Winning Webinar Images: Strategies for Creating Valuable Visuals

If you've been struggling with creating images or even thinking about incorporating visuals at all, this blog post is for YOU!

What are some of the most important aspects of an engaging webinar? A good speaker, a well-thought out topic, and interesting visuals. What makes for great visuals? This post will discuss how to create powerful images that will keep your audience engaged.

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What is a webinar image?

A webinar image is a still or moving picture that is used to accompany a live or recorded webinar. They can be used to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.

What makes a great webinar image?

There are three main factors to consider when creating an engaging webinar image: content, size, and position.

Content: Content is the information that you want your audience to take away from the webinar image. You need to have a clear purpose for each image that you use in order to ensure that it achieves what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if your presentation focuses on an area of business growth, then pictures or graphs that depict growth would be a good choice for your webinar image.

Size: The size of your webinar image should be large enough to be seen by all of your audience members. It is also important to make sure that the text on the image is legible, as you do not want people to have to strain their eyes in order to read the words.

Position: The position of your webinar image is equally as important as its content and size. Your images should enhance, not distract from, the information that you are trying to convey with your presentation. You also need to make sure that each image is placed in a way that does not obstruct any part of your slides.

What are some examples of great webinar images?

The following list includes a few powerful images that you can use as inspiration for your next presentation:

- Growth charts and graphs

- Maps

- Diagrams or flowcharts

- Pictures related to the topic (e.g., customer service, sales)

- Charts

- Marketing statistics

How can I create my own webinar images?

There are many tools that are available online for free or at a low cost that make it easy to create your own visuals. These tools allow you to customize the look and feel of your images, as well as include text and graphs. Below, you'll find a few examples:

- Canva: A free graphics design platform that lets you easily create custom images.

- Piktochart: An online infographic and presentation tool with a variety of templates to help make the process easier.

- A free infographic tool with a variety of templates to help make the process easier.

- BeFunky: One more photo editing platform that you use to create beautiful graphic designs, compose photo collages or just change the background of photos, crop them and apply many other tasks.

Or, if you are looking for something more advanced...

- Photoshop : A popular graphics editor that allows you to edit, create, blur background, and resize images.

- Illustrator: Another popular graphic editing software with a variety of tools for creating custom visuals.

There are also several free photo/image sharing sites where you can find royalty-free photos, clipart, and illustrations:

- Pixabay: Offers free photos, vectors, and illustrations.

- Picsart: A complete photo editing tool popularly used to change background in photo.

- PixelCut: A set of amazing graphic design tools for everyone thinking of improving their online presence

You can also use PowerPoint to create images by adding shapes and text boxes, as well as including pictures from your computer or online that have been saved in a PowerPoint-friendly format.

Use images from previous presentations that you have given for inspiration on how best to create visuals in line with the content of this new one.

Now that you know what makes a great webinar image, it's time to start creating your own! But if you think this is not your cup of tea, so you can also outsource it from some of the best graphic design firms.

Benefits of using webinar images

Webinar images are a great way to engage your audience

Images can help break up the content of your presentation, making it easier for your audience to follow along. Additionally, images can be used to reinforce the points that you are making.  For example, if your presentation is about the benefits of using a particular product or service, then including images that depict people's satisfaction with this offering would be helpful.

Using webinar images can help you stand out from other presenters

Your audience will likely forget some things and remember others. One way to ensure that they retain what you want them  to learn is to use images that are related to your presentation and provide a clear message. For example, if you want people to remember how they can benefit from using your product or services, then including an image of the CEO with happy customers would be useful.

Content marketing SaaS company ClickFlow does a good job of creating webinar images that are shareable as video thumbnails.

They have a consistent format for thumbnails across all webinar recordings on their company’s YouTube channel—with an enticing headline, guest expert’s headshot, and company logo on the bottom left. Consider creating a similar format to follow for your own webinar graphics.

You can also include webinar images for educational purposes

Considering the rise in popularity of online learning platforms and webinars, it's is now more important then ever to keep the audience engaged. And that is another important role that similar images can play for educational purposes. 

As previously mentioned, some online tools allow you to create visuals with text and graphs or create logo designs yourself. This can be a great way to provide additional information that is not able to fit into the limited amount of space on a slide. Additionally, including images in your presentation can help people better understand complex ideas or processes. 

When used correctly, webinar images can be an extremely valuable part of your presentation.

Good practices for creating a webinar image

Create an image that is relevant to the topic of your webinar, and make sure it relates back to the title of your presentation.

Include images that will help to reinforce the points you are making. Make sure your images are of high quality and look professional. If you are using online tools to create custom visuals, be sure to test them out ahead of time to make sure they look how you want them to. Also, save any photos or illustrations that  you find online as a PowerPoint-friendly file, especially if you are going to use them in your presentation.

Do not include images that will distract from the content of your webinar or otherwise take away from what you have to say.

Webinars can be overwhelming for everyone involved, so including images is one way for presenters and  attendees to take a break from all of the information. Adding annotations to your images to highlight a feature or add a joke can help boost engagement. Images can also be used as a way to lighten up the mood or add humor to your presentation.

When creating webinar images, it is important to keep in mind how they will be used and what kind of impression you want them to make!

Also, keep your slides simple and easy to follow by using one or two main images per slide. Try not to overload your slides with too much text or information.

Make sure that any text on the slide is large enough for people who may not be able to see well (people with low vision). Keep background colors simple and easy on the eyes - avoid bright colors like yellow or red which can cause eyestrain if viewed for too long.

Including images in your webinar can be a great way to engage your audience, help them remember what you said, and make your presentation more memorable. By following the tips above, you can create visuals that are both effective and visually appealing!


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