How to Look Good on Video Chat

Looks can be deceiving – this saying may be true for long-term relationships, but in the world of online meetings – fine feathers really do make fine birds. To be straightforward – even if you’re a genius in your field, a poor appearance may ruin your online meeting. Today we’re giving ideas on how to master your looks and dress up for your online meeting’s success!

How to Look Good on Video Chat

#1 Upgrade your style

A presenter wearing a track suit and an old, stretched out t-shirt won’t gain respect or credibility among participants, no matter how great does he on stage. Dressing properly for your online event is a sign of respect for your audience and shows that you treat seriously your presentation. And by “dressing properly” we mean matching to your meeting’s occasion.

Choose the suit and tie style for more formal, business-like meetings, while a causal, sport look will do for less official events. In the quest for finding your perfect style, as in most cases, balance is the key – you don’t want to look under or overdressed and bring to much attention to your clothes. That’s way going for neutrals is always a good idea – avoid bright, neon colors and super dark or light tones which may interfere with your audio.

Although looks do matter, don’t work yourself into a frenzy of digging through your closet, because it’s much more than clothes that make a man!

#2 Shine a positive light on yourself

How to Look Good on Video Chat

Bring your ideas to light by providing the right illumination for your online meeting. Benefit from opportunities offered by live streaming technologies and make your HD broadcast even more perfect with the right lighting.

Go for natural light if possible, but avoid placing yourself directly in the sunlight – you don’t want to present your audience a shady image. Moreover, avoid sitting behind the source of light to avoid harsh lighting that will underline every wrinkle or imperfection.

Following these basic rules – use multiple light sources and for a spotless image sit in front of a lamp or window to present yourself in the best possible light!

#3 Be naturally friendly

Remember that your online meeting is more than just words and ideas – it’s also about emotions and the presenter’s attitude. Imagine your features are like an open book for your audience so make sure to provide them with a positive message.

Maintain eye-contact with listeners – try looking straight into the camera to keep them interested in your presentation. Although speaking in front of the public may be stressful, try to keep your emotions under control – and by saying this we’re not encouraging you to hide your nerves under a fake smile. Also, a too serious expression won’t make you more reliable – just go with the flow and act as naturally as possible. The compromise between being stone-faced and silliness is… being yourself.

Of course, some of us are gifted with more malleable features, while others “wear” a more static expression – both options are fine, as long as they fit with our characters. Useful tip – a smile is always worth giving a try, as it’s a great courage booster and breaks most communication barriers.

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