LiveWebinar's Most Important Updates from 2023: A Look Back

Discover the latest 2023 LiveWebinar upgrades that redefine virtual communication. Enhance your webinars with improved engagement, advanced statistics, and robust security features. Experience the forefront of virtual events with LiveWebinar's innovative solutions.

Welcome to the future of virtual communication! In this blog post, we'll walk you through the most important upgrades and improvements introduced by LiveWebinar in 2023. They are designed to elevate your webinar experience. From participant engagement to advanced statistics and security features, LiveWebinar continues to set the standard for virtual events.

1. Certificate of Achievement: Recognizing Excellence

In our continued efforts to enhance your experience, we have introduced a new feature of Certificates: a powerful tool designed to recognize and motivate your event attendees. You now have the ability to seamlessly create and automatically distribute certificates once your event concludes, adding an extra layer of value to your courses.


This feature is representative of a modern trend in event management and e-learning, where organizers can provide official recognition to attendees or participants through certificates of completion. 

Your attendees can now receive personalized certificates for participating in a webinar, course, or training session. Certificates on our platform offer organizers a lot of possibilities: 

  • It's an excellent way to enhance the value of the course, highlight its professionalism, and attract new customers 
  • Certificates can be easily customized to meet the needs of a particular training, thanks to a wide range of options for editing their content and appearance 
  • With personalized certificates, you can promote your branding: add your logo, corporate colors, and other elements that distinguish your company 
  • You can combine certificate issuance with another of our new features: Participant Engagement, which lets you introduce gamification into online sessions 
  • Distribution of certificates occurs automatically and does not require any additional work after the training is completed 

Easily design your Certificates

You can design certificates without needing to hire a designer or have advanced graphic design skills. Thanks to the templates provided within the tool, you can choose a layout that fits your event or brand image. Then, you can add custom elements such as logos, brand colors, badges and other necessary details to personalize these certificates for their specific needs.

Automate distribution

Once the event is over and participants have met the pre-set criteria, the certificates can be automatically generated and sent out. This automation saves significant administrative effort and saves time.

2. Participant Engagement: A Gamified Experience

The trends for webinars in 2024 say that online training should be engaging and interactive. This involves incorporating game-like elements into webinars, online events and educational sessions to motivate active participation. 

To answer these trends, LiveWebinar introduced a special new feature of Participant Engagement. With this feature, attendees can earn points for various activities for meeting certain criteria, e.g. time spent at the meeting, browser activity, passing a test/survey. Each participant can be given a specific grade or credit for attending an event. 

This is a great way to add a competitive edge to your webinars, online sessions, courses and workshops. With this feature you can:  

  • Integrate gamification seamlessly into your sessions  
  • Offer your participants a dynamic points system that tracks and rewards their involvement 
  • Elevate your courses with interactive and motivating experiences, giving your events a professional touch and added value 

By offering a point-based engagement system, an event can appear more professional and motivating. It also adds value to participants, as they're not just attending an event but are part of a structured system that recognizes and certifies their involvement.

3. One-Click Registration Links: Simplifying Access

The One-Click Registration Link feature simplifies the process of signing up for events for individuals who are already on your mailing list. Here is a more detailed breakdown of how this feature adds value to the event registration process:

Effortless registration

The primary purpose of the One-Click Registration Link is to make the event sign-up process as straightforward as possible. Instead of filling out registration forms with their personal details, which they have likely already provided to you, subscribers can register for the event with a single click. This is especially beneficial for returning attendees who want to avoid the repetitive process of entering the same information for each event.

Increased personalization

To facilitate this, an organization can send personalized email invitations containing a unique link for each subscriber. When the subscriber clicks on this link, the system recognizes their email address and automatically registers them for the event. This eliminates the need for the subscriber to manually enter their information, as the system already has their details from the mailing list.

Higher registration rates

With less friction in the registration process, more people are likely to follow through with signing up for your webinar. This can lead to higher attendance rates because attendees can commit to the event quickly and easily. For event organizers, this would mean potentially more engagement, leads, and opportunities for interaction during the webinar.

For marketers and event organizers, the one-click link can also simplify the tracking of sign-up sources and the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns. Since each link is unique, organizers can track which specific email or campaign led to a registration, aiding in refining marketing efforts.

In practice, implementing One-Click Registration Links can involve CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, where details from the database are used to pre-fill registration information and create personalized links. This automation reflects a focus on user experience, aiming to create a seamless transition from interest to registration.

4. Enhanced Statistics and Reports

To answer the needs of our clients, we've developed a new detailed Dashboard for reporting and analysis. You can now gain insightful, in-depth perspectives on your hosted events with real-time data and comprehensive metrics, allowing you to: 

Measure participant engagement

Organizers will see how participants interact with the event content and identify which parts of the event are receiving the most attention by monitoring downloads, views, and shares.
They understand how attendees navigate through the event, which sessions they join, and how long they stay engaged.

Track attendance

You can capture attendance data for both live and on-demand events to see trends over time. Find out where participants are joining from, helping to tailor future event times and content to regional audiences. Understand the technology participants are using to access the event, allowing for optimization of content for different devices.

Assess session effectiveness

For educational events, measure how well learning objectives are being met through quizzes, tests, and participant performance.
If an event has a call to action, like signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product, the Dashboard can track these conversions.

5. Coding Belt: Secure Your Room with an Extra Layer of Protection

Now users have access to a new type of security in the form of a Coding belt that prevents anonymous recording of sessions.

  • This option can be easily activated in the "Room Security" tab in the main panel of the tool. Easily activate this security feature by navigating to the "Room Security" tab in the main panel of the tool. After a few clicks, your sessions will be shielded from unauthorized recordings.
  • As a result, you can be sure that no one will record the session without your knowledge and consent. 
  • The enabled belt will be displayed to everyone: the host, presenters, participants, and on the recording. This transparency ensures that everyone is aware of the security measures in place.

You also have control over the display duration of the belt. It is set by default to appear every 5 minutes, but you can adjust this timing individually for users, packages, or the entire company.

With the Coding belt, we empower you to take control of your sessions and safeguard your content. No more concerns about unauthorized recordings – just a secure and protected virtual environment for your valuable interactions. Elevate your security standards with LiveWebinar’s latest innovation.

6. Closed captioning – live transcription with translations

The ability to generate captions from spoken content in meetings, webinars, and online events is a significant advancement in technology that caters to inclusivity and improved communication across different audience groups.

Here's a deeper exploration of this capability and its benefits:

Inclusivity for the hearing impaired

One of the most significant advantages of this technology is the increased accessibility it provides for individuals with hearing impairments. Captions allow those who are deaf or hard of hearing to follow along with the content in real-time, ensuring they can engage with the event on an equal footing with other participants.

Convenience for attendees in sound-sensitive environments

In addition to aiding the hearing impaired, captions are also useful for attendees in environments where it's not feasible to play audio loudly, such as in a public space, office, or while commuting. Captions ensure that these participants don't miss any valuable information.

Facilitation of international events

Captions can also provide a foundation for translation into different languages, thereby making content accessible to non-native speakers. This feature is particularly useful in international events where the audience comprises participants from varied linguistic backgrounds. Real-time captions can often be translated on the fly, enabling instant comprehension for global attendees.

7. Email Templates 

With this feature, you can create your own email templates. You can customize the content and appearance of the message, for example, by adding your logo, colors or background. You can also add text, images or any information in the language of your choice. 

8.  New browsers available for iPhone and iPad

From now on, you can use the LiveWebinar platform on your iPhone and iPad using one of many popular browsers. The browsers available on iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad) are: 

  • Chrome Mobile iOS 
  • Opera Touch 
  • Firefox Mobile iOS 
  • Microsoft Edge 

9. New options in the CTA 

In the Call to Action (CTA) feature, there has been an update allowing users to now include an image, providing a richer and more engaging experience.   

You can add to the CTA not only texts with buttons, but also:  

  • Any photo that encourages people to take advantage of the offer - for example, with your product 
  • A banner ad (especially useful for evergreen webinars) 
  • A logo with your brand 

This is likely to attract more attention, thereby increasing click-through rates and the overall effectiveness of the CTAs. 

10. Chats in Evergreen webinars 

Responding to the needs of our users, we have added a new, useful chat function during automated events (so-called evergreen webinars). From now on, you can use chat whenever you want, and your event participants will be able to easily communicate with each other during the webinar.  

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of our 2023 journey at LiveWebinar! We can't wait to see how you use these new features to take your webinars to the next level as we keep working to make things even better for you. Visit our site and check us out! SIGN UP FOR FEE.

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