Essential elements of a run of show template for event planning

Explore the key elements needed for creating a successful run of show template for event planning in our latest blog post. Understand how to organize, manage and drive each event to its maximum potential.

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last updated 05.07.2023

You've taken on the demanding yet rewarding task of organizing an event. Now, to ensure a smooth run of the event, a run of show template is what you need. In the world of event planning, a run of show is much like the director’s cut of a movie-- it’s the step-by-step, minute-by-minute guidelines or blueprint that drives your event. It's a master planner of every aspect - clues on when to cue music, when to start a presentation, when the catering service is expected to start, etc.

But what exactly should your run of show template include?

#1 Event Information

Begin your template with a segment that contains all basic information such as the event name, date, start and end time, location, the purpose of the event, and event manager’s contact information.

#2 Timeline of Events

This is the backbone of your run of show template. Chart out a minute-by-minute breakdown of what should happen at specific times from start to finish. This includes check-in, breaks, speeches, presentations, performances, meals, discussions, networking periods etc. With a well-conceived timeline, you guarantee that every part of your event is performed in a timely manner.

#3 Detailed Description

It's not enough to have a list of activities. Each item on your timeline should include a detailed description. Provide context; explain what each activity is about, who the task owner is, what's expected of them, and how long the task should take. This helps everyone involved understand their roles and expectations.

#4 List of Key Personnel

An event is a product of a team's effort, and knowing who's responsible for what is crucial. Include a list of all key personnel involved in the event with their contact information. This may include event coordinators, speakers, performers, vendors, technical crews, and volunteers.

#5 Contingency Plans

As with any live event, it's possible that things won't always go according to plan. In your run of show, it's crucial to include contingency plans for potential issues that could arise during the event. This could include weather disturbances to outdoor events, technical glitches, or even health emergencies. 

#6 Sponsors, Partners and VIP Details

Include information about any event sponsors, media partners, and VIPS. Their branding guidelines, logos, possible speech durations and seating arrangements should be itemized.

#7 Setup and Breakdown Schedule

Your run of show should also include clear instructions and a timeline for the set up before the event begins and breakdown after it ends. This assists in coordinating with your venue and any rental or staging companies involved.

#8 Tech Specifications and Requirements

A detailed rundown of your technical needs, such as AV requirements, internet access, lighting, microphone checks and anything else that concerns behind-the-scenes technical management should be outlined clearly.

Creating a comprehensive run of show is no small task, but the clarity it brings to your event planning and execution is well worth the effort. If this seems a bit overwhelming, consider using a pre-designed run of show template or an event management software platform with built-in run of show capabilities.

Remember, a great run of show doesn’t just keep you organized; it keeps your entire team harmonized. It’s the score by which your event symphony is played. Make sure every note, every beat, is captured in your run of show so your event can hit the high and perfect note you desire.

A well-organized event leaves a lasting impression. So, take your time to carefully curate your run of show, and watch your event unfold in the most seamless and impressive manner possible. You’ve got this!


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