10+ technical tips for better webinars

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by Aleksandra Żołnowska
last updated 12.10.2021

Webinars are an effective way to engage with your audience, make profits and build your brand recognition.  They can also be a great substitute for real life events, which are often expensive and time consuming to prepare. 

But simply doing webinars won’t be enough to grant you all of these great benefits. To ensure maximum success, you will have to do some important homework in advance. More specifically, you will have to take care of some things prior to your webinar in order to really make it effective. What are those steps and why are we asking you to do homework?

In this article, we want to share with you over 10 highly practical and technical tips on how to transform your good webinars into excellent ones. And if launching your first webinar is still ahead of you, it’s worth taking a look at this article to see what steps you could potentially take in advance to avoid repeating the mistakes of others. 

If this sounds like something interesting and useful, then relax, grab a cup of coffee and prepare for a great read!

How to nail your next webinar - practical tips 

The tips we’re about to share with you are extremely practical. Some relate to the type of equipment needed to make effective webinars, some can help you with improving your appearance and some will make you pay attention to things you've never considered before. Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Pick reliable webinar software

Number one on our list is picking a reliable webinar software. To be completely honest, everything begins with a good webinar platform. You can have the best camera and microphone in the world, the best webinar agenda and even great presentation skills. Sadly, if you don’t get a good webinar platform, all of this will go to waste. A reliable webinar platform can solve a lot of your issues with webinars, give you access to engaging features and simply take your webinar experience to the next level. Tools like LiveWebinar will do a great job here. And if you’re looking to find out what to pay attention to when you’re on a hunt for the best webinar software out there, this article may interest you. 

Get your microphone and camera ready

Moving on, let’s focus on your equipment. In this digital age, the best way to get your message across is through a webinar. Webinars offer companies the most cost-effective and efficient way to acquire new customers and give employees visibility and exposure in their fields. As you set out to host a webinar, the process of finding the right tools to use can be challenging. These challenges can lead to frustration and low quality content for your audience.To ensure you and your message is reaching the right people, we recommend purchasing a good camera and microphone so your presentation is clear and easily heard. You will not only make a better impression, but your content will also be much more easily accessed later on (in the case of evergreen webinars for example), creating a nice and convenient experience for your viewers. 

Take care of the environment around you

Another, quite significant aspect, is the way your background looks when you’re presenting a webinar. Of course, you want to seem professional, there’s no doubt about that

To allow people to think that you’re a professional at what you do, give them a chance to by showing it! When you have your camera on, make sure the background behind you is nice and neat. Ideally you should aim to present with a plain background behind you - to minimize the probability of your audience getting distracted. We know, however, that it’s not always possible. 

Here, having a rich in features webinar platform can help you, as many of those platforms offer various, virtual background wallpapers for people to use in their webinars if they don’t have the provisions to take care of them themselves. 

Get rid of possible distractions

Moving on, let’s focus on distractions, or, why you shouldn’t focus on them in fact! 

You want to be on your A-game when you present, but sometimes it is tough to keep up. Certain distractions can really lead to a lack of focus on what you are presenting. What possible distractions should you get rid of during your webinar? There are many distracting factors that are present when presenting your webinar. Background noise, people interrupting, your pets asking for attention, your telephone ringing and more. Today's webinar marketers are faced with one of the most difficult tasks ever faced in the webinar industry. With so many different distractions, it can be hard to keep your audience focused and tuned in to what you have to say.

Try to limit those as much as you can. Turn off your phone in advance, put your pets in a separate room, let your housemates know you’re going to need some silence. All these little things matter a lot and will make your webinars much better!

Ensure a stable Internet connection 

Now, this fact surely isn’t rocket science for you. To make webinar work, you need access to the Internet. You wouldn't want to be experiencing a slowdown in performance while you're presenting an important business webinar. It's important that your presentation, and your connection, maintain high levels of reliability during the duration of your webinar. 

Attendees of your webinar need to feel like they can trust what they're seeing and hearing in order to use and buy the products and services you provide in your webinar. Ensuring you have a stable Internet connection is essential for this trust.

Make sure your landing page works

There is nothing worse than running registrations for your webinar and stumbling upon... downtime. To prevent it, or rather to react when it occurs, you should use some Pingdom alternatives such as Better Uptime. 

Close background apps

One should be aware of the key to having a productive webinar is being sure to close out distracting applications. 

When trying to have the attention of your audience, you should be focusing on the content of your webinar rather than having an email browser up in the background. When you’re sharing a screen with your audience, it’ll also make your webinars look much more professional if you don’t have any personal apps open at the same time visible for everyone to see.

 If you’re using a private device to conduct your webinars from, a good idea would also be to hide any potentially alarming/funny/embarrassing/disturbing  (Idk how to name it please help) folders and files on your desktop to avoid looking unprofessional.  

Mute your notifications

Sometimes simply closing an app won’t be enough as you may still receive notifications from it. With the number of notifications now coming through, you need to be selective about what alerts you want your attendees to see, and those that you don't. Muting notifications before a webinar ensures no-one is distracted from the main event.

It's also hard to focus on your webinar presentation when your notifications are constantly distracting you. You can prevent this by turning off notifications before you start the webinar. This way, you're free to give your best presentation without any interruptions!

Prepare all your materials in advance 

Moving on, let’s focus on the content of your webinar for  a moment now. If you are about to conduct a webinar, it can be beneficial to prepare all materials in advance to ensure the best experience for your audience. 

Making sure everything is prepared in advance, from graphics to questions, can help ensure that you have enough time to answer questions and provide the best customer service possible. 

One major benefit of preparing all materials in advance before your webinar is that you can save time throughout the event. Preparation also ensures that you are not forgetting any important points. Before your next webinar, try to prepare all materials at once so you don't need to spend extra time during the event planning. It also includes preparing your landing page, website and platforms (if any) for intensive activities. Make sure your website and platform undergo end-to-end testing to make your webinar successful and profitable for conversions. 

Test your webinar slides before

Another important aspect that you shouldn’t forget about is the matter of good practice! You prepared your materials in advance, great! To provide an outstanding webinar, you shouldn’t forget about testing your content, for example, webinar slides, before you present them in front of your audience!

While it's true that not every slide will go according to plan during your webinar, it's also wise to make sure you've practiced. Schedule a day or two to rehearse your talk and test your slides ahead of time. You'll never know what will happen during your webinar, but with practice, you'll be ready. 

The worst thing is when you're on your webinar and you don't know how to proceed because you didn't test your slides.

Make sure your device has enough battery

Some webinars can be a couple hours long. If you don't have a phone or power cord handy, it may be difficult to stay connected for the entire session. Even if your phone is plugged into a wall charger, you'll still have to take many breaks from the webinar as the battery runs out. Make sure to bring an extra cable or portable power pack to keep your webinar powered! Remember that frequent power outages during a webinar can be an inconvenience for presenters and attendees. This quick tip will help you plan accordingly to ensure your presentation is uninterrupted.

Pay attention to your appearance 

You've planned, designed, and delivered your webinar. The last thing you want is for you to come across unprofessional with unkempt hair and tacky clothes. What should you do in order to look your best on your webinar? There are many factors that contribute to the appearance you present in a webinar, but few of them are more important than your hair and clothes.

You want your attendees to feel important. We know it may sound a bit silly, but when you look good and you feel good, you’re going to feel like you’re “the man” or “the woman” and that radiates out into how you speak and perform on camera.

Good appearance might help you increase sales, leads, and attendance. You are the face of your company. Your audience is probably more interested in what you have to say about your product or service than how you look. But they are also people—with eyes. They will notice if you are wearing the same outfit day after day, looking disheveled, or even if your clothes don’t fit properly.

Therefore, do pay attention to both your looks and the way you speak and present during your webinars. 

Make promoting your webinar easy

Finally, our last tip is to make it easy to share the information about your webinar for your audience. This will practically give you free advertising and will most likely attract a lot of people to your webinar once people start sharing it. This type of free advertising is great and could bring you new leads, new customers and drive profit making! 

Never  undervalue the power of your audience and simply make it easy for them to share your webinar! After all, it’ll be very beneficial for you. 

Be a webinar pro!

We hope you enjoyed this insightful article on how to make your webinars better with these technical tips. Remember that all these small changes that may not seem relevant at first can really take your webinars to the next level! And if you run a lot of webinars, you need some real power infrastructure – you may want to hop on a consultation call with IT support like EC-MSP to discuss your needs and equip you with the best of the best.

If you’re looking to find out more useful tips and tricks, make sure you check our blog out! There you will find everything webinar-related and more!

And if you’re still looking for the best webinar software out there, give LiveWebinar a try! It’s the most advanced webinar software out there, with many interesting features and the most amazing customer support team on Earth! Now you have the option to test our platform if you create a free account - which is lifetime but it also has some limitations.

Good luck with your webinars!

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