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You’ve put a lot of effort into preparing a great webinar that became a success. Now you want to make the most out of the time and money spent creating it. Luckily for you, the webinar's value does not have to end after the live presentation. There are easy ways to extend its lifespan from the outset.

Don’t limit your webinar to a single date and time for a specific audience. Prepare recordings with the best webinar content and reuse them wisely. We will tell you how to do this and which tools to use to achieve instant success! Read on.

How to extend webinar content lifespan

Before we delve into some tips on amplifying the impact of webinar content, there is just one primary rule that should not be overlooked: Your webinar content needs to be of prime quality and importance. It may seem obvious, but it's absolutely true and should be treated seriously. What does it mean in practice? The answer is simple:

#1 Choose the best webinar content

Choose the best webinars you’ve prepared to work on their further automation and repurposing. These are the ones that converted well and gathered the widest audience. In other words, you need to act wisely. And in this article, we will tell you how.

#2 Record the webinar

Recording webinars offers numerous advantages for both hosts and attendees. Here starts the whole story: if you want to work on repurposing your webinar content, first you need to record it in good quality and store the recording in a safe and easily accessible place.

#3 Get automated!

Tactics in maximizing webinar reach involve creating automated webinars, in other words: evergreen content or on-demand webinars.

Automated webinar content recordings

What are the benefits of automated webinars?

Automated webinars are increasingly popular because they fit well with people's busy schedules, allowing for participation outside of traditional work hours.

Moving to an on-demand format helps increase viewer numbers and registrations by giving those who can't attend live, or who want to rewatch parts of the webinar, the flexibility to do so in their own time. This approach also reaches new audiences who prefer accessing content at their convenience.

Modern webinar platforms (such as LiveWebinar) offer advanced features that make on-demand webinars just as interactive and engaging as live ones, with branding options, multimedia integration, interactive tools, downloadable resources, and social media functionalities.

To maximize on-demand webinar value:

  • Send follow-up emails promptly, providing links for viewing.
  • Add slides and highlight special offers with call to action buttons.
  • Archive the webinar to retain relevance for your future target audience.
  • Promote the recorded webinar using various marketing channels, including social media, emails, and landing pages.
  • Enable easy sharing across platforms to expand reach and engagement.
  • Use audience interaction tools like polls and Q&As to foster engagement before, during, and after the webinar.

    Automated webinar content recordings

Repurpose the webinar content into various formats and channels

Once you’ve got your webinar recorded and safely stored, you can now work on content repurposing. This will help you maximize webinar content reach and amplify webinar content impact. Read more about repurposing here.

Webinar content syndication

Another tactic used for content repurposing is called content syndication. It helps increase webinar sign-ups. By distributing your content to your ideal customer profile (ICP) and across pertinent websites, blogs, and social media platforms, you can broaden your audience and enhance engagement.

For instance, a news website may republish articles from other news sources to offer thorough coverage on specific topics or events. This strategy helps maintain reader interest and allows the website to remain relevant in a dynamic digital media environment. In the same way your content may be distributed.

  • Automated webinar content recordings

What are the best webinar recording distribution strategies?

There are several useful webinar recording distribution strategies to use. To use them you basically need to first break down the webinar recording into smaller pieces of content.

  • Create short videos to be published across various channels, e.g. Facebook or Instagram reels
  • Enrich your blogposts or landing pages with short videos.
  • Create a podcast and stream a follow-up to the webinar
  • Send follow-up emails with links to recorded webinars and related resources
  • Produce photos and infographics based on the webinar recording
  • Share the recording or parts of it on YouTube
  • Keep an organized library of webinar recordings for new visitors and existing customers to discover and benefit from past content

Remember that all of the above mentioned methods and ideas can and should be implemented wisely in your webinar content promotion tactics!

And finally... or pephaps we should say primarily... 

Choose a proper webinar platform! 

When choosing the best webinar platform for recording, repurposing, and automating your webinars, it's essential to consider several key features.

Look for a platform with robust recording capabilities and easy access to recorded sessions.

Ensure it offers editing tools for enhancing recordings and ample storage space for storing them.

Integration with marketing tools is crucial for automating promotional activities, while automated webinar features streamline scheduling and replay options.

Analytics capabilities provide valuable insights for optimizing future strategies, and customization options allow branding of recordings. Finally, seek a platform that supports exporting recordings in various formats for compatibility across platforms and devices. 

LiveWebinar offers all of that and far more. Check out our features here. 

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