Why should you use live polling during your webinars

Did you know that you can make your webinars even more effective by using live polling?

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by Ola Czmut
last updated 03.12.2021

Some entrepreneurs don’t like webinars because, according to them, they are a tedious and time-consuming form of meeting with recipients. But who said webinars have to be boring? Many software comes with dozens of features that can be used to make an online meeting attractive and can engage your audience. Live polling is one of them.

Have you ever noticed how this research can help you during a webinar? Or have you ever wondered why it’s necessary? Or what benefits could you gain if you include this feature in your webinar? If not, read the article below, in which we will introduce you to the essence of the live polls. Let's get into it!

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What exactly is live polling?

Real-time polling has changed its meaning. In the old days, we mainly meant surveying respondents on a piece of paper. Now, on the other hand, we are talking more about conducting a poll during an online meeting among online guests.

This feature is one of the many available on webinar platforms that involves conducting a real-time online poll. It can have many variants and additional functions so that the meeting host can receive very detailed results. Not all live polls are the same - their appearance and characteristics depend on the platform you are using.

Of course, live polling differs from a regular poll in that it's performed live, for example, during webinars. Therefore, this type of research is only intended for live meetings, especially on the internet. The webinar host makes live elections available to the audience at the right moment with a single button. This is possible because it was created earlier and is now being made available to the public.

Is live polling essential?

You may be wondering if such a solution is necessary. Well, no one is forcing you to use them. Like everyone else, you certainly have the favorite tools and functions that you use the most. Others just don't convince you, you haven't used them yet, or you just don't like them.

But our today's task is to tell you live polling is something worth using and experiencing with an audience. Creating new polls is possible to do in a few seconds. When you know what results you want to achieve from the research, creating questions is quick and easy. You can also see the results in real-time as your audience vote on any web-enabled device. See? It's simple. 

Also, you can increase viewer engagement during your virtual performances by opening such a solution directly in your event. With polls (especially that live), you simply make your attendees part of your online sessions, and, what's important, you do it without spending valuable time creating more complicated research, as you get similar results by choosing live polls. 

Benefits of live polling

So here, we will finally introduce to you the benefits of using live polls in online meetings. We've said something about it already, but now it's high time to tell more about all the great things you get if you implement such a solution to your webinar.

#1 It gives you quick responses

By using this feature, you can, for example, discover your audience’s opinions, preferences, and knowledge. Of course, there’re different live polls, but whenever people vote on predefined options, you can quickly see the prevailing answer. So, you don't need to look for various tools when you want to collect the audience’s responses promptly. You just have live polls built in your webinar software.

No matter how complex the questions are or how numerous options your live poll has, responses from your audience will appear in real-time. What's more, you don't have to wait for every answer to see results - you see them constantly when there're coming. As you know, it’s crucial to make it easy for attendees to share their thoughts.

#2 It makes sessions more engaging 

Open live polls in your virtual event to increase viewer engagement. Why? Because such a solution allows your presenters to ask questions of the audience during their presentation and whole meeting. Consequently, the webinar will be more engaging and provide more value to the audience. 

As part of the Q&A portion of the presentation, your live poll can also be used to determine which issues are essential to the audience. When you connect this feature with Q&A, you will find the most effective way to increase investment and make a presentation dynamic and memorable. You can also feel free to create multiple choice questions with any answers you want to get the audience more intrigued. 

A live poll that is available both for computers and mobiles can help you extend the power of webinars not just by boosting enthusiasm but by getting a greater number of responses as well. In addition, the live polls can create for your business a continuous interactive loop between your presenter and participants that will automatically boost engagement. 

#3 Encourages participation throughout your event

Not everyone likes to speak up in public. In the case of webinars, the number of willing speakers is more prominent, but still, some people are reluctant to speak. And this is where live polling also works, as it can enhance the overall event experience. In this way, using the software for polls helps support those who might have a fear of stepping up to the microphone during an event. 

The more opportunities you provide for attendees to interact, the more value they receive. Keep in mind that your every audience is diverse. For this reason, think about solutions that are good for each side.

#4 It makes a presentation more attractive

Which presentation do you think is more attractive to the audience - the one that the speaker reads all the time, to one word, or the one that includes additional elements such as research, questions, live polls, graphics, and charts? This question was rhetorical, wasn't it?

It is essential to reward the audience for coming in and taking their time for your webinar. So start with an attractive presentation. Let it be coherent, nice, orderly, but more importantly, contain exciting elements that allow the audience to participate in the online lecture. This will encourage them to stay through the entire meeting.

#5 Provides valuable feedback

It also can capture feedback. Your event has better results with such a poll, whether at the end of each session or during a session. For example, polls at the end of the meeting can provide you with immediate feedback and allow you to react to the audience's ratings through direct communication with session attendees. On the other hand, a live poll during the session answers specific topics straight away.

Do you want to collect the feedback you need? Then, this feature can help you to get the answers you need. Also, such polls let you visualize the answers you get, so you can present live results all in one place from wherever you work.

If you're still wondering if live polling is worth using, just try to create it. Seamlessly engage audiences across hybrid workspaces and webinars through such a solution. ;)

Live polling & LiveWebinar

With LiveWebinar, you can create webinars, online meetings and customize them like you want them to. The same goes for live polling - our platform allows you to conduct real-time webinar polls so that users can provide answers immediately. But LiveWebinar is something more, as you can collaborate with it from anywhere. Additionally, both the browser and the operating system can't limit your work because it's the only webinar software that runs on so many platforms.

If you ever need additional support, LiveWebinar will always provide it to you, as our team is here to be up to your challenges. This webinar software includes many features that will help develop your online meetings and take them to the next level. Moreover, LiveWebinar can offer you not only live polling but also live streaming, HD recorder, whiteboard, marketing automation, various formats, statistics and reports, and full customization as well.

Use live polls to improve your next presentation

If you thought that live polling didn't deserve much attention at the beginning, we hope you changed your mind thanks to this article. Now, when you know the benefits of using such features in your webinar, you can implement this new knowledge to improve your online meetings.

Show your audience you take care of them, and you want to provide them with valuable content and exciting meetings. With live polls, your presentations will look much better. Not only your audience will notice the difference, but you either!

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