LiveWebinar Webhooks

Integrating any third-party solution with LiveWebinar had never been easier. Subscribe to our webhooks to save time and free up the load on your servers. Use our efficient REST API and build your integration without any effort.

Increased performance

We use Resthooks which are more efficient than polling. By integrating with LiveWebinar hooks you are able to save more time and server resources.

Easy implementation

We use collection of patterns that treat webhooks like subscriptions so your developers team can easily integrate your app with LiveWebinar.

Increased compatibility

We offer you a solution for any third-party resource that you want to use. Make your product more comprehensive with LiveWebinar integration.

Easy access to all necessary things

We are providing you with the list of all the events that may happen in our platform. Build a powerful integration with LiveWebinar by hooking up just a couple of elements. Just watch for certain webhooks to happen and subscribe to them.

Maintain backwards compatibility

We’ve implemented resthooks for everyone who wants to create third-party products on top of the LiveWebinar API.

Subscribe to webhooks and instantly get data about webinars, participants, presenters and everything else regarding your webinars and meetings.

We have everything you need to to create a various forms of integrations. From connecting your email marketing provider to integrating with CRM and other platforms

LiveWebinar Webhooks
LiveWebinar Webhooks

Less work & better experience

Webhooks are an important part of our integration strategy. We are using technology proved to be valuable in terms of time & resources saving.

Cut out the polling

Our Rest-based API enables you to use this interface efficiently. Get rid of unnecessary polling. Reduce the amount of server resources dedicated to your integration and make your product more robust.

Provide your company with essential solutions

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