Webinar Evergreen: Get Prepared for 2023

Learn how to plan for success and create an evergreen strategy that can be adapted to changing market conditions!

With live webinars, there is one thing that is absolutely essential: preparation. Sometimes you might be lacking time to do everything over and over again, often every single day or week.

But here come evergreen webinars. What are automated webinars, how to create an evergreen webinar, and how many benefits even a single automated webinar can bring to your company? Read on to find out how to redefine how you host live webinars.

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What are evergreen webinars?

Evergreen webinars, also called automated webinars, are pre-recorded webinars that run on a schedule without the need for anyone to actively monitor them. Setting up one of these automated webinars allows you to get quality engagement from your target audience and generate leads with minimal additional effort.

In other words: you record it once, and then you use your pre recorded webinars to continually reach new people and educate them on your products or services. This entire process is automated, so you don’t have to be there at all times.

Benefits of automated webinars

#1 Cost Savings

With an automated webinar strategy, you can save time and money as you don't have to invest in organizing, hosting and monitoring every webinar. This means that your cost savings can be very significant, depending on the frequency of your automated webinars.

#2 Time Savings

No more thinking about adjusting to a specific date or time zone. No more desired time that conflicts with other events. An evergreen webinar will run on a loop, so you don't need to spend that time setting up a live event.

#3 Flexibility

Building an evergreen webinar funnel can bring you one step closer to inbound marketing. You can set it up to be triggered by certain events and run on a loop, so you don't have to worry about resetting your webinar every time.

#4 Scalability

Imagine that you have a webinar that you have to run every day or week and it takes some time for you to set up everything. With automated webinars, all the setup only needs to be done once, which can save considerable time and money.

#5 Lead Generation

If you need to generate new leads, or simply want to get more leads than before, using a pre recorded video for this purpose might be one of the most profitable ideas. For instance, you can run email marketing campaigns and make use of landing pages to increase more leads for your company. Why is that so? With evergreen webinars, you can reach thousands of people at the same time without having to spend additional money on paid advertising. 

Evergreen Webinar Best Practices

#1 Ensure Your Content Is Relevant

If you record something that is not interesting for your audience or out of date, you will not be able to engage your prospects. Ensure that the content of your webinar is fresh and relevant to the current audience you are targeting.

A good example here is to focus on the pain points that your target customers are facing and provide solutions that they can implement right away. Your evergreen topic should be, in fact, "evergreen" – and encourage people to tune in.

A few topics that you might want to consider for your evergreen (always accurate) webinar would be:

  • "Improving Your Sales Strategies"
  • "Best Practices for Building a Sales Funnel"
  • "How to Drive Traffic To Your Registration Page"
  • "Choosing a Live Chat Feature – How to"
  • "How to Maximize ROI with Automation Tools"
  • "10+ Always Working Passive Income Ideas"

On the other hand, evergreen webinar topics like "Marketing Trends in 2023" are great for a moment, but there will be no use of them in 2024 or 2025.

Have A Backup Plan

Prepare a backup plan in case there is any technical difficulty during the webinar, as this could result in a poor user experience and lead viewers to leave midway through the session. This won't happen if you use the right webinar platform, but it's more about your own preparation for a pre recorded webinar. It should be perfect, as you'll be using it multiple times.

Also, opt for a webinar platform that has automated follow-up emails and reminders. This will help you keep your audience engaged even after the webinar is over and increase the chances of them taking action on what they have learned. And, this way you won't have to operate it yourself during evergreen events.

Promote Through Multiple Channels

Evergreen webinars free up your time so you can focus on promoting the webinar through multiple channels. You need to spread the word about your evergreen webinar and make sure people know about it when they're ready to join.

It's not enough to just create evergreen webinars and rely on pure luck when it comes to drawing in an audience. With a recurring schedule, you need to constantly engage potential customers and let them know about the webinar. To achieve this, consistent posting on various social media platforms is necessary to engage the audience. This can be done by setting up a social media posting schedule.

You can promote your on demand webinars using the ideas below:

  • write educational content about the subject and link to the webinar page
  • share it on social channels (use various platforms to share on demand events)
  • create a series of emails utilizing email sequences that link back to the webinar
  • use retargeting ads to reach people who visited your website but didn't sign up for the webinar
  • send a few marketing emails to past webinar attendees
  • use influencer marketing, if applicable (e.g., reach out to online course creators)

These are only a few ideas you can use here – the most important is to promote your webinar through multiple channels to maximize its reach.

Create Resources For Attendees

Make the most of webinar automation. When creating a webinar script, take into account that viewers may need resources, such as a PDF guide, cheat sheet or worksheet. What you do "post webinar" is as important as what you do before your on demand webinar.

By providing extra materials to the attendees you ensure that they get the most out of your webinar and follow through with the action steps discussed during the session. This will also encourage them to keep coming back for more educational content in the future.

Some ideas of resources you can share with your audience after evergreen webinars include:

  • exercises
  • checklists
  • templates
  • guides
  • eBooks
  • case studies
  • quizzes

All of the resources should be tightly connected to your evergreen webinar topic – otherwise, you won't be able to build a retention rate in your audience.

Make Your Evergreen Webinars Interactive

On demand webinars won't be the same webinar type as live events. Because they are prerecorded, you need to find another idea of how o keep your attendees engaged.

There are a few ways you can use here, starting from a simulated chat to a very interactive format of your actual presentation or speech. You can use many other tools to promote interactions, such as QR Codes, surveys, polls and quizzes. You can also add downloadable resources that could make your webinar more interactive.

Track Performance Metrics

Tracking performance metrics such as registration numbers, attendance rate, time spent viewing, etc., can help you identify areas of improvement that need focus on when organizing future webinars or other virtual events. Your webinar room analytics should provide you with the details you need to make these decisions.

By understanding which topics, formats and technical elements work best for your audience, you can tailor future webinars more effectively, thereby making them even better. This will help ensure that your evergreen webinar content is always fresh and relevant.

What Kind of Content You Can Show During Your Evergreen Webinar

#1 Presentation for potential clients

One of the most important things you can include in your evergreen webinar are a presentation about yourself and your services. This presentation should be professional yet have a bit of personality - use witty analogies, funny contextual examples, and demonstrative visuals to keep the audience engaged. Doing this will add value to your webinar and leave potential clients with a positive impression.

#2 Online courses

Your evergreen webinar can be the perfect platform to showcase your knowledge and experience while providing something valuable to all of your attendees. One great way to do this is to provide an online course. There are so many possibilities - whether you want to teach a new skill, go into detail on a certain topic, or even showcase some of the unique talents you have acquired over the years, an online course is the ideal way to convey the information in an organized, interactive format. Your webinar attendees will appreciate the opportunity to dive into a learning experience and will walk away feeling like they got their money’s worth - no matter how long ago it was that they attended!

#3 Thought leadership materials

If you’re looking to give your webinar some extra oomph, why not consider incorporating thought leadership materials? This can make your presentation stand out and add the kind of charisma that can really reel in a crowd. Think think-pieces, interviews with different experts in the field, or even creative takes on topics related to your webinar. Showing off thought leadership materials during your evergreen webinar is sure to show that you’re a savvy marketer who knows how to make an impact. So if you wanna be “the cool kid” at the presentation party, it’s high time you threw yourself into thought leadership materials.

Is that all?

What really makes evergreen webinar idea a great one? You can create on-demand webinars about, practically, anything. It all depends on the topic of your choice, but you can make your evergreen webinar inspiring and educational by incorporating stories with personal experiences, relevant data and interesting visual graphics. To stay ahead of the competition in the virtual world, it is essential to create a unique experience that cannot be recreated elsewhere.

How to choose software for automated webinar creation: evergreen webinar software checklist

It might be EXTREMELY difficult to find the best evergreen webinar software that best fits your needs, but there are some key aspects you should look out for when making the decision:

Define Your Goals

When it comes to creating your evergreen content, setting clear goals can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. The software you choose should be tailored to your specific objectives; for example, if your number one priority is an upsurge in lead conversion then be sure to search for software solutions that track performance against this goal.

On the flip side, if content engagement or generating more brand awareness is your goal then be sure to look out for software that tracks views and interactions. Defining your goals first helps eliminate any headaches during the later stages of creation and ensures the perfect automated live webinar software choice.

Key takeaway: Before selecting the right evergreen webinar software, you must define the goals of your automated webinar creation process so that you can identify the features you need and evaluate which platform best fulfills them.

Research Your Options

Deciding on the right software for automated webinar creation can seem like a daunting task, but doing some research into your options can make all the difference. Choosing from among the plethora of available evergreen webinar softwares might sound overwhelming, but using a checklist is a great way to compare different options and narrow it down. Furthermore, many of these software have online reviews, demos and blog posts that can help you get an even better look at what each software has to offer, so you can select the one that's best for your needs.

Key takeaway: Research various platforms to get an overview of the different features they offer and read reviews from other users who have used the software in order to get a better understanding of its pros and cons.

Assess Usability

Usability is key when it comes to selecting automated webinar software that best suits your needs. Before pulling out your wallet, it’s important to assess the all-important user experience. Does the software look easy? When you read the text, does it flow without needing a translator? What kind of customer support do they offer? Is there an onboarding process in place to help get you and your team familiar with the interface? And most importantly, is it fun enough so that anyone using it won’t drift off into a coma halfway through creating your webinar? Take some time to really dig in and explore how user friendly each option is: test drive, if you will. Quality webinars require quality prep work and solid software that speaks your language—luckily that’s not hard to find.

Key takeaway: Choose best evergreen webinar software that is user-friendly for both non-technical and technical users, as this will make it easier for everyone involved in creating automated webinars to understand its functions and utilize it more effectively.

Examine Features

Choosing the right software for automated live webinar creation is an important task, as you need something that will serve your needs and help you create the best webinars. One of the most important things to look for is features - does this software have the necessary features to make a great webinar? Look for features like the ability to quickly and easily record presentations, host polls, flexible scheduling options, managing registration pages, and integrate with other software. Make sure your evergreen webinar software checklist examines features in detail - because without them your webinar simply won't be successful!

Key takeaway: Look for software with comprehensive features such as drag & drop design capabilities, built-in templates, customization options, multi-device compatibility, analytics capabilities etc., as these will enable you to create professional webinars quickly and efficiently.

Consider Budget & Scalability

When selecting on-demand webinar software for your business, consider both your budget and scalability. No one wants the unpleasant surprise of discovering their software does not have the flexibility to accommodate increased webinar traffic if it suddenly becomes successful.

Applications with multiple pricing tiers let you adjust along with customer demand, so you can feel confident that your software won't leave you behind with live events.

Also look for built-in registration page, live chat, and flexible scheduling options (with recurring schedule) which can make your customers eager to come back time and time again! Bottom line: don't skimp on a product just because it’s cheaper—always consider what features, scalability and customer loyalty options the software offers.

Key takeaway: Evaluate your budget constraints and decide whether you need software that has scalability options so that you can increase its functionalities as your needs grow over time.

Monitor Security Protocols

It pays to do your due diligence when selecting software for creating on demand webinars, and monitoring security protocols should be top of mind. Security is a major factor in protecting valuable data and ensuring the safety of your webinar participants – not to mention peace of mind.

Your chosen best evergreen webinar software should provide extensive encryption systems, automated backups and other safeguards so you can feel confident that your work is safe from hackers. Ultimately, researching the security protocols in place (e.g. log management) will ensure you invest in the right webinar automation.

Key takeaway: It is important to ensure that all data gathered from viewers is secured with encryption protocols to guarantee confidentiality while managing data collections related to automated webinars.

Test User Interface And Functionalities

When it comes to selecting best evergreen webinar software, you'll want to make sure the user interface is not only attractive but also functional. As such, it's recommended that you thoroughly test the software interface and capabilities before making a decision. Do this by taking a look at the navigation, menus and other controls within the platform.

LiveWebinar features

Try out all of its components and play around with different settings. If you're able to easily navigate through the system then it's likely a great fit! If not, maybe keep looking...

Key takeaway: Test out the user interface of the chosen software to ensure it aligns with your aesthetic preferences before selecting it, as well as check that the functionalities work seamlessly without any major glitches or bugs being present when using it on different devices or operating systems for emulation purposes during webinar rehearsals ahead of going live with them. You may need to hire a software developer to reach this goal.

Review Analytics and Reporting Tools

If you're looking for the right software to create an automated webinar, the checklist should include reviewing the analytics and reporting tools available. Knowing which metrics to track is crucial when judging success.

Get insight into your attendees’ behavior and demographics by diving deep into the data. Understanding the basic stats like time spent on each page or slide of your webinar ensures that viewers won't miss any important points. Pulling reports also helps you determine where you can make adjustments to improve future webinars. Make sure to tick off analytics and reporting from your evergreen webinar software checklist!

Key takeaway: Make sure there are easy-to-use analytics tools integrated into the platform so that you can access detailed reports regarding webinar engagement levels, viewer demographics etc., at any given time.

Verify Support Services

When selecting the ideal evergreen webinar software, make sure you perform a thorough investigation and confirm available support services. After all, no one wants to be stuck with a great piece of software but without any instructions on how to use it effectively! Make sure that the provider offers both a knowledgebase for self-learning and technical support services in case you get stuck somewhere. On top of that, ensure that you can access these resources at any time so that your on-demand webinar creation process is uninterrupted.

Key takeaway: Confirm that customer support services are available and answer questions should any technical issues arise throughout the duration of using your best evergreen webinar software.

Pick your evergreen webinar software: LiveWebinar

If you want to run your on-demand events in a professional manner, LiveWebinar is the perfect choice. Our best evergreen webinar software is tailored to make sure you have the best user experience and productivity. Automated emails, custom registration forms with customer data capture, polls & surveys for engagement and reporting are just some of the features available in LiveWebinar.

It provides a complete package of key features to help make your evergreen webinar run smoothly, from creating registration forms and sending out automated emails to designing polls and surveys, as well as live chat, registration page, steady stream, and more.

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LiveWebinar also allows you to collect data on how well your webinars perform and provides analytics tools to help you keep track of your audience’s engagement. That way, you can ensure that your evergreen webinar is always running smoothly and effectively.

On top of that, LiveWebinar makes monetizing your on-demand webinars easier - with built-in modules for receiving payments and integrations with leading payment providers. So, you have all the tools you need to make your evergreen webinar profitable – in one browser window.

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