The Future of Remote Work After COVID-19 - Our Predictions

COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the way that businesses function, and thanks to it remote work is slowly becoming the norm (and a necessity). As most companies contemplate the switch to remote work, we're contemplating the future of remote jobs. Read on to learn more!

We’re living in unprecedented times. The outbreak of COVID-19 has effectively altered the landscape to which we have grown so accustomed. As jobs and careers face challenging new obstacles, both employees and employers alike have to start thinking about new ways to perform our daily responsibilities.

It is vitally important to the success of any business that they are able to continue communicating with their staff. Without effective, reliable communication, no business can succeed. It is now the duty of management and team leaders to develop an action plan to establish new communication systems that work during these constantly changing times.

The future of businesses depends on this if they want to continue to thrive. Thankfully, this isn’t out of reach. The world may have had to suddenly change the way it conducts itself, but that doesn’t mean this change has to be boring.

With, you can get a head-start in taking your business into the future of the workforce. This powerful system is designed from the ground up to connect you with your team. And during these trying times, that connection is needed now more than ever.

Let’s talk about some of the ways COVID-19 has impacted jobs, and workplaces are going to adapt to this new baseline of communication and connectivity.

What will remote work look like for employees?

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that the outbreak has crippled employment for everyone. But after doing some research, it’s been shown that an astounding 56% of the workforce in the United States alone has a job that can be performed from home.

That statistic by itself confirms one thing for certain, remote work is here to stay. Big tech companies like Facebook already set this trend in motion by telling staff to simply continue working remotely for the rest of the year or even permanently. Google also began rotating which employees work on-site to ensure their facilities remain at or under 10% of their capacity. Twitter took these initiatives a step further by allowing just about any of their employees to work from home permanently.


As more businesses urge their employees to work from home, the need for reliable communication is at an all-time high. While it appears at least some time will be spent in the office, it will likely be balanced out by working from home.

Speaking of employees, the hiring process is also going to be dramatically different going forward. How will this affect your business, and what steps can you take to stay ahead of the curve? Let’s look a little deeper to see what’s in store.

What will hiring remote employees look like for employers?

 It’s safe to assume that hiring will never be quite the same as it once was - even designers, and other technologically advanced roles, need to work on more than their resume in order to get ahead. But as more people get accustomed to video conferencing, the hiring process will no doubt adapt to this new progression. For this transition to succeed, HR will need to take a leading role in navigating the implications of hiring employees remotely. They’ll need to quickly adapt to the changing organizational and business requirements that come with remote employees. However, before tasking your HR department with this huge project, you need to determine if the way your HR department is currently set up provides them with enough influence in these areas of your organization. With these processes in mind, your organization can both recover and thrive over the next decade as you become accustomed to remote work.

First of all, virtual classrooms will have to be established in order to meet the demand of bringing people on board in a professional and timely manner. This process of setting up virtual classrooms for onboarding new employees can also translate to the interviewing process. It also brings a range of competitive advantages to your business such as removing the need for candidates having to travel and giving you access to talent throughout the world. Instead of only being able to draw talent from your local region, you can search for talent throughout your entire country or even the globe without forcing them to uproot their lives. You can further advance this process by using an employee onboarding software that keeps everything in one place. This leaves you with a stronger, happier team.


How will remote work affect employers/companies?

As we’ve already learned, communication is key if you want your company to prosper. It is therefore critical that you establish a working formula that not only encourages regular communication but excels at it as well.

Sadly, there are many companies that will fall behind as a consequence of COVID-19. Many have been forced to close already, and others will likely follow suit. In fact, according to the research specialists at Gartner, nearly three-quarters of CFOs expect to permanently transition at least some of their on-site employees to remote work setups in the aftermath of COVID-19.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Communication is easier than you might think. And thankfully, we are surrounded by technological marvels that make it all possible. But you need a platform you can trust. One that will give you the resources you need to stay connected. LiveWebinar is designed to meet those demands and more. Instead of worrying about how your business is going to survive, use LiveWebinar as the steppingstone into a bold, new direction.

This could very well be the beginning of something truly wonderful for you and your company. Take advantage of these changing times by letting us assist you in becoming a new leader in remote work through open communications. Transitioning away from on-site employees to remote employees simply makes sense. It provides you with a larger pool of talent, cuts down on your infrastructure costs, and keeps your team safe and happy.

How can real-time communication platforms be of help with the adjustment to remote work?

Those who are new to working from home may find it difficult to adjust. By implementing live, real-time communications with your team, you can help them get better acclimated to this new direction.

Your support, whether in person or online, will give your valued employees the confidence they need to excel in their workspace. It’s important to establish a new communications relationship with them. But you need to ensure that it’s one you can trust to keep the lines of communication open between you and your employees.


With our Enterprise package, you can create a fully-customizable platform for your team. Best of all, you can build it under your own domain. This will help to create a sense of ownership that your employees will gravitate toward and trust. You decide how the content appears to your team. LiveWebinar gives you over 1,500 different colors, logos, functions, and more. Your webinar is your canvas. We provide the tools to create what you want for your business.

LiveWebinar provides you with a system that facilitates seamless and open communication. From interviewing candidates and onboarding new employees to full-scale team collaboration, LiveWebinar can help your business succeed throughout COVID-19 and beyond. You’ll have access to expert tools and resources that will streamline the new approach to remote work from here on out.

In terms of security, LiveWebinar is a platform which is secure, reliable and proven in action. The platform protects all data and communications with the help of multiple layers of encryption and is fully GDPR and Privacy Shield certified. We’ll also walk you through the entire process of setting up LiveWebinar for your business to ensure you’re getting the most out of your package.

For better or worse, it appears that working remotely is here to stay. There’s even a good likelihood that as we get more comfortable with this new format, it will become the new norm. Therefore, it makes sense to get on board now with a reliable system that can take you into the future and beyond. That system is LiveWebinar.

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