Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your Decemberle

Winter is already here. You can already see storefronts and cafes adorned with holiday accessories, as well as neighborhoods reflecting the Christmas spirit. We all will take or already have taken out decorations from their boxes to illuminate our houses and streets with millions of flashing lights.

It’s the right moment to think about presents and hitting the shopping malls...but wait. That’s what we would have done in previous years. This time we have to be more flexible and creative, as many walk-in stores are closed, and other restrictions might influence winter events.

How to save the holiday spirit during the ongoing situation?

If you’re looking for Christmas marketing ideas, present inspiration, or are simply thinking about how to shorten the distance between yourself and your loved ones, then you’re in the right place.

Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your December

How the Grinch didn’t steal Christmas

This year is different to the previous one, and so will be the Holidays. Some of us might stay home for Christmas and “meet” their loved ones via online video conferencing.

Unfortunately, many companies won’t be allowed to let customers into their walk-in stores. As a result, some clients might resign from shopping in person and choose to order goods online instead. But that doesn’t have to mean a drop in your revenue. Adaptation is vital, and we’re going to show you some Christmas marketing ideas for how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Online means proximity

Although some of us might not be able to go home for Holidays as usual, for others this was normal. With globalization, many have decided to move away from their hometowns to other countries or even continents. Traveling to their homeland when ticket prices were skyrocketing used to be an expense not everyone could afford.

Thanks to platforms that enable online meetings, families and friends living worldwide could unite. Due to the recent events, some tools accelerated work on simplifying usage of their webinar systems. Thanks to that, it’s easier to connect even with those who aren’t well versed in using the Internet and online tools.

Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your December

Warm-up and get closer

Online experiences are far different from offline meetings, however they can also be like a fluffy blanket. You can prepare a video conversation in advance to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform of your choice.

Do you have any essential movies that you watch with your close ones every year over and over? You don’t have to resign from this, as some software systems like LiveWebinar provide integration with video streaming platforms. If your favorite film or series is available on YouTube or Vimeo, you can save it in your library. When everybody is ready for the viewing, the only thing you have to do is press play. But what to do if your beloved film isn’t published on those platforms? You can always share your screen with the rest of the participants. Quality time guaranteed.

Christmas marketing ideas in a nutshell

The holiday season is about giving and showing affection to our loved ones. Now, the idea of sharing can be rediscovered thanks to new digital possibilities.

Although we’re used to giving physical gifts, many brands offer great online deals in December that can be equally wonderful. As many consumers tend to spend more money before the Holidays, companies almost fight for their attention. Prices of ads will probably increase, as it happens each year.

To get to your audience with your offer this season, you should focus on a few facets. However, social media marketing isn’t everything! So, what exactly can you do besides working on your paid and organic reach via social media?

Holiday email marketing

It’s never enough to stress how important email marketing is. Sending offers via email is a direct way to interact with your customers and show your offer to them on a plate. If you’re organizing any kind of online event related to the Holidays, email is a wonderful way to invite potential participants personally. Thanks to integrating your email marketing tool with a video platform, you can focus on a Christmas creation instead of managing the whole complicated process.

What exactly can you invite your users to? Look at these webinar propositions and make your (and your audiences’) Holidays unforgettable.

Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your December

Eye-catching videos and webinars that sell

Videos are unquestionably attention grabbers. Research shows that they are more effective than any other type of visual content. People find videos more engaging, as they affect many senses at once. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. You want to be remembered, right?

Videos are more memorable and more popular, so they are a must-have for your company.

Using simple short videos on your social media channels is a considerable tactic, but there’s one more thing you can do. It’s called webinars.

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you could see every angle of a product before purchasing in a digital store? Or be able to check the formula of a cosmetic you’re planning to order online?

Holiday webinar strategy - wrap your content like a gift

That’s what live video presentations are for. If you have ever struggled with such an issue, then don’t let your clients hesitate too. Go one step further and show them your offer during a personal or group meeting. You can choose to schedule an appointment for your sales team and interested customers.

If you don’t have enough clients right now or want to reach a wider audience at once, consider the following scenario.

Suppose you're selling natural cosmetics. You can focus on the needs of your clients and add a Christmas vibe by running an open webinar and streaming it to Facebook or YouTube. To grab users' attention, you don't have to call your scheduled broadcast a "product presentation".

Make a webinar about choosing the best products for each skin type instead. You can show how to combine two or three of them to get the best results, and then suggest to the attendees that they can make a personalized gift set.

Sounds nice? Let’s move on to the next Christmas marketing ideas that can be your Secret Santa this year.

Webinars that rock the Holidays

If you're not an ecommerce store, you can benefit from webinars during the Holiday season as well. Besides videos showing products and being more sales-centered, there's a demand for online courses and workshops that can help attendees leverage their skills (or sometimes just to kill the boredom) too.

No matter what your recipients are driven by, the winter holidays are a perfect opportunity to seize. People have more free time to spare, so convince them to dedicate it to watching your content.

Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your December

Share your knowledge and earn from it

Gaining new skills gives lots of satisfaction. By running an online course and selling paid access to it, you can let those interested in a particular topic participate whenever they want. You can make your product special by upgrading it periodically, like by creating evergreen webinars.

From a buyer’s perspective, this is a useful gift. It’s not just another item to put on the shelf, it’s specific know-how and an experience-builder.

Another Christmas marketing idea is for those who already have some recorded webinar content. If you have a few courses or one with a few versions (e.g. expanded with special materials), you can think about creating unique Holiday deals. You might earn a little less on a single set, but keep in mind that you can sell more than you would for a higher price.

Create memories with online tickets

If you know that someone wants to attend a particular event, you can provide them with a ticket for it. Many exhibitors are moving to digital right now, so this can make a valuable gift.

You can book a place for an upcoming concert, festival, or conference without worrying that it might be canceled at the last minute. Many big events are planned in advance, and it’s possible to buy so-called early bird tickets for a better deal.

Live online workshops

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” sang Bing Crosby. If you want the space around you to reflect the Holiday atmosphere, you might need a little help from the elves. Handmade decorations and gifts need dedication, and thus are far more personal.

As an artist, you can plan online DIY workshops to show how to make Holiday decorations at home. For example, it’s becoming widespread practice amongst florists to show how to braid Christmas wreaths or compose bouquets. To make it a better experience, you can organize registration in advance and send the necessary materials to participants so that everyone can work on the same items.

Even cooks are taking advantage of this opportunity by running online workshops to share their Holiday recipes and teach proper dinner preparation. They make a list of ingredients, provide attendees with it before a webinar, and even send boxes with the essentials.

Only the sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Feel the Holiday spirit - webinar ideas that can save your December

Webinars about time management during Holiday

Although Holiday time should be a calm period, many of us think about deadlines we have to tie up before giving ourselves a little rest. And even when this time comes, we can't relax - there is food to cook, a house to clean, and a tree to decorate after all. Also, the presents won't buy themselves.

If you can nail scheduling and time management, you might be able to rescue those who feel overwhelmed with duties. It wasn’t such an obvious Christmas marketing idea, was it? Mental well-being is invaluable, and people are starting to realize that a work-life balance is key for a successful and happy life. So, you can provide your audience with a checklist containing key points and show how to balance a job with Holiday responsibilities. Tell them tricks for managing their time efficiently to make Christmas preparations hassle-free this year.

Christmas marketing ideas in a nutshell

Ho, ho, ho! As you can see, this first digital-focused Holiday season might be an amazing opportunity for business owners. Although shifting to online was (and still might be) challenging, it opens new possibilities for brands.

If you’re working in a creative field - you’re a teacher or a chef, say - then you can truly take matters into your own hands and make an online event. And if you’re not looking for Christmas marketing ideas but gift inspiration, you can find that too. Just buy a ticket to a unique event and give it to your loved one to provide them with an experience instead of a silly item.

And if you want to give your business a Holiday gift and start boosting it straight away, you should check out our plans. You can try each version for 14 days free of charge, or ask us to create a custom version tailored to your specific needs.

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