Spotlightr integration

Getting through to your target audience these days can sometimes feel like bushwhacking your way through a jungle of competitors. However, a proven option for getting through the proverbial thicket is implementing videos in your marketing strategy. And it’s all easier than you think! When integrating Spotlightr with LiveWebinar you can create and host videos on safe, cloud-based servers, and access them as you need.

Spotlightr integration

Don’t Settle for Just a Presentation

Rather than use the same, tired presentation again, why not jazz things up with a video? With Spotlightr you can instead create a video, add your own text, images and diagrams or use professional animations to make things more interesting and help you get your message across.

Spotlightr aims to help their users gain more conversions and better engagement, so why not pair their videos with your webinars? You have nothing to lose, and more loyal clients to gain!

Surprise Attendees with Quality Video Content

Unlock the potential of video content as part of your webinar! If you use Spotlightr, you can be sure that high quality videos will load at lightning speed on any device. When you integrate this video hosting service, you ensure that your attendees can enjoy engaging videos without distracting ads.

Let Videos Do the Talking

Here’s a statistic to mull over – viewers retain 95% of information when it’s in video form, as opposed to 10% retention in text form. That’s a pretty significant difference, right? Spotlightr makes sure that your video message will be delivered and received without unnecessary interruptions, letting attendees gain as much knowledge from your content as possible.

Spotlightr integration
Spotlightr integration

Enjoy Reliable Video Hosting

All of your videos are hosted on dependable, cloud-based servers. You get to control the video playback experience so there’s no need to lose time searching for the link to the right video – you can immediately share content from Spotlightr.

Make sure you uploaded the video to your Spotlightr account ahead of time, simply click on Spotlightr in the drop-down menu and your videos will be ready to go. Select the video you want to play by clicking “Share”, sit back and watch!

And Just Like That, the LiveWebinar & Spotlightr Integration is Ready!

Integrating your Spotlightr account with LiveWebinar can be done in a cinch! Simply get your API key from your Spotlightr account and paste it into the dialogue box that first pops up when you select Spotlightr from the share menu. We wrote a manual about the integration for you here.

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