How to make virtual events more interactive – 5 best ideas

Discover how to elevate virtual event engagement with these 5 interactive ideas. Boost online event participation and make your next event a hit.

Everyone who organizes virtual events knows well that delivering knowledge is not enough to satisfy attendees. It’s no longer about the content itself - it’s about how you present it, and more importantly, how you engage with your audience.

Some may say that engaging with an online audience to the extent possible at in-person events is unachievable. Yet, as usual, it depends. In fact, you can engage quite effectively with your online audience. All you need is a proper strategy, some experience, and a robust webinar platform that supports engagement.

Read our blog post and discover simple tips and tricks to enhance engagement at virtual events. We’ll provide you with interactive virtual event ideas that are easy to implement and enjoyable for both you and your audience.

First, let’s acknowledge that nowadays, virtual event engagement is a must. Audiences have become more demanding they expect webinar organizers to enable interactions whenever possible. This strategy brings undeniable benefits; attendees need to feel not only enriched by the knowledge shared during the virtual event but also amused and entertained.

Only once their basic expectations are met are viewers fully satisfied. Your participants need to feel they:

- Gained concrete, useful knowledge applicable to real-life aspects such as work, hobbies, or family relations and it must be well-researched and specific.

- Had a good time during the webinar, meaning they followed it with interest and became genuinely engrossed in the course of the event.

- Felt a sense of community with other participants  in other words, participants need to feel they are not alone behind the screen, and that there are others present, ready to integrate and share experiences.

Now, the most important question is: How can you achieve this? How can you give your participants everything they need? How can you boost online event participation so that it appears natural and does not disrupt the flow of your session or spoil the concentration of users? What are the most engaging virtual event activities?

There are several ways to achieve this, among them:

#1 Use interactive content

A simple presentation is not enough. Mix up your presentations with videos, infographics, and animations. Interactive content is more engaging and can help clarify complex topics. The best webinar platforms, e.g. LiveWebinar support various multimedia formats, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing presentation.

For example:

- Show the growth trends of social media usage over time through an infographic can make the information more digestible and memorable.

- If you're hosting a webinar on digital marketing techniques, you could include a video case study of a successful campaign.

- Incorporate clickable hotspots that provide additional details when clicked. This feature is perfect for tutorials or any detailed visual content where you want to offer deeper dives into specific points.

#2 Use polls and surveys

Live polling in virtual events is a fantastic way to interact with your audience. It not only keeps them engaged but also provides instant feedback. Platforms like LiveWebinar offer seamless integration of live polls, making it easy to gather attendees' opinions in real-time.

#3 Implement virtual event gamification

Gamification turns your event into a fun and exciting experience. Adding elements like points, leaderboards, and rewards can significantly boost online event participation.

Engaging games

Incorporate interactive games and quizzes to infuse fun and creativity into the event. Platforms like Kahoot! offer engaging activities that facilitate interaction and foster a relaxed atmosphere conducive to open communication. It's even better if you choose LiveWebinar as your webinar tool, because you've got elements of gamification already incorporated in the tool - ready to use. 

Quizzes with prizes 

Offer small prizes or certificates for top scorers to encourage participation. Giving exclusive rewards incentivizes engagement and encourages attendees to stay engaged until the event's conclusion.

Interactive exercises

Include interactive exercises, such as physical movements or participation prompts, to energize attendees and maintain their involvement. These activities serve as icebreakers, relieve stress, and promote mental well-being.

#4. Host virtual networking sessions

Give your attendees the chance to connect with each other. Virtual networking sessions can foster strong professional relationships and enhance the overall event experience. Use LiveWebinar's networking features to enable smooth and effective interactions among participants.

And… Last but not least…

#5 Choose an enthusiastic moderator!

A lively and perceptive moderator is essential for guiding discussions and keeping participants engaged throughout the event. Their ability to facilitate dialogue and involve every attendee maximizes the event's impact.


Pick webinar software that have robust interacive features! 

LiveWebinar offers: the engagement feature that lets you introduce contests and introduces elements of gamification, live chat translated into many languages, easy to organize polls and surveys, breakout rooms and many other options that allow you to engage with your audience. 

So, as we said, engaging your audience in a virtual event can be challenging. But with the right strategies, you can create immersive and interactive virtual events that leave a lasting impression.

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