Free webinar software: how to pick one?

How to choose your ideal free webinar software? We've gathered quite a few practices for you to follow.

There’s always that one small question that comes to mind when you read about "free software", which is “can it really be free?” Well, not always. So, imagine you start to use a piece of software and at some point you get a request to pay for using it. Wait, it's supposed to be free. Sounds familiar? We know.

That’s why we prepared this article about LiveWebinar, to present a totally free tool for up to 5 attendees! So hold on tight and stay with us to meet a genuine free webinar software solution!

Free webinar software: is it really free, though?

It can be challenging to meet the diverse responsibilities of modern project management without proper tools. Perhaps you are wondering what general factors should be considered when choosing free webinar software? Well, it is essential to choose the right set of features when selecting project management tools. That’s why you need to take a look at:

  • Number of users
  • Workspaces
  • Available features
  • Integrations
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Storage space
  • Support services

If these capabilities are suitable for you then your needs will probably be fulfilled. But you need to pay special attention to the fact there isn’t one perfect tool to manage everything. Each different solution takes a slightly different approach to tracking projects and managing teams, and you might find one more efficient than others. Furthermore, a single best tool doesn’t exist because of the fact that several tasks and responsibilities are involved in project management. 

LiveWebinar has developed and launched a free of charge plan and a paid version, since sometimes free webinar software isn't good enough to manage your workflow. Choosing the right tool will allow all team members to work together better and streamline internal processes. The right tool can help the entire team communicate better and simplify processes, even if the price is higher at first glance.

While free doesn't usually mean the best, LiveWebinar says you can select one of their four packages that best suits your needs. There you can find the Free plan, Basic, Premium, and the Enterprise Plan.  So if you are looking for a more tailored solution but would like everything that LiveWebinar has to offer, perhaps enterprise is the right choice. The platform will be based on LiveWebinar, but customised to meet your needs and requirements. You can choose from the start if you want to pay for a version of this tool or not.

LiveWebinar as a free webinar software solution

The free plan deserves a more comprehensive explanation. Advanced free webinar software is available there for small teams. In addition, users of LiveWebinar have access to different features designed to make their webinars even more appealing and increase the efficiency of their meetings. With these features, webinar hosts can easily engage attendees and develop long-term relationships, while also integrating with external channels and applications. Below are some of the many benefits of using this tool.

The TOP 7 benefits:

  1. Up to five attendees can take part in this plan for no charge.
  2. A maximum of 5 cameras can be used in the room.
  3. A screen sharing option is also available.
  4. Marketing automation is at your disposal.
  5. A 50MB e-disk provides storage space.

As it stands, LiveWebinar offers a free plan with a large number of available tools to enable you to run successful webinars.

Our free webinar software features speak for themselves

Are you looking for more factors that can convince you to use free webinar software from LiveWebinar? Great, because we have them!

HD Quality

Webinars don't have as much appeal if they are lacking in quality. Streaming software should provide high-quality video to ensure that your customers have the best experience. They offer HD recordings and live streaming of webinars, so you can share them on social media or make them available for social reposting.

No installation needed

LiveWebinar doesn't require users to create an account or install anything on their devices to join a webinar. Clicking on the webinar link and entering the room is all they need to do. Additionally, PC users aren't the only ones who can access this service. Your webinar can be viewed on mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, desktop computers, or landline phones. 

A secure platform

LiveWebinar ensures the security and privacy of your data. Data loss prevention is extremely important to us. All data is encrypted and monitored, so there is no risk of data leakage. As a result, a high level of safety is guaranteed. Top cybersecurity companies from all over the world have performed multiple tests on the tool to ensure its safety.


By using integrations, you can eliminate a lot of tedious tasks during the sales process. For example, there is no need to copy and paste emails or manually enter contact information. Instead, create ready-to-use email lists to make the most of segmentation and integrate your own software. What's essential - integrating LiveWebinar with APIs will enable you to transfer the data you need.

Ratings on our free webinar software

Let us further persuade you to choose free webinar software with something else. Here is what customers said about LiveWebinar's features on G2 and Capterra:

  • Views from G2:
    • “Our favourite application was a program called LiveWebinar. I would like to share my experience with this application that most people do not know about”.
    • “I really enjoy the lag-free experience that LiveWebinar provides to its customers. It doesn't require you to download any software, which greatly improves the customer experience and all of my clients enjoy joining me on this platform”.
    • “I've just tried LiveWebinar a few times, and I love to work with this fantastic tool! LiveWebinar is brilliant! It enables you to have faster results. Thanks to files, videos, and survey storage, you can easily use it during your Webinar”.
    • “We did several tests and were impressed with the capabilities”.
    • “I've really tried a lot of solutions for web conferencing, webinars and online courses, and LiveWebinar stands out with so many factors: ease of use, ease of setting up, ease of maintenance and many integrations that make it even better for overall experience”.
  • Opinions from Capterra:
    • "I love how you do not have to download any additional software to use this conferencing software. It helps make it easy for people who are not tech-savvy to join a call right away".
    • "LiveWebinar is an excellent alternative to webinar software like Zoom or Teams as it gives you the necessary flexibility to customise your webinar or meeting in several ways”.
    • “I like that I can upload slides and have it look professional as I go through them and that I can have a Youtube video already in place to play and just have to click over”.
    • “As a person who pays attention to time and money saving practices, I was amazed by the solutions offered by LiveWebinar”.
    • “As a Webinar tool for me, one of the most important features is stability and in my experience using different webinars, SaaS LiveWebinar has been a very stable and useful service”.

As you can see, many people trust LiveWebinar and use it for their daily duties. However, they believe that with the features of this tool, tasks can be made more accessible.

To sum it up

It may seem challenging to find free webinar software that is the perfect match for your business, but it can be easier than you think. To begin, it's essential to state clearly what it will be used for and what tools you will need. So, it is best to choose a free plan due to the many available features and - most importantly - the fact that it doesn not actually cost you anything!

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