Handy integrations to make the most of your webinar

Everyone can use a helping hand every once in a while, right? That applies to your webinars too! No matter if you’re leading a lesson, hosting a sales meeting, or running a webinar, integrations can help you make the most of your event. Read on to learn more!

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by Ola Czmut
last updated 22.03.2021

Behind every user is a different hidden story. A manager loses sleep over the planning of digital team meetings and brainstorms. A salesperson seeks solutions for presenting a product beyond the borders. A teacher has very specific needs, that are focused on providing students with educational value. Remote work can be a challenge, and to run classes effectively each lecturer has to be provided with an array of useful features to help them with achieving all their goals.

We’re individuals who work and play in a variety of fields. These areas range from education, through the marketing and sales industries, to keeping in touch with friends or attending digital conferences. For every user there is another story. Each of their needs have to be taken care of, which is why we’ve prepared powerful integrations to face them all.

To see if our webinar integrations can meet your expectations, let’s look at what we’ve already achieved (and what’s about to come).

Handy integrations to make the most of your webinar

Why do webinar integrations make a difference?

Nowadays not many of us can brag about having a lot of free time to spend. We tend to be so dedicated to our work and families that finding a moment for some leisure can be a real challenge. If we’re in a constant rush, then why would we waste even a minute on switching to another tool when we can have an omnichannel one in our hands? That’s why integrations with third-party vendors make such a difference. Thanks to them, the need to browse between a few apps looking for the relevant data is eradicated forever.

What kind of data can you gather during a webinar campaign?

It might be surprising how much you can get out of hosting a webinar, yet also how few these possibilities tend to be seized. Connecting your live video with marketing automation platforms and use of webinar integrations can ease the process of building a contact list with prosperous leads.

Webinars aren’t usually held just for fun (although they can be, as it’s an easy way to gain knowledge quickly and interact with people who are located far away from us). They are a form of attracting customers, creating robust brand promotion, or running workshops and conferences. No wonder business people have fallen in love with live videos - according to the statistics, a single webinar can generate over 1000 leads. Of course, a proper strategy is required to reach a specific audience and hit the jackpot, but it’s possible.

To make sure that none of these contact addresses are lost, you should use a platform that offers smart integrations. CSM, email marketing, and video players are all available within one tool. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it exists, and it can make work seamless.

Handy integrations to make the most of your webinar

Webinar software integrations to help you conquer the world

Maybe you’ve heard that you should use an omnichannel platform to take care of every facet of your marketing strategy. The question is what exactly do you need, and why is it so essential for the final result of your actions? Let’s see what integrations are there for you and how can you use them for your purposes.

Monetize your webinars with HeySummit

A goal of most webinars is to increase the total revenue from marketing actions and generate more leads. To make sure that you’re building a strong community with your video content, integrate LiveWebinar with HeySummit to support any online conference you hold. This webinar integration was designed to help you with every step of running a digital summit, from creating and managing to analysing your final results after the broadcast.

If your conference consists of at least five Talks, you can connect your webinar software system with HeySummit. It can boost your promotion strategy, plus help with leveraging your income and with building stronger communities who are interested in your content. Here’s how you can make the most out of this webinar integration:

  • You can make a profitable ROI by monetizing your video content. Consider implementing paid access to your webinars, no matter if they’re online summits or digital courses. If your videos provide insights that can’t be heard anywhere else then you can try to earn by sharing your knowledge.
  • Try generating more sales by building an interactive landing page. Here you can read why redirecting traffic to your website is key to making your marketing strategy complete.
  • Leverage your promotion by reaching your speakers’ followers. When you connect HeySummit with a webinar platform, specific URLs for each live Talk are created automatically then sent to the presenter and participants. Speakers can also boost the promotion of your conference across many channels, like social media profiles, with specially generated links.

Over 2000 possible integrations at your fingertips with Zapier

If you haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s high time to get familiar with this tool. It’s a gold mine for enhancing your business with more than 2000 web apps that can be integrated with your software system. You can improve your workflow by customizing Zapier integrations to your personal needs.

This webinar integration provides you with the option of event automatization. Unique triggers pop-up in your preferred place, be it a mailbox or chatroom, to keep you, your audience and speakers notified about everything that is necessary to know. 

You can also get information about participants during webinar. Staying informed, plus gathering and managing relevant data about generated leads, allows you to make the most of your webinar.

So with Zapier you can set your webinars on autopilot and automate your events to save time and resources. It is also possible to receive real-time information about users who registered for your event. Get notified by e-mail, chat, and text message as soon as you collect new leads or registrants. Communicate effectively with your attendees and presenters by sending automatic emails to keep them updated on your meeting's agenda and notify them as soon as any changes are made. Using this integration, you won't waste time on activities that can be done automatically. In one click, you can spread news about your webinar, assign tasks, and manage content. This webinar integration moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Set custom automated workflows thanks to Zapier Integration. Launch events based on the data from the LiveWebinar sub-account list to avoid tedious work and complete more tasks with less effort. Also manage events and users from the main account, receive email notifications, send automatic messages via Slack or other team chats. Finally, take full advantage of team collaboration. Allow new employees to seamlessly join your working environment and assign them tasks with ease.

Want to gather and manage data about your users in one place and improve your customer service? Yes, Zapier and LiveWebinar are here.

Handy integrations to make the most of your webinar

Remember about sharing your event on social media to extend your reach before, during and after a webinar. You can manage these facets, as well as sending surveys to the participants, with one tool that has-it-all. Thanks to having access to Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn or Todoist, you can control everything you need in one place and stay on top of it.

Keep your participants in the loop with email marketing

It’s widely known that e-mail marketing can work wonders in terms of promotion. The numbers speak for themselves: 3.9 billion people currently use mailboxes and the number is rising daily. According to the same source it is even estimated that by 2023 half of the World’s population will be using email, so it's the perfect way to notify your clients about upcoming webinars.

Why should this form of marketing be an integral part of your video content strategy? The research shows that although other communication channels are important, a whopping 57% of webinar registrations are made by email. So if you don’t use this method to reach your customers, you’re missing out on a lot. Thanks to integrations with 15 leading email automation platforms, such as MailChimp or HubSpot, the heavy lifting is taken care of without requiring your effort. You can grow your contact list with newly generated leads directly to any of the available marketing software systems. Your emails can be tailored to your needs and connect relevant data seamlessly. With a notification sent on time, no one will forget about your webinar.

Convert leads and close customers with HubSpot

HubSpot is an example of a robust platform for customer relationship management. The quality of content you share in your webinar is significant, but the actions planned in your promotion strategy are equally important. Taking care of landing pages, to which you want to drive the generated traffic, is vital for boosting your sales. Analytics of your work are invaluable and show the real results of your marketing ideas. Automation helps you take care of less important, yet time-consuming activities. And email marketing, as we’ve already stated, is like the icing on the cake of your business actions.

That's why integration with HubSpot is what can make your sales team content with webinar marketing. This webinar integration helps you with organizing and tracking your leads and converting them into customers. People who decide to participate in watching your live video can be supported before the event and after the webinar. Thanks to integration with an email marketing automation tool, you can provide viewers with an agenda, reminders and bonus materials. You will also be able to send a thank-you text after the online meeting and be sure that you don’t omit a single person. All with just one integration.

You can now collect and categorize your webinar leads in just a few clicks. With this webinar integration, you can sort your contact details in a way that suits you. In this way, each team gets insight into the data collected after the webinar, so everyone can stay informed.

With Hubspot and LiveWebinar integrated, you won't have to manually enter a million emails into your contact list. This will save you time! In addition, you gain total control when you integrate a registration form with Hubspot. As a result, you can easily review your event's statistics and determine who has been converted into a customer after the webinar. Through Hubspot's integration, you can design multi-stage marketing campaigns without manually importing or exporting lead information. Get it? The best part is that you save a lot of time and effort! 

Spice up your presentations with external video content

What we specialize in is video content, so no wonder we've armed our tool with access to three of the most popular services. Average presentations don't work anymore. To truly grab an audience's attention you have to go one step further. If you were worried that giving a lecture online lacks the possibility of sharing videos from external platforms, we've found a solution to this issue. Let us introduce exceptional webinar integrations to help you give a top-notch speech.

You can power up your presentation’s potential by adding videos of your choice from YouTube, Vimeo, oe Brightcove. It’s a creative way to explain the topic you’re talking about, share specific case studies, and entertain your audience. Adding various types of content is vital for making a memorable presentation. Research shows that only 10% of people remember what they hear, but up to 80% remember what they see and do. What’s more, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, so implementing them in your content might turn out to be a game-changer.

Thanks to integrations with video hosting platforms, you can share relevant films without leaving the meeting room - quickly and in high quality. Plus if you give your participants permission, they will be able to interact with your webinar by sharing visual content of their choice. To plan your broadcast and avoid chaos, you can create a video library with a bookmarks feature. You will be able to easily find and manage every link in your storage, putting everything at your fingertips.

Handy integrations to make the most of your webinar

Transfer data instantly with Pabbly Connect

This webinar integration lets you integrate LiveWebinar with a variety of applications. This includes marketing automation, CRM systems, email automation, and more. No matter where new data comes from, be it a subscriber, a lead, a webinar or a sub-account, you can configure a trigger to collect it and use it in future automations. When using LiveWebinar and Pabbly Connect, you can create complex workflows and transfer data from LiveWebinar in a few clicks. By taking a few minutes to configure a sequence of actions in Pabbly Connect, you can easily move data from registration forms or lead forms to spreadsheets or email lists.

As you see, this webinar integration makes a difference. Now you have the possibility of automatically uploading information about the webinar to online calendars, social media platforms, or instant messaging channels after creating a new event. What's more, status updates can be made via IM channels, online calendars, and product management software if an event needs to be deleted or rescheduled. Sub-accounts can be added, updated, or deleted, and stock information can then be sent to news channels or product management software. The entire process happens quickly, efficiently, and with no data loss.

Key takeaways

The webinar integrations mentioned above are just a basis for your future actions. We haven’t described every platform you can connect with LiveWebinar because it would probably fill a whole ebook. For example, you can combine our software with Slack to start meetings instantly or use Moodle to provide your students with high-level learning. The best way to get to know every option is to check them out with first-hand experience.

Reading about all these webinar integrations might be a bit confusing, but we hope that these takeaways will help simplify the information:

  • Support your online conference with HeySummit. Monetize your webinars with tickets that give your participants access to videos. Create an interactive landing page and promote your event on your speakers’ channels with special URLs.
  • Integrate LiveWebinar with Zapier to have access to over 2000 apps that are available to connect with your webinar. Get to know your audience better with SurveyMonkey, make teamwork seamless with Wunderist, or share assets in Dropbox without the need to switch between platforms.
  • Make the most of email marketing by connecting your webinar to one of the 15 most popular automation software systems, including Campaign Monitor, Freshmail and HubSpot. Make sure that your clients are taken care of at every stage of your webinar promotion.
  • Boost your webinar and engage your audience by embedding visual content from YouTube, Vimeo or other video players. Enable participants to show their favourite films to leverage interactions with attendees, all without leaving the meeting room.

All that sounds appealing, doesn’t it? However, we still haven’t had the last word when it comes to the webinar integrations, so stay tuned for more upcoming integrations.

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