Webinar Invite: Best Practices & Examples

Running a webinar? Then you need to invite your audience! Check how to craft the right webinar invite to reach as many people as possible.

It is often the case that you need to spread the word about your upcoming webinar. You then use various means of promotion and use email marketing to send webinar invitation emails. But do you realize how much power such invitations have? Are you sure you are doing them right? Do you know of any webinar invitation examples you can use?

If you hesitate to answer these questions, then read the following article, as this time, we focus on email invitations for your online event!

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Why do you Need Webinar Invitations?

At the outset, let's try to answer the question of why you really need to send a webinar invite to your new event. 

Sending invitations via email is another way to reach the right audience. Since you are conducting a specific webinar topic and you want to attract the right people to attend the event, you can't skip such an important means of communication as email. 

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By using webinar invitation emails in your communication strategy, you can gain many benefits, including:

  • Spread the information about the webinar to more people
  • Provide important details and effectively encourage participation
  • Increase webinar registrations
  • Keep in touch with your target audience through follow-up emails
  • Keep attendees informed about the webinar by sending reminder emails

And all this means that you can increase the success of your virtual event and make the most of your upcoming webinar.

Best of all, you don't have to spend much of your energy to achieve the above benefits. How is this possible? By having a webinar invitation email template at your disposal, you can craft the right messages faster and easier than you think. 

Later in this article, you will also find webinar invitation email examples, so keep reading.

Best Practices on how to Create a Webinar Invitation Email

So you want to take advantage of a webinar invite? If yes, you will need to know the best practices on how to create one. Just check out our tips.

#1 The Right Email Webinar Title

At the very beginning, properly design the subject line webinar, which should catch the attention of the recipient and make it interesting. This part is important because if you don't attract the recipient's attention in the right way, the email will end up in the trash and won't be opened. And this misses your goal.

To create an attractive webinar invitation subject line, answer these questions:

👉 Is it clear and simple? 

👉 Related to the online event? 

👉 Is it not misleading?  

You can even ask a question in the title, but definitely give up click-bait subject lines, as they can bring you a bad name. You can also create a database of webinar subject line examples that you will use in the future.

#2 Concise Content

If you are successful and the email subject line encourages recipients to open the message, their eyes will see the right content. So don't let the receivers regret their decision, and provide them with valuable information from the beginning. 

Above all, email content should be short and sweet, providing only essential information. You can use the language of benefits, and instead of describing the entire upcoming webinar, you can arouse interest and talk about the benefits that recipients will reap if they attend. 

#3 Eye-Catching Email Design

In addition to valuable content, also remember that the whole message should look attractive, be visually appealing, and be worth opening. Therefore, graphic design is an important aspect here. It's not that the invitation email should have so many pictures that it will be hard to load the message, but it's simply worth breaking the blocks of text with a striking image, for example, showing the main webinar presenter with information about their presentation.

You can create a design template that you will use in webinar invitations, and this way, you won't spend a lot of time designing graphic materials in the future.

#4 CTA with a Clickable Button

An effective webinar invitation email absolutely must have a clickable button with a call to action included. To help encourage recipients to register, you should give them under their noses the option to sign up without having to leave an email. 

Seconds can determine the decision to register for your virtual event. If the recipient doesn't have the option to sign up for an online meeting from within the email, they may decline your invitation. To prevent this from happening, include a button in the message that links to the signup.

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Such a button is not difficult or time-consuming to construct and can bring you much more activity from potential webinar attendees. 

Thus, by enticing as many attendees as possible, webinar email invitations will do their job and deliver you more registrations.

#5 Highlight Key Information

Help your audience find the most important information and make it stand out from all the text. 

You can use a banner just below the email webinar topic and include information such as:

  • Webinar title
  • Webinar date
  • Webinar time or at what time webinar starts
  • Webinar content
  • Webinar hosts
  • etc.

If it is to be a free webinar, you should highlight this information. If webinar attendees have to pay to attend, then provide the fee and registration link with the option to pay immediately.

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#6 Countdown to Webinar Registration Deadline

If you provide a countdown to the end of webinar registration, you show that there is a limited time to decide whether to enroll for the event. Thus, you will take advantage of the unavailability rule. If the time is up, there will be no more opportunities to sign up. The audience will have an idea in the back of their minds that they don't have unlimited time to sign up for the event, so they will have to rush to make a decision. 

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Such an action can emphasize the uniqueness of the meeting and, as a result, its value will increase in the eyes of the target audience. So, craft the best webinar invitation and start the countdown!

Webinar Invitation Email Examples

There are many webinar invitation email examples, but today, we will covet 3 of them. Here they are:

Example 1: CTA Buttons in the First Place

In this example, call to action, or CTAs, are placed in the foreground. In this webinar invitation email, there is no emphasis on the amount of text, so you can just include some information about the webinar, add one or two graphics and paste clickable buttons in different parts of the message, for example, in the beginning, middle and end of the message.

This way, the recipient of the webinar invitation email will definitely not miss the opportunity to register. After clicking on the button, they will be taken to a landing page where they will successfully register.

Example 2: Video in Action

You can also make your message more attractive and use video as the main way to convey data about the webinar and get people to register. And, of course, by recording a 3-minute video, you can present more content than in a short email and do it in a much more interesting way.  

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Most importantly, such a webinar invitation will convey the information as if you were talking to each recipient in person. This will give the recipient of the message the impression that they have been distinguished from the crowd and you can contribute more effectively to their engagement. 

Example 3: Highlighting Key Features

Among the webinar invitation email examples, we will also pay attention to the one that contains all necessary data - that is, nothing to add, nothing to take away. The most important data can be seen at a glance, so there is no difficulty in extracting key data from the message. You know what, where, how, on what platform, what is the webinar date, etc.

Such webinar invitation email template does not contain funny stories or a lot of information about the speakers. It also doesn't have a lot of graphics, but for that, it has at least one CTA button. 

Invitation on Webinar Email Sequence

You may know that sending one email invitation to your virtual events is not enough. You need a webinar announcement email sequence and appropriate actions during and even after the event. The following points are examples of messages that can go into a webinar invitation email sequence.

#1 Confirmation email for webinar registration

After sending a webinar email invitation, two situations can happen: either the recipient of the email signs up for the webinar or they don't. However, if they do sign up, you should send a webinar confirmation email immediately afterward, from which the recipient will know that they have successfully signed up for the online meeting.

#2 Reminder email for the Webinar

Next, it will be a good idea to send out a webinar reminder email, which will, of course, have the purpose of informing about the details of the event once again. Such webinar reminder emails are a great option if there is still a lot of time left before the online meeting and the recipients may have actually forgotten about them or their exact information.

#3 Email with a link to join the webinar

The day of the webinar has arrived! At this stage, you should have sent an email with a link transferring you to the meeting. 

#4 Email thanking you for participating

Right after the meeting ends, send a message thanking all the participants for their contribution to the meeting. You can also send information about upcoming webinars here and promise to stay in touch.

#5 Email with the webinar recording

Another follow-up email should be the one with the recording of the webinar. You can also include other materials from the webinar here, like presentations. Such post-webinar emails help you stay in touch with your webinar attendees and build strong relationships.

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Create Perfect Webinars and Invitations

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of webinar invitation emails. There are many benefits associated with them, but most importantly, they can boost the registration rate for your webinars. Keep these tips in mind for your next webinar.

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