Webinar and Video Conference Etiquette Tips

Current situations have given us a somewhat alternative to holding meetings. Before now, meetings were put on hold or cancelled if unforeseen things happen, but now the advancement in technology enables us to hold meetings online. Online meetings or seminars are known as webinars, and there are various platforms that organize these online seminars on the internet.

Though a webinar is more of an audio conference, a video conference is a combination of both audio and video features. Live seminars could get a little frustrating especially when you have to keep up with rules and regulations either as a presenter or an attendee. Unfortunately, participating in a webinar, will not keep you from away from all these rules and regulations. As we have seminar etiquette, likewise we have webinar etiquette and also video conferencing etiquette for both presenters and attendees.

Webinar and Video Conference Etiquette Tips

First, we will talk about general webinar etiquette tips and video conferencing etiquette tips. Whether as a presenter or an attendee, you will want to follow these general rules.

  • Stay away from noise: noise is a rather unpleasant sound wave, especially when attending a webinar. These waves bounce back and cause echoes in the background, which may be a source of distraction for either the presenter or attendee. While you’re preparing for a webinar, seclude yourself to a quiet and serene environment.
  • Don’t be late: Most people feel that because it is an online meeting, and there’s nobody watching we can just “connect” whenever we like. Wrong! Either as a presenter or attendee is it good to keep to time. It is even preferable to get set in time to avoid lateness.
  • Dress well, especially if it is a video conference. You can’t shouldn’t to dress any which way just because “it’s online”. Ask yourself, “If this were a live seminar would I be comfortable dressed like this?” If no, then you know what to do. If you want so more tips on dressing for video conferences, check out our article “How to Look Good on Video Chat”.
  • Maintain a good sitting posture, in a comfortable chair, and have good lighting if you plan for your webinar to have video. Try to avoid a visually noisy background and avoid sitting in front of a window.
Webinar and Video Conference Etiquette Tips

Webinar and Video Conference Etiquette for Presenters

  • Test everything you will be using a few minutes before you start and look into every detail. From your position, to the internet connection, to the clarity of your voice or video. You do not want to take any chances.
  • Always wear a headset, it provides better sound quality for your viewers.
  • Eye contact makes your viewers connect, only this time, remember to be looking into your web cam.
  • Make sure you’re presenting in a way that it is easy to follow. Be plain in your speech, avoid talking too fast and always repeat questions asked before you answer.
  • Try to be engaging, even when you’re not talking.

Webinar and Video Conference Etiquette for Attendees

  • The less noise the better – if need be, keep your audio muted so as to not add distracting background noise.
  • Ask questions during the Q & A portion, rather than while the host or presenter is speaking.
  • If you feel your question is urgent, try using the chat feature to ask it instead, no one will be interrupted, and your question will be addressed.
  • Most importantly, take notes!
  • Give feedback after the webinar is over if the host asks for it.

Remember that webinars are a two-way street, and all of these measures can create a more productive and enjoyable webinar and video conference for everyone, so put them to good use! For more etiquette tips, check out our article “The Do’s and Don’t’s of Virtual Meeting Etiquette”. Happy webinaring!

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