Picking the Best Virtual Event Producer: How to

Creating and running a virtual event is not easy – but with the right virtual event producer, it becomes way more manageable: see why!

To succeed with running virtual events, the first thing you need to do is to set the right strategy and choose the best webinar producer. 

But among all the online platforms available, you can get lost, right? So how to know which virtual event producer to bet on? Well, we hope our article will help you with that!

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Why Choosing the Best Virtual Event Producer is Crucial?

But first, let’s determine why selecting the best virtual event producer is essential. Why do we even need to discuss it? Since many companies choose that platform for conducting online events that first appear to them in the search results. Meanwhile, a better tool may be much lower or even on the second page. 

So instead of betting on the first - not necessarily the better - platform, it is worth spending more time and effort to find the best one. 

If you put your mind to it, you'll have many benefits from such a virtual event producer at your fingertips, including:

1️⃣ You will have access to the best features suitable for your business

It's not hard to choose any tool - it's hard to choose the best one for the type of your company and its needs. 

But, if you succeed and choose a tool that fits your goals, then all of its features will support you in achieving that goal. That means no more useless options or integrations that you will never use but only overpay for them.

With the best webinar producer, not only will you be satisfied, but also your customers/trainees/students who require you to meet their expectations.

2️⃣ You will work more efficiently

With the best tool, you will also work more efficiently. The same work but done with less effort and faster will become much more enjoyable than without the right support.

Many tasks that you would have to do manually can be automated. This way, you can take care of another task or just have a cup of coffee. ☕

3️⃣ You will be able to create unique experiences

It goes without saying that if the software you choose has all the necessary functions, is easy to use, intuitive, doesn't cost millions of coins, etc., then it will prove to be the best solution for your brand, without which you will no longer be able to function. 

With it, you will provide an unforgettable experience for customers and employees. Customers will enjoy the virtual events, and your employees will enjoy how easy it is to work with.

How to Pick up the Best Virtual Event Producer?

Such benefits can't pass you by, so that's why we present to you below 5 tips on how to choose the best virtual event producer.

Here they are:

Tip 1: Define the Type of your Online Event

At the very beginning, think about why do you need a virtual event producer at all? What type of meetings do you need it for? It's important that you know how to answer these questions, as this will allow you to narrow down your choice to the right type of platform.

Some vendors offer the kind of tools that are more suited to live events, while others are more suited to pre-recorded events. So if you run courses and you primarily record video content and post it on your website, then you won't need a tool that offers live streaming for social media.

Or you can bet on such a comprehensive virtual event producer as LiveWebinar, which is suitable for both live, prerecorded, paid webinars and evergreen online events, courses, lessons, etc.

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Tip 2: Define the Features you are Looking for

Once you know the types of online events you will be conducting as part of your strategy, it's time to look at the features you will need. 

So you may wish to have the following:

👉 HQ Audio and Video

In order for you to be heard and seen clearly, you need great-quality audio or video. You will also need the right options that, for example, will allow you to:

  • Share audio and video,
  • Mute/unmute the audience, 
  • Turn the camera on/off
  • Stop audio & video
  • Turn the speaker view,
  • Use virtual backgrounds,
  • etc.

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Audio and video settings open up a lot of possibilities for you and can significantly affect the quality of your meeting - for better or for worse.

👉 Automation Capabilities

Automation, in its broadest sense, will help you take the organization of your events to a new level, so it's important that the tool you choose offers you plenty of automation options. You can mention such automation as:

  • Webinar start and end,
  • Sending email invitations,
  • Displaying CTA banners at a specific time,
  • Sharing polls and surveys.

Some platforms, such as LiveWebinar, allow 100% automated webinars.

👉 Integrations

Also, pay attention to the integrations the producer offers. Even if you have a few of them in store, you can significantly expand the capabilities of your chosen virtual event tool.

But, the more integrations you have, the more possibilities and easier your work will be. For example, some integrations offer you to send customized emails with your branding. Therefore, you can quickly notify your registrants of upcoming webinars. And it's effortless.

👉 Storage

Also, pay attention to the storage offered. Define how much of it you will need to meet your requirements and store relevant files, documents, presentations, and recordings.

It would be great if you had the ability to generate reports, use filters, control the storage space, share necessary files with your audience, and move files into other folders too.

👉 Custom Branding

Custom branding would allow you to run webinars that include your logo, colors, fonts, and backgrounds. It sounds great, doesn't it? And it's quite doable!

Advanced virtual event providers can make your brand prominent from the very first seconds of your meeting. Thanks to this, you will be able to increase conversions, brand awareness or gain loyal customers.

These are just some of the feature suggestions you can look at when choosing the best virtual event producer. If you've already completed this step, it's time to check the price of the platform.

Tip 3: Check out the Pricing 

Exactly, you should check the price right at this point so that it doesn't dim your view of the tool for webinars and other online meetings.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual events, having a producer with 'learning agility' can make a significant difference. This quality, as detailed in this comprehensive guide, ensures that they're capable of quickly adapting to changes and learning from their experiences.

Sometimes it's the case that if you see the price of a particular program and think it's too high for you, you don't want to explore it any further. Meanwhile, the features should be the determinant that determines the usefulness of the platform, right?

That's why if you choose a platform by price, you may never achieve your goals and run quality online events. Instead, first, do research on different platforms in terms of features and then in terms of price. 💸

Tip 4: Try out some Platforms

There is a good chance that after researching features and prices, you have narrowed your search to a few platforms. So, once you've selected the producers that meet your expectations, it's time to try them out. 

This is one of the most important steps because your dream tool may turn out to be something other than what you've imagined. While it may have the features you were looking for, it could turn out to be hard to use and, as a result, will only make your work more challenging.

To avoid such a scenario use a free trial or ask for a demo of the tool. Your satisfaction with the tool will only be guaranteed if you try it yourself.

Tip 5: Choose the Virtual Event Producer

With the above step, you will already be very close to - if not already after - choosing a producer that will be best for your online events.

You can always compare more platforms and eliminate those that are inferior to others to some degree. After all, every tool differs in something.

Meet LiveWebinar

For our part, we can recommend you a tool like LiveWebinar. It boasts many features and integrations that make it a virtual event producer worth your attention.

With our HQ audio and video capabilities, you can deliver high-quality and engaging meetings - whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go. Also, LiveWebinar will provide you with many automation options, including inviting participants, so your attendees can join the meeting from any device.

You can also take advantage of pre-recorded webinars! You can plan your evergreen webinars in advance - just select the time and date, invite the audience, and run a meeting on autopilot.

What’s more, you are able to use custom branding, manage all of your automation tools in your LiveWebinar account, easily access your documents, organize them in LiveWebinar Cloud Storage, and many, many more!

See all of our features, or log in to try them out for yourself.

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Take a Chance and Choose the Best Event Producer!

As you can see, it won't take you five minutes to choose the best virtual event producer. But hey - sometimes it's worth spending more time researching so that you can enjoy long-lasting results later.

If you haven't met LiveWebinar yet, now is a good opportunity to change that. And who knows, you may have just found the solution to your problems!

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