Tactical & operational tips on running webinars for recruitment

In these quickly changing times, recruiting the right candidates can be a mixed bag. In-person interviews are no longer an option, and generally take time and money to carry out. However, online recruitment is at an all time high. So, how to best go about it? Webinars for recruitment can be a step in the right direction. Check out this article to learn more!

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by Aleksandra Żołnowska
last updated 22.03.2021

Recruitment of intelligent and talented employees is a delicate process, but having accessible, easy-to-use and efficient tools like webinars takes the trade to the next level.

To find and hire diligent and forward-thinking people to fit with your work ethics is challenging and high-cost. In traditional recruitment, HR managers and headhunters advertise job vacancies and review hundreds of resumes, predominantly with the use of AI solutions for recruitment and applicant tracking software and analytics of candidate qualifications to select the most appropriate job seekers for the company. For instance, a leadership role may require associate project managers' certification.

This task is complex and does take a lot of effort to achieve the desired results. Fortunately, times change and technology moves forward, which is why you’re here.

Tactical & operational tips on running webinars for recruitment

Consider webinars to streamline the entire recruitment process

Webinar events are online video seminars that help you interact with large audiences in a breeze. They can showcase company prestige and set requirements for the perfect candidate.

Streaming videos is cost efficient and saves the valuable time of… everybody who is involved, especially when you know how long the perfect webinar should be.

That’s why webinars are innovative and sustainable from a business standpoint, and hosting is especially trendy for recruiting hot talent. Read on to find out how you can use webinars as a staffing tool!

Benefits of webinars in the recruitment process

Let’s review how a webinar can improve the process of finding and hiring outstanding employees.

  • Webinars take place online, which lets you interact, track presence and interview more than just one candidate, no matter their locations. Thanks to webinars, a job seeker can find the right position and company in as little time as a lunch break.
  • Such online events bring more candidate resumes with professional skills. A good webinar platform allows targeting precisely the right group of prospective employees. This way you can avoid wasting the resources and time of your company.
  • Webinars easily showcase what a business has to offer to prospective workers via an easy-to-consume medium. The concept of a webinar is to use visuals to compliment and convey recruitment openings in an easy-to-access manner. When streaming live you can incorporate videos, images, slides, and charts to describe your business and glorify its success in order to drive inspiration and motivation in candidates.

But how to put together a successful strategy and tactics for webinars as a recruitment tool?

Tactical & operational tips on running webinars for recruitment

Select the right platform and tech

It’s mandatory to maintain a professional feel in order to make a recruitment webinar successful. In case of online events, the right tool has significant influence on the overall reception of your brand. When picking the right one for you, choose a reputable webinar platform like LiveWebinar!

Keep in mind that you should:

  • Pick a webinar tool with flexible pricing based on the number of slots for registration to your webinar. Choose a reliable platform with easy browser access, unlimited customization, clear HD quality, and the ability to run surveys, polls and votes, whilst having everything under your domain.
  • Use a laptop and get a decent camera and microphone for high-res video and audio.
  • Prepare questions and all the necessary materials that you might need to use in advance.

Recruiters have to captivate potential applicants, inspire respect, earn trust, and motivate people to join.

How to start a recruitment webinar?

Gain Awareness:

  • Introduce yourself and the enterprise in such a way to grab attention.
  • Share a concise history of the company.
  • Present your team, brand, products, and services.


  • Your goals and how you accomplish them together with your team.
  • How project management works.
  • The desired results and outcomes.

Share valuable insights regarding your company to your webinar viewers and potential employees so they get to know your work ethics. This way you boost the recognition and credibility of your company and present it as a great place for professional growth and progress.

Reach Your Target Audience

As mentioned above, contact with only relevant applicants is essential to a smooth-running, sustainable, and timesaving recruitment process. To guarantee that, take a moment to pick the right title for your webinar, define the specific topic, and present a brief list of your precise requirements. Leverage email automation to funnel as many people as possible from the initial list of signees. Distribute invites via your website, social media, email, and other channels long before you run the online event. This way you can help to ensure that only qualified and genuinely interested candidates take part in the webinar and apply for the job.

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Tactical & operational tips on running webinars for recruitment

Reduce turnover rate and retain new employees

When employees’ expectations about the job don’t fit reality, they quit.

Webinars are great for introducing your company and declaring your requirements, along with a thorough description of vacant positions.

This means that people can know what they are really applying for in terms of the job, and thus helps to reduce quitters.

Therefore, a recruitment webinar that contains detailed info about available positions that resonates with applicants, and is rich on visuals, means that the investment is likely to pay off with reliable employees who won’t leave after a few weeks.

This is useful, especially if you have just started your business on a limited budget. With the right strategy, a recruitment webinar gives your company the chance to grow and flourish, and furthermore, if you like the model, you can even use it as a part of the employee onboarding process

Educate job seekers

Many candidates cannot get a job simply because they are not familiar with the recruitment process, how managers evaluate resumes, and which details carry the most weight. Additionally, they may simply use the wrong resume templates (even though a solid resume builder usually has many templates to choose from!)

So dedicate a section of your recruitment webinar to some difficulties that candidates might face and how to solve them. This way you ensure that you won’t miss a gifted individual simply because of issues regarding the hiring process.

Plus, these helpful tips and the extra care shown towards your job candidates invokes gratitude and determination to work with your company.

Entice adequate applicants to join your company

Use a webinar platform’s feature to upload videos, photos, or even embed code in order to display and highlight advantages that potential employees stand to benefit from when they join your organization.

Inform your prospective webinar recruits about the salary and financial perks, work-from-home opportunities, mentoring, promotions, and more to intrigue and appeal to them.

Tactical & operational tips on running webinars for recruitment

Attract candidates from all over the world

Webinars are accessible for a global audience, so hosting one allows you to find and hire foreign talent without the need for pricey travel or in-person meetings.

If that’s the case, target your recruitment webinar strategy to attract an endless number of candidates from all over the world.

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Run regular recruitment webinars

Remember to record and post recordings on social media, too. This increases the likelihood that unicorn specialists will gain an interest in your company and take part in your next web event, so that they can apply for a position.

What’s a better way to expand your work team with excellent new members from around the world during these challenging times of COVID-19?

Recruit new college graduates

What about recent graduate college students joining your company?

Yes, they may be timid and confused by the hiring procedure because of limited or no experience. But a detailed and explanatory recruitment webinar makes it easier for people to apply. Presentations, images, and charts etc. all to help you to describe everything that there is to say and explain.

As such, running a webinar is an efficient tactic to encourage young and motivated people to apply to your company.

Webinars and recruitment remarks

Recruitment of the right employees enhances your work environment and pays you back with the desired results, high employee morale, and company progress.

That’s why in today’s high-tech and prosperous world, a recruitment webinar is simply the ideal choice to transform the serious and tiring task of hiring people into an easy and enjoyable experience for both recruiters and applicants.

Stick to our guide if you want to build a successful recruitment webinar strategy and save time and resources when searching for the perfect candidate.

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