Virtual Event Sponsorship: Packages and Ideas

Find out how to make the most of virtual event sponsorship opportunities! This blog post takes a closer look at packages and ideas for boosting event attendance, engagement, and revenue.

In order to build the perfect virtual event, you will often need support: either financially or in organizing the meeting. A good idea can be to seek sponsorships from external companies, which can help you get rid of a lot of hassle and rake in even more benefits. But how to properly approach getting the right sponsors? Or how to create virtual event sponsorship packages? 

Don't worry, you will find the answer in this article!

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The Importance of Virtual Event Sponsorship

Let's start with an explanation of what virtual event sponsorship actually is. As you may have guessed, virtual event sponsorship takes place when a particular third-party company (sponsor) provides your company with the funds necessary to carry out your virtual event. You, in return, offer them other services, such as advertising their business, promoting their corporate image, brands, and products, assisting with brand exposure, enhancing customer engagement, or access to some data. 

In other words, one or more businesses agree to cover the cost of your event and provide you with a measure of revenue in exchange for promoting their company or other benefits. 

Such virtual networking can narrow the bonds between many brands.

Both the choice of sponsor and the webinar topic should be made carefully. Always keep your most important goal in mind: the content you create should appeal to the event audience and provide them with valuable information. So, attract sponsors who fit into the theme of the meeting, give value to your event and satisfy your target audience.

How does virtual event sponsorship look?

Unlike in-person events sponsorship, a sponsorship for virtual events can have different rules. That's why it's so important to make sure you're on the same page with your sponsor from the very beginning. There is no doubt that different types of digital events may have a different impact on the weight that sponsorship offerings are given. 

That is, one offer won't equal another because your online events can vary a lot. For example: 

  • the duration of the meeting, 
  • the chosen event platform
  • the size of the meeting, 
  • whether the meeting is recorded and sent to the audience's email address or not. 

In order to make your cooperation as beneficial to potential event sponsors as possible, they might ask for different requirements. 

But the cooperation needs to be mutually advantageous. Therefore, it will be necessary to create virtual sponsorship packages. Such packages should meet certain requirements for the sponsor's brand and your online event to make it more successful. 

Of course, your company can offer several sponsorship packages, from basic ones to more extended ones. Then you can enter into partnerships with multiple companies at different sponsorship levels.

How to create virtual event sponsorship packages?

The creation of virtual event sponsorship packages by event planners is quite a challenge. You have to satisfy both event organizers and event sponsors - after all, everyone has to be satisfied

How best to accomplish this? Consider our tips below.

Tip 1: Outline the goal

At the very beginning, it is a good idea to define the goals of your cooperation so it is clear that you are playing to the same target. Not every company has the same aims, so you need to be aware of this. Therefore, right from the start, clearly define the main objectives of the package and describe what it is designed to achieve. 

Since the Internet has great potential to fulfill your and the sponsor's requirements, the goals can be varied. Whatever objectives you choose, they are to be attractive to potential sponsors.

Tip 2: Describe the terms of cooperation

After defining the objectives of the virtual event sponsorship package, it is worth writing out the terms of cooperation, i.e., what the sponsor and your company commit to during the virtual event

What obligations does the package cover? Is your company able to fulfill them? Will the sponsor agree to your terms? And is the sponsor's content suitable for virtual attendees? 

Answer all these questions to make your offer as viable and relevant as possible to all interested groups. It's not just about getting a sponsor to bear the cost of your event, but that audience members get the most out of the content you develop together with third-party businesses.

Tip 3: Speak the language of benefits

To make the sponsorship package seem even more attractive to sponsors, speak to them in the language of benefits, that is, tell them what they will get in return for using your package. In simplest terms, let sponsors know what benefits you offer. Therefore, clearly answer the question - what's in it for them? 

Put yourself in the sponsor's shoes and think about what you would like to get in return for virtual sponsorships.

Tip 4: Provide a sample plan of action

Draw up a sample/template action plan. You can prepare a webinar script outlining at what times the sponsorship materials will appear, in what quantity, how long they will last, etc. Of course, different sponsorship packages may include different options for cooperation between the event organizer and the sponsor, which are included in terms of cooperation. 

With such a webinar script, you will also be better able to conduct the entire meeting, as it will ensure that you do not forget any important element of the sponsorship.

Tip 5: Be open to negotiation

Be open to negotiating with potential sponsors, as your idea of cooperation may differ. Instead of giving in and giving up on many sponsorship opportunities, be open to discussion. And maybe you will find a thread of agreement and, with the help of compromise, find the golden mean. 

And, of course, your event attendees will have the chance to attend a great meeting.

Best ideas for virtual event sponsorship

#1 Entertainment breaks

If your live event provides breaks, then give the sponsor the opportunity to fill that space in their own way. 

For example, they can offer interactive games to loosen people up, incorporate the most interesting commercial their team has created, or introduce their company from the other side of the camera and tell what goes on behind the scenes at the company. 

Either way, sponsored entertainment breaks should be a respite for attendees, so at this stage, you can bet on entertainment or noncommittal content for those willing to participate.

#2 Branded waiting rooms

Another idea for the sponsorship will be creating branded waiting rooms. Before meeting attendees join the event, they will have the opportunity to get to know the sponsor. Therefore, include the sponsor's logo, colors, maybe an advertising slogan, or other details.

Such activity can boost their brand recognition right from the start. Many virtual event platforms offer custom waiting rooms, so you can use the sponsor’s branding to ensure they can benefit from this feature.

#3 Sponsored materials during the presentation

When creating sponsorship packages, you may also want to consider including sponsored materials in your presentation. 

Don't treat this as pushy advertising, but more as content that will fit into the theme of the presentation or be a perfect example for the issue being presented. Such a procedure will further demonstrate the cooperation between you and the sponsor and raise the quality of the meeting.

#4 Q&A with sponsor

To increase direct audience engagement, you can also offer sponsored sessions. For example, if you introduce a Q&A session with a sponsor, not only will you encourage the audience to ask questions, but you will also allow the sponsor to introduce their brand as an expert in the industry. 

As well as creating a memorable marketing opportunity for them, they will have a chance to promote their brand through their answers. So when event planning, don't forget such a section.

#5 Sponsored gifts

Successful events also provide contests or other fun activities with prizes. You can cooperate with a sponsor in this field as well, and to anyone willing to participate in a contest or win a quiz, you provide a prize from the sponsor. It doesn't have to be anything big, but the prize must be of value to the participants. 

Create your virtual events with LiveWebinar

You may wonder what the appropriate webinar platforms have to do with sponsors. 

Well, the answer is short: a proper virtual event platform can provide sponsors with tons of data that, when properly analyzed, bring them value, for example, in the form of better leads, decreased cost of reaching customers, and optimization of activities. Therefore, by using the right virtual event platforms, you are able to attract more interesting cooperation offers. 

Having a platform that provides sponsorship metrics, data, and analytics will be especially beneficial for your business that frequently holds sponsored sessions.

What's more, a digital event platform like LiveWebinar is a game-changer in the virtual events world. For example, it streamlines event communications, easily runs large online meetings and supports live, on-demand, prerecorded, evergreen, or hybrid events. 

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Take advantage of LiveWebinar and offer sponsors wonderful cooperation.

Over to you

Virtual event sponsorship can change the face of your online meetings. Not only will it bring a number of benefits to your events, but it will increase interest in the sponsor's brand and provide valuable content to the community.

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