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by Ola Czmut
last updated 07.11.2021

These days, remote working is in need. In light of the pandemic, work from home is the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to hold conferences and seminars. As a leading tool for delivering a presentation to broad audiences online, free webinar software takes its place as the primary tool used in an engaging online event.

That's why you're looking for free webinar software. But, there's a problem. Namely, there are so many of them that you don't know which one to choose. Okay, there are a handful of free webinar service providers out there you could use for your upcoming webinar, but what is the best? After all, not all free webinar services are created equal, of course.

So, wondering which free webinar software you should go with? How to make a free webinar? Stay with us to get more information about LiveWebinar's free webinar!

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What is a free webinar, and how can they help you

A free webinar is one of the types of online video presentations. These types of online events may include video presentations, workshops, or lectures hosted via free webinar software. You can share your knowledge with nearly anyone in the world via a web-based free webinar, which usually is interactive, business-related, and accessible from anywhere with Wi-Fi access. They are the best way for small groups to meet online.

Free webinars are a cheap way to get in touch with customers. Unlike other online videos, free webinars (or paid ones) include an element of sharing knowledge and teaching. They are typically live but can also be automated. A web presentation or conference can be used to build a relationship and to establish authority as a marketing tactic. Its possibilities are truly limitless. If you are part of a remote team, you can even use free webinars for internal team meetings. 

It is so much easier to host a free webinar than to organize a seminar or lecture in person. You don't need to meet your audience face to face. Participants from all around the world can join the webinar in real-time, and if they are unable to participate in person, the webinar can be recorded and sent to them later.

The benefits of free webinar

Now, let us introduce you to our top 5 benefits from hosting a free webinar:

#1 It’s really free

First, we need to say a free webinar means it's totally free. And this, in turn, has a positive effect on the budget you spend on promotions, training and online meetings with customers and employees, because you can spend the money you saved on other forms of promotion. A free webinar does not generate additional costs, and it can bring such results!

#2 It builds a list of new customers

It helps to build a contact list for free. Each registered person is a new contact in your database, which you obtained without spending any money. Each contact can become a new customer. So it is not a bad investment because you did not allocate money for it.

#3 It enables you to share your knowledge

Free webinars allow you to conduct meetings at no cost. Therefore, they allow you to share knowledge with the target market, provide them with valuable content or information about your company's offer. In other words, they enable you to strengthen the position of a specialist in the industry in which you operate.

#4 It stays with you for a long time

If you record your webinars, they will serve as valuable content that you can later share with your audience. So they are not a temporary solution - on the contrary - if they are up-to-date, they can serve for a long time!

#5 It makes your audience aware

Each webinar you run gives you many opportunities to build your brand. Thanks to webinars, you build awareness of the company, the entire offer, or specific products. You can inform your audience (clients and employees) about anything you want. And as you know, you do it without any costs.

How to create a successful free webinar

To create a successful free webinar, you need to start from scratch, which means:

  1. Make a plan - keep in mind what you plan to do with your webinars, how you want to organize the event, and what you want to tell the audience.
  2. Choose the right software - there are plenty of options for free webinar software that can be used to run webinars. If you already know what your free webinar should look like, look for software that will enable you to create it.
  3. Create a presenter - each free webinar you conduct should have one presenter profile, including its name, contact information, and a bio description.
  4. Choose day & time - remember to think about time zones if you're hosting an international webinar. You can learn more about the best time and day for hosting webinars here.
  5. Inviting participants - let your audience know that you are running a webinar. Invite them, get their email, paste it into the corresponding field, and it’s ready.
  6. Go live - engage your audience with an interesting presentation, Q&A, or polls. Start recording the meeting so they can play it back later. In the end, say thanks to them for participating.

You should know, a platform that helps you create your great free webinar is LiveWebinar. With no necessary downloads or plugins, interactive features, and the possibility to customize your meeting room, LiveWebinar is more than capable of hosting your free event.

Different types of webinars that are available for free

We will now introduce you to 4 different types of webinars that you can host for free.

  1. Offer demonstrations - such demonstrations show what you're selling and how it is working. They're an excellent opportunity to make a good impression and differentiate your product from your competitor's.
  2. Customer onboarding - thanks to this, you can help your customers understand how to take full advantage of your product or service. You can also answer any questions about their investment.
  3. Staff training - you can help your employees adapt to work by training them and providing engaging professional development videos to apply what they've learned to their jobs.
  4. Company communication - by hosting free webinars, you can communicate with all of your employees. It gives you the opportunity to engage your remote staff members.

Tips on how to take the most out of your next live or recorded webinar

The following steps can help you take the most out of your next webinar - no matter if it is live, or recorded. Such a successful webinar will generate leads, customers, and outstanding content long after the actual event has ended!

First, do the whole planning. Like we said before, decide how to organize the event and what information you want to convey. Your successful webinar and how you will get the most of it starts from planning.

Then, take a look at your audience. It would be best if you targeted the right people when creating a successful webinar. Don't forget about their needs or expectations. Create a person who has all the features you want the target group to have. If you do that, you will realize who you are looking for.

After that, as a vetted digital marketer, take care of the promotion. Let the audience know what they will learn. Make sure your marketing communicates what the learning outcomes will be. You can reach out via email, internal channels, and social media. Think about which communication methods are most likely to capture your audience's attention.

At the end, you need to provide post-event care. Send an email with the recording of the webinar and say thank you for participating in the event. Also, encourage your audience to subscribe to the newsletter and inform them about new events. Just show that you still care about your customers.

Use LiveWebinar for your next free webinar 

If you've never used LiveWebinar, try it out when holding your next free webinar! This platform has an option available for a free webinar that can be conducted with up to five attendees in a room and recordings can last up to two hours. Screen sharing, tests, polls, surveys, marketing automation, and many more are available in the free plan. 

You can upgrade your plan at any time as there are three paid plans! They have more features, so you can be even more satisfied using them than with a free plan.

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