How to use webinars for marketing? Non-standard ideas.

The world of marketing has evolved and with it, so have the tools. One of these is webinars- a great way to reach out to customers while simultaneously showcasing your expertise.

Have you tried webinars to promote your business but are not sure how to make them effective? You're in the right place. Webinars have become a great way for businesses and individuals to reach out, connect with others, share ideas and information, and sell products. But that doesn't mean they can't be used as part of a marketing strategy. In this post I'll show you some creative ways you can use webinar presentations for your marketing efforts.

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Marketing is an integral part of any business, as it helps to create awareness and strengthen relationships with current customers. A webinar by a marketing expert will help you expand your knowledge in this area while also letting potential clients know that the company values their opinion.

Webinars offer businesses powerful opportunities make connections with new audiences

2.grow existing ones through interactive dialogue designed around topics relevant across industries and organizational needs

3.they provide a convenient platform for you to connect with potential clients without having them come into your office or meeting space, saving both time on their end as well as yours

4.they help you better understand your audience and make it easier to learn about their needs can convert website traffic in new customers by creating a lead magnet (like our free templates) via webinars that teach people about what it is that you do best

Webinar marketing is a big trend with every industry, including your own. Take the time to learn all about it and you will be able to promote yourself in new ways that have never been seen before!

Arusik Ghambaryan, SEO Expert, ViralMango


Webinars represent a great opportunity for co-marketing. So we at Reply are regularly joining forces with our partners to deliver 2X value to our audience. Just make sure to team up with the companies that have proven expertise in a field relevant to your target audience.

For example, we’ve had an event with Vidyard on video personalization, with Hyperise - on image personalization, with CloudTalk - on cold calling, and have several more events with other companies planned over the next couple of months.

To provide even more value to your audience and get another chance to convert them into customers down the road, we recommend creating a downloadable PDF with additional insights on the subject. You can use it as an extra engagement touchpoint to follow up with the prospects (after you’ve sent the deck and webinar recording).

Rimma Sytnik, senior digital marketing manager,


Webinar marketing is a growing trend that you should definitely consider incorporating into your marketing mix. But one of the best things about organizing webinars for your marketing efforts is that the benefits can seep into other areas besides marketing.Here are just a few of the ways webinars can help your business thrive:

#1. Lead generation and understanding conversion barriers better
Use the opportunity of live connection with your potential customer pool to engage with them and understand better what is preventing them from signing on or purchasing your product.

#2. Product development
Your product team can also benefit from the insights your webinars could bring. If you can encourage your audience to candidly discuss product-related pain points or even to honestly say what they like about your competition’s product, that’s a gold mine of information you can then use.

#3. Branding and PR
Webinars can also help with spreading the word about your brand identity and score some free PR. The trick is to alternate the topics with more potential for sales and conversion with a more general webinar topic from time to time, where your immediate interest is not directly involved. By providing the wider community with valuable information for them, you can attract new faces and get known outside your usual networks.

Adeel, SEO specialist at HostPapa, a world-leading WordPress hosting company


First, invite the right people - carefully vet them to ensure they’re both decision makers and ideal buyers.

Secondly, offer them an incentive to attend. The incentive you offer is dependent on your product - but usually something like a $25-50 Amazon voucher works well. Only give the incentive at the end of the webinar.

Thirdly, keep your webinar below 20 minutes. Chances are your customers are busy and don’t have an hour to invest in your webinar. The low-commitment will boost your attendance rates.

Fourth, remind attendants at several time points before the webinar is due to start. Again this will massively boost your attendance rates.

Finally, don’t push the sale too early. The goal of your webinar should be to encourage prospects to book a meeting with your team for a more in-depth and tailored run-through of your product.

Ruth Even Haim, Co-Founder, ReConvert


Webinars are excellent marketing tools. You can use them to build a community and increase brand awareness. A good way to include webinars in your marketing strategy is to align it with your content marketing campaign.

However, it’s important that the topics for webinars should always provide value for your audience. A webinar that focuses on marketing a product and service can backfire on you and make your brand seem salesy. Not to mention, no one wants to spend an hour listening to a commercial.

So, if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness and reach your audience, consider holding a webinar and try to cater to their pain points. You can also use webinars as a way to connect with your consumers and find out what they want to see more of and what you can do to improve your business.

Ebnu Sudarso, Co-Founder of Milkwhale


Hosting webinars is a great way to increase your brand awareness and lead generation. However, with the number of webinars increasing everyday, the challenge is how to standout in the crowd. Some of my tips would include -

  1. Address a problem statement in the title
  2. Live upto the trend and keep your title and content relevant to trending topics
  3. Co-host webinars with experts representing brands catering to your audience
  4. Genuinely work on the content of your webinar and make sure the audience take away something useful from the session
  5. Post webinar follow up - send out the webinar recordings to all registrants with an option to sign up for your newsletters

Rangarajan Nallappa, Marketing Lead, Vmaker


Webinars are the best means to reach a wider range of audiences, regardless of where they are.

Try to skip the introduction as quickly as possible and dive into the topic(s). Provide your audience with new information and assess their response in real-time.

Giving your audience the ideal solution or answer to the problem that you’re presenting gives you authority and a leadership position in their minds.

Always accept questions from your audience. Their questions will give you new ideas about how to take your product research, development, and marketing teams ahead.

Webinars are also a great place to collect data related to your product/service. You can easily conduct polls, Q&A sessions, etc. to find more insight about your target demographic for a larger audience.

Vineet Gupta, Digital Marketing Team Lead


Personalized webinars using AI

AI is a powerful technology that can help content marketers personalize webinars for their customers by giving them the edge in the competitive digital media world.

AI can be used to generate personalized webinar transcripts with the best audio transcription services for creating personalized webinar texts, which helps companies create a one-to-one experience with their audience. Using AI, companies can create customized data sets for the specific needs of their customers. There are also tools like Sentiment Analysis, which use AI to analyze past conversations on social media and provide tailored recommendations as well as predictive analytics that can help companies identify customer behavior trends and make use of them in their webinars.

The next step would be to generate AI avatars that run your webinars using personalized webinar scripts.

Max Benz, Founder 


Webinars may be considered to be a great source to prompt marketing. Many businesses rely on free or paid webinars to engage potential customers in the target market. This approach helps to increase brand awareness and let people get familiar with or learn more about your products or services. Accordingly, they will like what you do giving their trust to your valuable services. What else may be better than earning trust and satisfaction in the target market?

People use webinars in different industries. Recently, there is a tendency to conduct free webinars in the e-learning industry. Probably, this is related to the constantly growing rates of the educational sphere, especially in the digital market. The webinar is a powerful tool to prompt marketing as well as business forward.

Vera Mirzoyan, SEO Specialist


One underrated tip to get 10-20% more webinar registrants: incentivize your registrants to share the webinar with their friends.

Most webinars show an "add to calendar" link on the thank-you page, and that's about it. However, you can also add an incentive to refer a colleague, which we've seen boost registrants by 10-20% organically.

Add copy to your thank-you page that's along the lines of: "Want our bonus resource on [related topic] for free? Simply share this webinar with one friend via email and CC [email address], and we'll send it to you." You can make this even easier for registrants with a pre-written email or Tweet.

Zach Grove, GM, ClickFlow,


One of the most powerful ways to use webinars for a marketing strategy is with a lead generation campaign. You can generate more qualified leads by hosting a webinar that gives out free information in exchange for contact details. Webinars work exactly like a live class, but everything you do and say is recorded in video format so that people can watch it at their convenience.

It's a powerful tool to educate people on what your company offers. If they missed the live event, or just want to review the content again, they can do it from their computer. Just make sure they know you care about them by answering their questions, following up on interactions, and showing them values. After all, no one will submit their contact information if they're unsure you'll deliver quality content and follow up.

Andre Oentoro, CEO 


Webinars are one of the effective marketing campaigns. They are a perfect lead builder for a new business. You can introduce your company by inviting people to join your free session. The webinar should talk about the current challenge and how your business is a part of the solution. So, you need to represent your business as an expert rather than a business marketer.

When you share practical knowledge to deal with current problems, you can attract the audience into knowing what you do in your company or what your company does in tackling the situation. Many marketers agree that infusing the knowledge and sharing information with a webinar will greatly improve a brand's exposure. Hence, using a webinar benefits your business when you do it correctly.

Natasha Rei, Digital Marketing Manager at Explainerd


Webinars are all the rage right now because they are great for attracting your target audience and remotely sharing educational content created around promoting your product or service. To effectively use them in your marketing strategy you have to dedicate adequate time and budget on:

- Invest in creating content that is relevant to them and that is built around your offering but that also provides value.

- Partner up with influential experts in your industry or another company in your vertical to strengthen the position of both product or services

- Promote your webinars on social and through email outreach to build up interest and draw in participants

You have to focus on these three key areas if you want to see a positive ROI impact in terms of high rate of audience conversions into new customers.

Igor, Dimovski, Growth Marketer, Sales Rocks 


Webinars for marketing are a great way to reach out to the leads that are highly likely to convert. Not only do you have the qualified leads that show an interest in your brand offering, but you also have a highly refined pool of audiences that you can leverage for bundled offerings and subscriptions.

A recent feature in Forbes mentioned that virtual events like webinars can be used to educate the audiences and offer a guided onboarding.

Below, we share some great ways to leverage webinars for marketing:

  1. Choose the webinar topic smartly, and don't forget to incorporate some keywords in it.
  2. Use your connections for promotions and having a big audience
  3. Offer valuable content - do thorough research and make sure your audience gets the best value for the time it invests in your event
  4. Share the links to the other webinars (conducted previously) that are relevant to your audience.

Joy D'Cruz, Content Marketing Specialist 


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