The Best Q2 Webinars - LiveWebinar Virtual Events Recap

LiveWebinar allows you to run all sorts of virtual events and webinars from A to Z. Whether it's about generating leads, teaching online, hosting workshops, or anything in between, LiveWebinar has been there and done that. See for yourself what we've been up to!

Last year was all about webinars. Some organizations started to run their virtual events early at the beginning of 2020, while others decided to switch to digital a bit later. Now we're in the middle of 2021, and it's becoming more evident than ever that people love how accessible online meetings are and that webinars are here to stay.

This is terrific information for us, as our LiveWebinar crew has enthusiasm not only for talking about webinar software but also using its power to share knowledge with others! If 2020 was for starting online events, 2021 is for polishing them. We have already held a few webinars that we're proud of and we've chosen our top five, which you can get to know below!

Education and creating bonds - our Q2 in a nutshell

What you (hopefully) already know about LiveWebinar is that it's a platform that allows you to create and run online meetings and events from A to Z. But it's not just a product, it's the people behind it - and they're all crazy about webinars!


Focus on knowledge sharing

That's why one of our team's goals for 2021 was to run more virtual events and have fun without the software system and its daily users. Even though the start of the pandemic is behind us and many companies have now already tried using webinars, there are still questions to be answered and tactics to be enhanced.

Probably no one knows LiveWebinar by heart like our team does, so our top priority has become to exchange our experiences and knowledge with anyone who is interested in more efficient webinar marketing and lead generation. 


All hands on deck - or who can you meet on our webinars?

We believe that proficient knowledge is invaluable, and a few precise tips can save you hours on looking for the right solutions. So firstly, we've identified the major problems that our users can have, gathered them all and decided to build the whole event around them. To make it as valuable as possible, we asked our sales and marketing experts to host these webinars.


Who could you meet during our virtual events?

From the sales sector, you could meet Matt Lee (international market) and Filip Rau (focused on the Polish audience).

From the marketing sector: our digital marketing specialist Maciej Biegajewski created events for global participants and helped with lead generation.


Now you know our speakers, let's jump right into a short retrospective of the best Q2 LiveWebinar events.


How to Teach Live Classes and Sell More Courses? LearnWorlds Collaboration

Do you ask yourself how you could benefit from creating online courses? And how to build a successful online business using webinars? Then this event is perfect for you.

The big entrance and our biggest event, "The Power of the Webinar - How to Teach Live Classes and Sell More Courses", was created together with LearnWorlds. If you are now hearing about them for the first time, then it's an all-in-one platform to create, sell, and market your online courses and provide online training. We had the common goal to show how collaboration technology can shorten the distance between people and provide them with valuable knowledge no matter where they live.


Q2 Rundown


Two experts hosted the event:

  • Matthew Lee - National Sales Director at LiveWebinar, who has worked in the webinar industry for over 20 years.
  • Panos Siozos - co-founder and CEO of LearnWorlds.

What exactly did they focus on? Keep reading to find out.


LiveWebinar & LearnWorlds on the benefits of e-learning

As shown in the graphic below, the global e-learning market is growing. We've changed the way we work, communicate, socialize, and learn. As a result, increasing numbers of courses and classes are moving online, creating a significant opportunity for educational institutions.

Q2 Recap


These presentations focused on the actions we can undertake right away to benefit from such circumstances. Our speakers have shown ways of lead generation and driving sales with webinars - for example, by basing them on the AIDA model.

Q2 Recap



Our virtual event in numbers

During the 90-minute event, you will hear two insightful presentations followed by a Q&A session.

Over 215 participants attended from across the globe, including Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, Finland, the United States, Poland, and France!


By conducting a real-time survey during the event, we found out that:

  • 20% of the surveyed said webinars make you look more professional.
  • 30% of those asked stated that you reach more leads with webinars.
  • 18% of people answered that webinars allow you to extend your brand, and 17% said they help you scale marketing efforts.
  • The remaining attendees stated that you could reach targeted accounts with webinars.


Do you miss missing an event?

Don't worry if you missed the webinar - we recorded it for you! You can still (re)watch our event here 👇. You will see all about the benefits of LiveWebinar and the LMS platform integrations in action.

Plus, you can read the full story about this virtual event in this article.


Warsztatownia - or how to run online workshops effectively?

Another event was dedicated to our Polish-speaking audience. Again, we played the role of the technology provider with our LiveWebinar software. This event was one of the biggest conferences that gathered principal practitioners and companies from the Polish education sector.

Q2 Recap



Collaboration-First Approach

"Warsztatownia" means more-less a "location where workshops take place", and its name shows precisely the idea behind it. The main goal is to focus on collaboration with participants rather than on the lecture part of an event.

Our Head of Sales, Filip Rau, answered questions and advised the particular expert slot in this spirit. Then, he showed how to build a business model based on online education. Such a solution can help businesses avoid crises like the Covid-19 pandemic, which froze the stationary companies' market.


How to create a perfect sales funnel? Matt’s expert webinar

You've already met Matt during the LearnWorlds virtual event. This time, he ran a webinar by himself to focus on one of the vital elements of the creation of any sales funnel.

Our goal was to show hands-on methods of making money from webinars. Matt focused on actionable tips that you can implement right away for lead generation thanks to adjusting your actions to the sales funnel.


Communication transformation in pandemic times - how to adapt and make the most of it?

Another example of content focused on the Polish market (but with English subtitles). Our Head of Sales participated in the MCTT (Marketing, Communication, Collaboration, Trends) conference to discuss how the pandemic has transformed our communication habits.


New communication habits = new possibilities 

The start of the presentation related to studies that examined what changes were implemented during the pandemic and future predictions, according to which:

Companies lose up to $600 billion per year due to employees' dissipation in the workplace.

Remote employees tend to be 35% to 40% more productive than those who work in the office.

Q2 Recap

source: Filip’s presentation


A webinar platform - your secret weapon and communication center for remote teams

For remote teams, webinar platforms can work wonders and become their "communication hubs" where they can:

  • make appointments immediately

  • run group discussions whenever they need to

  • create permanent rooms to meet with their teams

  • run brainstorming sessions and more.


Besides, you can help your company achieve various goals by using webinars, including:

  • events (business expos, conferences, etc.)

  • customer support

  • education (e-learning, online courses, and workshops)

  • HR (smoother recruitment)

  • sales (product presentations, meetings)

  • and obviously, marketing (lead generation webinars, live recorded demos, evergreen videos).


You can watch it here with English subtitles to learn more!


LiveWebinar Highway to Leads  - about the conversion boost 

Last but not least, the most recent virtual event that we ran - hosted by our marketing expert, Maciej Biegajewski. Who doesn't dream about the quick acquisition of prospering leads? This webinar was dedicated to all the visionaries who want to make their dreams come true.


A series of webinars in two languages

We find this topic remarkably important - after all, lead generation and conversion enable companies to make money. To reach a wider audience, we ran this event two times, once each for both Polish- and English-speaking audiences.

You already know Matt, who prepared a presentation in English.

Q2 Recap

Website Presenter in action

During the webinar, Maciej shared his knowledge about methods of lead generation. However, most importantly, he showed how one of our new features is currently still under development. Website Presenter is a game-changing option that allows real-time collaboration between remote teams, allowing them to edit documents in cloud-based systems like Google Docs or the virtual version of MS Office.

Ladies and gentlemen - let us introduce you to the Website Presenter! Besides the integrations mentioned above, it also works with WordWall. You could see this in real-time during the event.

Q2 Recap

We’re not done - stay tuned for Q3!

Those events were just the beginning of our webinar journey! We have heads full of ideas that we want to share with you, as well as to show how you can use the features of LiveWebinar in action.

Follow LiveWebinar on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to be notified about our upcoming events. Also, stay tuned for more webinars - they're under development already 😉.

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