PabblyConnect Integration

Rather than spend hours clicking away at your computer, why not create pain-free workflows that save you time and energy? With PabblyConnect, you can integrate LiveWebinar with a multitude of applications, from marketing and email automation to CRMs, and plenty more.

Connect to Over 400 Applications

When we say connecting LiveWebinar and PabblyConnect saves you time, we mean it! There are over 400 web applications and other software with which you can establish complex workflows and transfer data from LiveWebinar with just a few clicks.

LiveWebinar Integration with PabblyConnect| LiveWebinar

How does it work?

To start, pick up a trigger & tweak it further by adding actions, field mappings and you are good to go. Read our manual about Pabbly to find out how to create automation workflows.

Check the manual

Provide Up-To-Date Information the Minute
a Change Happens

No matter what new piece of information comes in, whether it’s a new registrant, new lead, or webinar, or subaccount, you can set up a trigger for it, and use the data you gather in future automations.


When a new event is made, information about the webinar can be sent automatically to online calendars, social media platforms, instant messaging channels.


If an event needs to be deleted or rescheduled, a status update can be made directly in instant messaging channels, online calendars, and product management software.


Once you add, update or delete a subaccount, information about the action can be sent to messaging channels or product management software.

Collect More Leads with Half the Effort

If you’ve just held a webinar, it can be tricky to get back to your audience, even to do something so simple as send a thank you email or gather your attendees' contact details into one spreadsheet. By taking a few minutes to set up a string of actions in PabblyConnect you can send data from registration or lead forms directly to a spreadsheet or email list with minimal effort.

LiveWebinar Integration with PabblyConnect| LiveWebinar

Build Automations and Watch Your Workflow, Flow

Getting started is simple – select a trigger, and change as you need by adding actions, and field mapping as you go. To learn more about building automation workflows, check out our manual here!

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