How to create a webinar that sells in 2024 - Full guide

Check how to create a webinar that will let you earn money in a long-term strategy. Increase your sales and revenue right now!

Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get better results from their marketing efforts, and webinars are among the most effective ways to increase sales.

They help you build brand awareness, reach a greater audience, and generate more engagement.

Webinars are also a great way to position your brand as an authority, which ultimately results in better sales performance in the long term.

In this article, we're going to take a look at 8 tips to help you increase sales with webinars.

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1. Offer Valuable Insights in the Free Webinar 

Offering a free sales webinar that provides real value to the audience will increase their likelihood of purchasing your product at the end.

The concept behind this is simple: If you’re offering this kind of value for free then what you have to sell must offer even more value.

Your attendees will be eager to purchase your product so they can take what they have learned to the next level.

All you need to do is to plan, create, and execute your webinar so you can teach your audience something new or guide them through a specific technique, and at the end of the webinar, you can sell them your product.

If you promote your webinar right, teach your attendees well, and deliver a pitch that makes sense, people attending your webinar will buy your product life.

Here are some tips you can use to offer valuable insights that can increase investment in your free sales webinar:

  • Know your topic well
  • Deliver helpful information rather than a sales pitch
  • Introduce the problem and then reveal your solution
  • Focus more on gaining a new audience than on selling


2. Provide the Price of the Product You’re Selling Early

Sales webinars typically last about 1.5 hours. Rather than waiting for the end of your webinar to share how much the product you're selling costs, provide the price early to help break down the reasons for any of your webinar attendees to say no.

Many of your audience will automatically have issues with the price and find reasons why they shouldn't pay for it. That's why it's crucial to give the actual price point first, and then at the end, you can offer the special price.

Here are some tips to help you get past the objections your audience might have:

  • Provide a higher price point and detail the value-add for that price
  • Walk down the higher price to the actual price point
  • Unveil the special price for them to buy today
  • Detail why they get the special price


How to increase sales with webinars

3. Use Storytelling

Using storytelling is a great way to keep your audience engaged throughout your sales webinar and position yourself (and your solution) as the logical option. According to Max Yarchevsky, Boxmode Founder and CEO, at the moment webinars are the most convenient options when the speaker can easily share their stories of successes or failures, tell the story of the company, and thus keep a close relationship with the audience throughout the webinar.

It will help you increase sales significantly while making events lighter and more interesting for your audience.

Storytelling also provides you with lots of opportunities to showcase examples of the real-world benefits your product offers, and the different ways your audience can use the product effectively.

With the right story, you will be able to lay a solid foundation that will draw in your audience, maintain engagement, and educate them on your solution.

The bottom line is, when used skillfully, stories can be powerful sales tools.

They concentrate your attendees’ attention on your presentation, and make it more lively, and prove that what you're saying really does produce results.

Stories work so effectively because every person listening to them identifies themselves with the story’s hero. So, in practice, listeners experience events like they have already happened to them. For example, if you run a webinar called What is a definition of stealth wealth – you can start with your story instead of jumping into details and definitions straight away.


4. Have a Strong Call to Action

Your call to action is the final step in your sales webinar. It's your moment to present your offer and share details on prices, bonuses, and guarantees.

Having a strong call to action at the end of the webinar is vital to increasing sales, but this should be the shortest part of the webinar, so don't spend longer than five minutes on this.

Here are two ways you can make your call to action strong:

  • Provide a Time-Limited Special Deal

As marketers well know, adding scarcity to your offer is a great way to encourage people to buy your product before the end of the webinar.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to include a special discount at the end of the sales webinar for a limited time on the product to help boost sales and increase product search.

  • Provide Bonus Materials

Adding bonus materials for those who buy at the end of the webinar is another great way to increase sales. Just make sure you make the bonus juicy enough to motivate attendees to pull out their wallets.

There are many different types of bonuses you can offer that work effectively, including:

  • Individual coaching with you
  • Group Q&A sessions
  • Access to your exclusive Facebook group
  • Interviews
  • Free reports

As long as you're giving away something that your audience really wants, this is a great way to boost your sales.


5. Sponsorships

Seeking sponsors for your sales webinar or series of webinars can provide value to the sponsor as one of the ways they market themselves, and increase revenue for you.

By securing sponsorships from well-known companies, it can also help improve your webinar’s credibility.

With so many webinars popping up everywhere these days, people are a lot more likely to trust your webinar if it's sponsored by a well-established company. Ultimately, this would boost your credibility and result in an increase of registrants for your event.

There are many different types of sponsorships you can do, such as:

  • Short commercial in the middle of the webinar
  • Branding of the webinar
  • Speaking opportunity for the sponsor during the webinar

Regardless of the type of sponsorship you choose, make sure you sell the benefits of working with you from the sponsor's point of view.

For instance, if they need help with brand exposure, or if they need to generate more leads, how can your partnership help them achieve their marketing goals?


6. Sell an Online Course

The time you put into free sales webinars doesn’t have to end there. It can be used to produce an online course, ebooks, video downloads (make sure it’s edited beautifully), and other content that can be sold as on-demand learning.

Your webinar can be a great way to direct your audience to the other content you are selling so you can monetize your knowledge.

All you need to do is give your audience a taste of what to expect, and then provide them with details on what they should do if they want to know more.

For this to work, your audience must fully understand the value that your content can provide.

Here are a few ways to help you do that:

  • Provide clear and compelling examples
  • Share lots of testimonials and case studies
  • Host Q&A sessions at the end of your webinar

In each instance, give as many details as possible, and allow people to ask specific questions about your product so you can give them detailed answers on how they can benefit from your solution.

Also, if you’re having a difficult time coming up with your own course, it may make sense to consider getting private label rights to sell a course that you believe in.  Many course creators are willing to work with you on this, you just need to speak with them first.

How to increase sales with webinars

7. Create a Webinar Series

There are many tactics you can use to make money from your sales webinars without putting in more time. For instance, after you run a live webinar, you can rebroadcast the webinar as a sort of encore presentation of the live events to make money with ad revenue on YouTube.  If you go this route, I highly recommend you check out this list of editing tools as you’ll need to polish up the videos a little bit. 

You can also offer a timed replay webinar to help you make even more money from your event. This allows you to infuse a sense of urgency for your viewers as the sales webinar will not be available online forever.

But, one of the absolute best ways to continue to generate sales from your webinars is to create a webinar series.

After all, when you provide a quality webinar, your attendees will be willing to attend other webinars that you host.

In addition to that, they will be more likely to spread the word to their own networks, further expanding your reach. Your attendees will grow exponentially and ultimately increase your sales.


8. Follow Up

Most marketers stop after a single follow-up, and yet studies show that 80% of sales require up to five follow-ups after the meeting.

This is yet another reason that makes webinars so great for boosting sales. When used as part of your sales strategy, your prospect goes from being an unaware lead to a fully nurtured prospect or customer after a single webinar.

After your sales webinar, you can provide your attendees with a way to opt-in to the special deal offered, and show them different ways they can continue to engage with you (on your blog, social media, etc.)

It's also easy to segment and personalize your webinar follow-ups as most webinar software integrates with CRM.

You can even make the personalization more effective by segmenting the webinar follow-ups based on attendance. Following up in these ways helps you continue to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your audience.



Sales webinar success comes easy when you have a solid plan for creating and sharing value-packed webinars.

Use these 8 tips to help you increase sales with webinars so you can work less and boost your bottom line.

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