Webinar flyer: how to design it?

Learn the key features of a good webinar banner and why you should use them in your next webinar promotion campaign.

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last updated 10.01.2022

It is not always easy to create a webinar, especially when just starting your adventure with them. So many people spend hours searching for the right software, collecting data, and making the perfect presentation. Now that you've finally found the ideal videoconferencing platform, come up with an intriguing webinar title, prepare your presentation, and are ready to begin your online event, you're ready to start your webinar. Great, but what about the audience?

The webinar cannot occur without an audience on the other side of the screen. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether a webinar is paid or free, it needs to be promoted, and people need to be encouraged to sign up. Thus, today we will discuss webinar flyers that you can use to promote your webinar.

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Why is a webinar flyer excellent for webinar promotion?

While many people say flyers are ineffective, we still see this form of advertising very often, for example, on social media. But is it true that flyers are useless? After all, if that were the case, rarely would any company choose this way of informing customers about its webinars.

If you are not a designer or simply don't have the time to create complex promotional materials, a webinar flyer can be helpful. It is relatively quick to build as it does not contain many elements. And that's what it's all about! The webinar flyer aims to inform the webinar event without unnecessarily describing what is in it. What matters is the title of the webinar, time, place, and a few other elements, which we will talk about in a moment.

A webinar flyer is a graphic design that is often the first information about a webinar. It also redirects to your website or Facebook event, which means a place where more details about the event are available.

Many tools help create such promotions by providing templates, so then the construction of the flyer is rapid. Just adjust the elements, fill in the title, add photos, change colors if necessary, fill in the appropriate sections, and it's ready!

What should a webinar flyer contain?

#1 The title of the webinar

Titles should be short and to the point. This should refer to a promise to ensure that the target group gets what they want, be it a way to solve a problem, great training, or providing excellent content. 

The title is intended to be the reason why the audience will sign up for your event, so when designing your flyer, consider that it should be relevant and not confuse your audience about the topic of your webinar. So if it is poorly constructed, the audience won't be happy.

#2 Details about the webinar

Despite the fact that the webinar flyer should not contain a lot of information, details such as the date, time, duration, and a number of attendees should be included.

What is the significance of this data? First, all interested parties will be able to know if they can participate, if the time is convenient, or if they should hurry to register, as there are a limited number of spaces available. As a result, the viewership rate may increase.

#3 Benefits obtained

For many entrepreneurs, a correct webinar flyer lists the benefits of using a webinar. Admit that such information is very encouraging to the potential recipient.

Seeing the webinar flyer, the client wonders why he should take advantage of this offer. Unfortunately, we live in a time of very high competition, so remember that a good webinar flyer will not work without a promise. Customers do not pay attention to a bulleted list of products. In fact, customers are looking for solutions to their problems. If you tell about them, your sales may soar.

#4 CTA

What would a good webinar flyer be without a call to action? One sentence is enough to encourage somebody to register for the event. Surely, you have seen a webinar flyer with a sentence containing the CTA more than once. Such a procedure does not cost much effort and can generate more interest. Therefore, briefly, to the point and with the message, invite recipients to register.

#5 Registration button

There must be a button to sign up for an online meeting on the webinar flyer. This certainly draws recipients' attention to the possibility of quick registration without looking for other possible methods. Moreover, you can gain more interest and enthusiasm about your webinar flyer with such a quick procedure!

Design is valid

Do you know the strength of a properly selected design, colors, and even the typeface of letters? Do you realize that such a small thing in principle can affect how customers perceive your company and what impression it will make on them? Incorporating every detail, meticulously planned, and preceded by thorough market research, visual identification will enhance your company's image and generate customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

The modern and compatible with other materials design of the elements in the webinar leaflet, which are associated with the brand, is a way to distinguish it in the ocean of competition and increase recognition.

The appearance of the webinar flyer builds the image of the entire company from the very beginning. An excellent graphic design also increases the credibility and value of the company and allows it to stand out. Therefore, you should not underestimate the influence of design on customers’ perceptions, and you should not always use a white background.

Where can you share it?

#1 E-mail

Webinar flyers are great tools for generating new leads, but that doesn't mean you can't create them for your actual subscribers. For example, a series of webinar flyers sent out via email can be an excellent way to reconnect with followers who have shown interest in your business at some point and filled out a contact form. They took the first step. Now it's your turn to share valuable, helpful information to reconnect with them.

Another good practice in promoting webinars through flyers is to send reminders to people who have already registered for your webinar. Use webinar flyers as a visual element of your virtual invitations and reminders. You can easily insert them into the body of your message or attach them as an image.

#2 Social media

Promoting your webinar on social media is a must. Your fans and followers are people who are interested in what you have to offer, so it is worth focusing your marketing efforts on them. It doesn't matter if you don't already have a large online audience for lead generation. You want quality, not quantity.

Share webinar flyers on social media that will be great posts and promote any professional seminar attractively. Additionally, a discussion about the webinar can be started in the comments so that you can respond almost immediately. In this way, people who react or leave a comment will increase the number of views of your webinar flyer from their social media circle.

#3 Your website

It is known that your website is your most crucial marketing tool, and still, many people forget to update their website and post webinar flyers there. Consider adding a webinar promotion to your homepage if you have a new webinar coming up. It is much easier than you may think and it can definitely help you attract a great deal of qualified traffic.

Be sure to make the webinar flyer clickable on your website so that interested parties can access the registration page or go to a place where they can find out more information.

#4 Webinar

If you're hosting a webinar and have another online meeting scheduled, you can mention it now! It's a simple matter to use the webinar flyer during or at the end of your presentation to convey information about your upcoming event. What's more, you will be able to immediately introduce the public to the details and start signing up.

You can also encourage your audience to register by giving a discount or providing other benefits to those who decide to participate now.

#5 Paid ads for webinars

If you're ready to invest some money in webinar promotion, paid ads can get you results faster than organic posts. Use advertising on social media and external websites, thematically related to the webinar. Then, your webinar ads will be visible to people interested in the topics you share, and you create a greater chance to click on the webinar flyer and register for the online seminar.

First on your list of things to do when creating effective ads is grab your audience's attention. With thousands of content options floating around the Internet, it may seem impossible, which is why it is so crucial to reach the right audience with your ads rather than the entire community.

To sum up

In addition to offering many benefits, webinar flyers are not complicated and don't take much time to create. Nevertheless, when you put your effort into promoting webinars in this way, you will build brand recognition and increase your marketing efforts' attractiveness. What’s more, you will develop a list of loyal audiences who are enthused not only about your webinar but also can't wait to see new webinar flyers.

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