop a sense of connection between people who are sitting in separate rooms, miles apart. Moreover, it is simple so even those who are not tech-savvy would know how to write and send a text message.

  9. Screen Sharing

    There are few concepts that you can not explain via oral content. These require demonstration and that is when features like screen sharing come in handy. You can simply execute the task on your screen and viewers would know what you are explaining. It is more beneficial than the conventional method of sharing screenshots as it lets the audience see when you are using different tools or moving from one step to the next. Luckily, it also saves a lot of time.

  10. Show surveys and polls

    We talked about allowing text chats to let your audience answer questions that are being asked during the webinar. However, when you have received their feedback, how will you share it with the viewers?

    It will not be a smart move to narrate that “Simon said yes, Veronica said no, and then we have another candidate that said yes”. This would create a lot of ambiguity and leave the listeners confused about the final verdict. Simply share the results in the form of tests and surveys that are easier to understand. Problem solved!

  11. How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time
  12. Share a whiteboard

    Much like sharing your screen, you can also utilize the whiteboard feature to show what you are doing with live drawings and demonstrations. It is just like being back in the classroom and you can explain the subject to your “students” clearly.

  13. Present recording

    Make sure you are leaving the webinar with a recording. Most individuals/companies carry out live webinars and that is a disappointment for the viewers who wish to see the information later on as well. The recording can be accessed by them as well as those who missed the live session.

How to tackle some of the most common webinar challenges?

We hope that this article made the webinar arrangement sound like a piece of cake. Choosing a webinar software that suits all your needs and meets all of your requirements can be challenging. If you want to step-up your game, go through some of the most prominent reasons to choose LiveWebinar when it comes to quality and creating evergreen content. LiveWebinar points out the easiest solutions to take care of them when you arrange a webinar next time.

  1. Do webinars the LiveWebinar way

    LiveWebinar gives you tools to check everything before you go live. It checks the quality of your internet connection and you don’t need to install anything on your device.LiveWebinar is a platform that takes care of data privacy and safety. It creates exciting activities keeping your audience engaged.

  2. Promote your webinar before broadcasting

    What’s the point of preparing an amazing webinar when no one hears about it? A good promotion campaign is often ignored when arranging a web seminar resulting in poor attendance. This includes both promoting using the wrong channels or promoting at the wrong time.

    Social media has made it quite easy to spread awareness about an event. You can make creative banners, post about the event on Instagram and Facebook, and ask your partners to do the same.

  3. How To Use Webinars for Business Growth to Win Over Your Audience in No Time
  4. Come up with creative ways to keep the audience engaged

    Now that you have reached the number of attendees you wished for, it is your job to keep them interested. When all you have is a screen in front of you, it is easy not easy to grab and hold the listener’s attention for a long time.

    An easy solution is to come with a simple webinar format that indicates where the talk is headed. Next, make sure you engage them through activities like giving them a chance to share their experience, asking questions, and providing sufficient visual assets that explain what you are talking about.

To wrap up

We all know remote work is no longer a new normal. Even if you are running your business remotely, webinars can drive your business to new levels. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, an affiliate marketer, or a blogger running a business blog, webinars have the power to skyrocket your business, indeed!

What a successful webinar can achieve is beyond your imagination but it is not possible to obtain such results without preparing for it appropriately. You must set clear goals, highlight different objectives of the seminar and then give due time to each topic without losing the interest of the audience.

We are sure you will be able to present perfectly if you keep in mind some of the tips and suggestions that we have pointed above. Moreover, practice makes perfect so don’t forget to rehearse your part in the webinar before it’s time to dazzle the audience.

Faisal Rehman
Faisal Rehman

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