Online Meeting Etiquette: 10 Tips to Make a Great Impression

In today's digital age, online meetings are becoming increasingly common. Here are 10 tips to make a great impression and stand out from the competition.

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last updated 31.08.2022

When you're in business, the last thing you want is to make a wrong impression on your customers. That's why you need virtual meeting etiquette. So here are our 10 tips to help make your online meetings a success!

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#1 Prepare for your meeting

Be on time - it’s a golden rule as it's essential to be punctual for your online meeting. However, it's even better when you arrive earlier than the determined meeting time. It will give you the opportunity to get settled before the meeting begins and will show that you're serious about participating. Nevertheless, if you're running late, try to compensate by being brief with starting off and with the meeting agenda so that not to drag out the video conferencing and do not take too much time getting situated. Instead, jump right into the conversation.

Moreover, prepare materials in advance. Also, speak clearly and concisely and use the right tone of voice -  it's crucial not to mumble or speak too quickly. Use clear language and avoid using jargon if possible so everyone can follow your discussion.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's always helpful to ask questions when participating in remote meetings, as this shows that you're interested in learning more about what's being discussed and that you care about the audience's opinion. If something is unclear, ask as well!

#2 Be really very courteous

Keep your manners in mind as well. Speak up when necessary but only politely. Don't be afraid to speak up if you have something important to say, especially if it's relevant to the discussion at hand. You'll not only be more effective but also less likely to miss crucial details or stray off topic.

Many potential issues may occur, yet, avoid sounding rude or condescending. Just as crucial as being polite, avoid coming across as rude or condescending - both of which can easily squelch any potential goodwill you've built up so far in the meeting. This will help maintain the positive atmosphere of the meeting and build trust between meeting participants.

To achieve this, keep your comments relevant only to the discussion. It's easy to get lost in personal thoughts and potential distractions or rambling stories when participating in a chat forum or online discussion, but it's important not to lose sight of what's actually being said.

#3 Be respectful and professional

Respect is vital during tense meetings, especially when things get heated. Avoid yelling or becoming agitated; instead, remain professional throughout the exchange. Avoid discussing personal information in the chat room; this includes addresses, phone numbers, etc. This is a private conversation and should be kept that way.

Do not post offensive remarks in the chat room; doing so may result in being banned from the meeting or removed from contact with other participants altogether. Also, use proper grammar and spelling when writing in the chat room; typos can be easily corrected by other participants but may reflect poorly on your overall professionalism and credibility as a participant in the meeting.

And as we have said before, when communicating with others in an online meeting, being polite is strongly connected to your professionalism. This will show that you respect their opinions and feelings and build better relationships overall. Be aware of how other people are feeling at all times and try not to say anything that might offend them. You never know how something you say might affect them emotionally or socially.

#4 Be interactive

Another online meeting etiquette tip is to be interactive. When meeting someone new, it is important to be interactive. This will help you make a great first impression, break the ice, and show that you are interested in the person. When possible, try to ask questions and engage even shy people in conversation. Provide Q&A sections, polls, surveys, etc. This will show that you are paying attention and that you want to get the audience's opinion. Additionally, make sure that your body language is appropriate for the situation.

It may be more challenging in terms of any online meeting, obviously. However, it is essential to make an effort to be a good communicator and show that you are interested in the person, their comments, or their pain points.

If you don’t understand something that’s being said during the meeting, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and able to participate effectively.

#5 Take many and various notes

If you are holding or attending virtual meetings, it is also essential to take many and various notes in order to fully understand the discussion. This way, you can better contribute to the meeting and ensure that all points are covered.

While taking meeting notes is essential, do not feel that you have to be a master in this task. Just remember a few key things when taking notes at an online meeting include and your results will be much better:

  • Take your time to note down key, important data that has been said; do not try to rush the process. But, on the other hand, don't focus only on making notes - participate in the event!
  • Try not to rely on your memory; make sure to write down the information as it is presented so that you can properly follow the discussion.
  • If something has already been covered in detail elsewhere, reference previous notes rather than rehashing what was said previously. By doing so, you will be able to slow down the flow of information and free up more time for others to take notes.

#6 Behave as you would behave during in-person meetings

Make sure that your online presence reflects the same level of professionalism you would show in person.

Dress for the occasion: No matter what the meeting is, always dress appropriately. This means wearing clothes that are clean, professional, and look good on you. In-person, your clothing should reflect your position and level of authority. At an online meeting, people will be looking at photos and videos of you, so dressing for success will help make a good impression.

Also, take part in the conversation, like in the real world – especially if there's something that you think needs attention or clarification. It can be frustrating when others don't participate in the discussion or when they're speaking without being heard, which can lead to confusion and inaction later on in the meeting. And yet you may have something of value to discuss that will enrich the level of conversation.

#7 Raise your hand if you want to say something or interrupt

It's also essential not to brazenly interrupt another interlocutor and instead inform them in advance that you are interested in giving an opinion. If you're like most people, you want to be heard and contribute to the conversation. However, sometimes it's hard to get your point across when everyone is talking at once, or someone interrupts someone all the time.

Raise your hand if you have something to say or if you want to interrupt. This will give everyone an opportunity to listen to you and prevent the conversation from becoming too noisy. This will also make it possible to find out who is talking at any given time since only you will have the microphone on.

Be clear and concise when speaking. Don't ramble on in a long monologue; break your thoughts down into brief, easy-to-understand sentences. This will make it easier for others to follow what you're saying and participate in the discussion. If you finish your part, give the floor to another person, or while you are speaking, decide if you want to let speak to another person.

#8 Keep your background and surroundings neat for the online meeting

This is another obvious one. If you were meeting someone in the real world, would you invite them to an untidy office? Or left a mess at home? Not likely, so when conducting online conferences or simply participating as a member, take care of what surrounds you. When you're participating in virtual meetings, it's essential to keep both your background and surroundings tidy. This will help you stay focused and present during the session.

What's more, make sure your desktop is tidy and close unused pages so that when you turn on your presentation, you won't see things in the background that aren't in order. This will also make you less stressed.

Additionally, ensure your computer screen is clean, and all your equipment is working to avoid technical issues. Both the meeting host and their audience need to be able to see and hear everything that is being said during the meeting, so the microphone and video quality are of great importance. In addition to reducing background noise, use a headset to improve hearing. Also, use natural light so that you feel comfortable. With such a setup, you will present yourself well during the entire meeting.

#9 Keep a positive attitude when participating in an online meeting

A great deal depends on your attitude, often even the success of the webinar itself! Therefore, when attending video conferences, it is vital to maintain a positive attitude no matter what happens. If you are stressed, take a moment to get rid of negative thoughts, throw away destructive emotions, and focus only on the positives of the situation. After all, you are taking part in a webinar or other online meeting, and that's something!

If something goes wrong or things become frustrating, maintain your composure and don't quit the meeting prematurely. Remember: Online sessions can be challenging, but if you approach them in the right way, you will feel a positive impact on the whole session.

In addition, such situations create your experience. Through them, you build your skills and knowledge and become a professional in the industry. Therefore, take advantage as much as you can of remote meetings and think about them positively.

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#10 Use the proper assistance

Think everything is on your head, and you must embrace the online meeting yourself? Wrong! Don't forget that you have an incredible number of effective meeting software and other online meeting tools at your disposal to help you make your appointment even more glamorous.

Use visual assets, different options, an engaging tool, etc., and you'll make this meeting memorable for your meeting attendees. Presentations that feature walls of text have long failed. Now people need something more, something that is interesting for real. Because even if you have super content but don't know how to present it well, hardly anyone will be interested.

One of the best ways to engage your sleepy and uninterested audience is through visual elements. Shared screens, waiting rooms, virtual whiteboards, live chat features, quizzes, and slideshows can be good options. Not only will you increase the quality of business meetings, but you'll also encourage people to attend your webinars in the future. After all, who wouldn't want to attend such an interesting online meeting experience?

How can LiveWebinar help you?

All this sounds great, but how do you make your dreams of successful remote meetings come true? Well, that's where LiveWebinar can help.

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If you want your webinars and digital meetings to be successful, use many basic and advanced options from LiveWebinar, and you will see the difference.


When attending an online meeting, it’s essential to know video conferencing etiquette and to follow the basic rules. This will help you build good relationships with your colleagues and avoid any potential conflicts. For example, don’t interrupt people when they are speaking or wait until someone has finished before responding. Let everyone have their say before making a statement or asking a question. This will help ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

By following these tips, you'll be able to make a great first impression with your customers and set the stage for a successful online meeting!

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