LiveWebinar Explained #1 - Using Breakout Rooms for Business

We’re launching our new series - LiveWebinar Explained! With each article in this series we’re giving one of our features the spotlight and showing how and when best to use them. If you’ve been looking for an in-depth explanation of breakout rooms, look no further!

When you choose a software system, you need to take into account two fundamental aspects. First, it has to be intuitive so that every user (and participant) can easily set up and run a video. Second, the platform should be packed with useful features to make the most of webinar marketing.

LiveWebinar offers various options and integrations to work with at every stage of implementing your webinar strategy. We know how beneficial they can be for your business, but it might not be so apparent for you initially.

That’s why we’ve launched the LiveWebinar explained series, to show how your company can use our features to your advantage. Today, we’re going to focus on breakout rooms, a feature that can simplify your life and be a real game-changer for online events.

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What are breakout rooms?

Webinar breakout rooms are like brownies - easy to make and greatly appreciated by others. If you’re already using LiveWebinar then you’re probably familiar with this feature, as it’s key to successful collaborations and discussions during a webinar.

Webinar breakout rooms are an option provided by our software system that makes it easy to interact with your participants during a webinar. Many other platforms lack this feature, making it hard to take part in group projects online and lead discussions. The possibility of dividing your attendees into groups or pairs enables redirecting them to work together in separate spaces. There's no need to leave the central meeting entirely or switch between tabs for this, as you can choose breakout rooms in webinar.

How do I use a breakout room?

You can create a webinar breakout room when hosting a webinar. It’s a simple process - you just have to choose the right option in your window. Here is a full step-by-step guide to help you with setting up a breakout room and using this feature to its fullest.

Webinar breakout rooms aim to facilitate webinar interactions and leverage group work during online meetings. You can take advantage of this feature if your attendees need to discuss particular ideas and topics within several groups simultaneously.

Division into groups & supervision

As a host, you'll divide people into groups thanks to webinar breakout rooms. It's up to you whether you want to decide who will be working together manually, or split the group up automatically. If you choose the second option, you can use the "randomize" button to assign people to separate rooms.

The host is the only person that can move freely between webinar breakout rooms, check up on progress, and moderate the discussion. However, each group can have a special presenter - a person selected before the webinar who joined the event with a dedicated link. Ordinary attendees can't change their group, but they can ask the host for permission to be reassigned to another room if they want to.

LiveWebinar Explained #1 - Using Breakout Rooms for Business

Above you can see what a webinar breakout room looks like. You can see more screenshots in our guide to get familiar with the interface and read the legend.

Record & repeat

A webinar can be recorded and saved to enable repeat viewing with participants later. How does this apply to breakout rooms?

It's also possible to record a webinar breakout session, but it's the host's task to capture the discussion. They are the only people who can click the "REC" button and then manage the final material. The video will be saved in the "Recordings" section of the host's storage. You can save the video from every breakout room, even if they're running simultaneously. No one will miss a meeting.

Using breakout rooms for your industry

You might think that breakout rooms in webinars could be a useful feature, but you don't know how your business can benefit from using them. In this section, we've prepared a few examples of different industries to demonstrate the versatility of this feature. With webinar breakout rooms, you can facilitate the workflow of online meetings. They simplify group discussions and brainstorming sessions, but above all are intuitive and easily adaptable to different branches.


It's hard to imagine learning without the possibility of working in smaller groups and talking about projects during personal meetings. Webinar breakout rooms are a perfect solution for the education industry, whether for a private language school or a public institution. While many schools and universities have had to switch to online classes during remote learning times, it's essential to make this experience as lifelike as possible.

While giving lessons online, you can use breakout rooms in webinars to enable students to work in pairs or groups. They’re also useful for having a quick discussion about a particular topic and letting your students have a short conversation about a specific topic. Each group can work independently on a given task and then present the results to the whole classroom, just like with face-to-face teaching.

LiveWebinar Explained #1 - Using Breakout Rooms for Business

Online events, courses and workshops

It seems that online events will be an increasingly integral part of our lives soon. Maybe after a few months, we will be able to run more real-life ones again or combine the benefits of digital and traditional forms, but perhaps not.

Breakout rooms can be used for meeting other people and scheduling business appointments with them.

  • You can arrange a so-called "speed dating" session, during which the participants meet each other for short, one-on-one talks. This is made possible online thanks to LiveWebinar’s breakout rooms feature!
  • If you organize meetings with special guests during an event, you can schedule a paid (or free) breakout room session. Participants who buy a ticket to attend such a meeting would be able to talk privately with an entrepreneur right after their performance and general Q&A session.

These are just two examples of how you can make a business conference more interactive and lifelike, by using webinar breakout rooms to facilitate networking between participants on many levels.

Remote workers

Leading a remote team at work is a hard nut to crack - but you can make it easier with breakout rooms. They can facilitate brainstorming sessions, working on projects and having one-on-one conversations during meetings. You can divide your co-workers into interdisciplinary groups and ask them to conduct a discussion around a particular task.

LiveWebinar Explained #1 - Using Breakout Rooms for Business

Solo entrepreneurs

Are you focused on building your personal brand and giving speeches during real-life and online events? If you're also leading your own webinars, breakout rooms can help you create a bond with your participants.

To make your performances more customized for the audience, you can arrange a private, personal Q&A session with a smaller group. Only people who purchase access to attend this meeting after the presentation would become part of your breakout rooms in webinar. This can be a time for them to ask questions concerning their own issues and seek specific solutions. Breakout rooms can also help you engage your audience during the performance by dividing them into groups that work separately on particular tasks.

Psychology and group therapy

This usage of breakout rooms might not be too obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Hosting group therapy online instead of doing it in-person can be challenging. That's why it's essential to have the possibility of dividing participants into pairs or small groups when necessary. Sometimes it's crucial to dedicate a few minutes to just one person for a private talk. Webinars breakout rooms provide a place where two (or more) people can talk away from the prying eyes of a whole audience.

Retail & sales

Watching a presentation of a product might not be enough for your clients. Making it personal, however, can enhance the promotion and selling process.

You could present a product to a whole group of people and then divide the audience into subgroups, allowing for more fluent communication. With one representative of your company in each team, clients can ask specific questions and specialists can answer them, as well as show particular features.


If you're working with a group of potential employees, you can assign tasks to them, see how well they perform, and discuss the results in one-on-one meetings. To see which participant can perform the work most effectively, you can divide the candidates into pairs or subgroups to each complete the same tasks and compare the results. On our website, you can read about how you can use breakout rooms as part of the recruitment process.

LiveWebinar Explained #1 - Using Breakout Rooms for Business

Customization - breakout rooms tailored to your needs

Features work best when they fit your business needs. That's why you can customize breakout rooms in several ways to create a version that matches your brand.

Room layout

Depending on the number of members in a breakout room and the meeting's character, you can change the layout of the view. There are six different types to choose from: visible communication models, pure content, enlarged chat areas and divisible spaces.

Other facilitations

During any meeting, an attendee might have a question or need some help. If the host or main presenter is not currently present in that breakout room, each participant can use the "Ask the Presenter for Help" option. The location of this button is highlighted in the screenshot below.

Start using the Break-out room feature today

Boosting your webinars with special options can make your content stand out from the crowd. You can use them to engage your audience, co-workers, or students during online video calls.

To use this feature, you have to choose it as an add-on to your Basic, Plus or Premium package.

Now, it's your turn to think about how you can use special features to make your webinars more gripping and personal. In case you have any questions concerning adding the breakout rooms option to your plan, feel free to call us or send us a message. We'll be happy to help or dispel any doubts!

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