Email Marketing Software: Choose The Right One For Your Business

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last updated 17.07.2022

Using email marketing as a part of your promotional strategy makes you stay in touch with customers and successfully promote your business. But how to choose the best email marketing software that works wonders for you?

This article will show how you how!

But let's clarify a few things first.

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What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software allows users to send email messages to many recipients. Business owners, solopreneurs, or influencers use it for both personal and business purposes to grow their business and connect with the audience.

With a good tool for email marketing, you can track the email campaigns and measure their performance.

If you’re about to choose software and don’t know what features and functionality to pay attention to, we are happy to help. So keep reading for some tips!

What are the essential features of email marketing software?

As there’re many applications for email marketing, each offers a different set of tools and features for sending email campaigns. So it’s good to ensure your software has all the vital ones. 

Here’re some helpful questions before choosing your tool.

What features does the software offer?

Ensure that the software provides all the features that empower your business. The best way to do this is to reevaluate your company’s needs and what’s best for your business. 

Pay attention to email design and customization if you care the most about building customer relationships. This feature allows you to personalize your messages and increase recipients' chances of receiving and reading them.

Then, check whether your chosen platform offers an advanced landing page builder when looking for a tool to generate leads.

Also, features like analysis of email campaign performance,  A/B testing, email verification, or contact list management help make further data-driven decisions, so they are certainly worth considering.

How user-friendly is the interface?

A confusing interface might cost you a lot of time and nerves. To streamline your workflow, ensure that your software is equipped with an intuitive UI that will make creating an email campaign a seamless process. 

Is the software affordable for you?

Email marketing software doesn’t have to be expensive. There’re many solutions with a free plan. However, your business will need a bigger capacity and more advanced features as it grows. That’s why most platforms offer easy upgrades with just a few clicks. 

If you plan to use the software mainly for outreach, different email deliverability capabilities are also useful, as they make sure that your emails land in the main inbox of your recipients. This feature allows you to personalize your messages and increase recipients' chances of receiving and reading them.

Additionally, it's an investment in your brand. You might also want to research some phone append services to complement your email marketing strategy.

Does it integrate with the platforms you use?

Integrating your email marketing software with other platforms makes it easier for your subscribers to take certain actions, for example, joining an online meeting. When you want to build a stronger bond with your audience by running a webinar, they can join the summit in seconds. 

LiveWebinar is an excellent tool for holding online meetings as it integrates with all the software below!

Best email marketing software: our verdict

We've compiled a list of some email marketing tools worth checking out. The best thing is – they're all LiveWebinar-compatible!

#1 MailChimp

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform for building appealing emails and an audience management tool with CRM capabilities, MailChimp could be the software you’ve been looking for. 

Top features: analysis of emails recipients’ data, automatic transactional emails, email templates builder, A/B testing, and many integrations with many platforms (LiveWebinar included)

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan 

#2 ActiveCampaign

Increasing customer satisfaction, improving customer experience, and enhancing communication are all possible with ActiveCampaign. It is mainly used as email marketing software.

Top features: many CRM tools, lead management, advanced email builder

Pricing: depends on how many contacts you have. Use a provided calculator on their website to get an estimated price for your subscription plan.

#3 Campaign Monitor

With Campaign Monitor, you can send emails about your webinar series (for example, held on LiveWebinar). In addition, thanks to many marketing automation tools, you can create personalized welcome emails, reminders, birthday offers, or re-engagement series - just to name a few.

Top features: drag-and-drop interface, free image gallery, countdown timer, email template builder, transactional emails, analytics, signup forms, log analysis

Pricing: starts at $9, but the cost changes depending on how many contacts you have

#4 Constant Contact

If you need some help in digital marketing, Constant Contact is a platform that you need to check out. It’s also great for creating email campaigns. Inform your audience about the newest products or online events using branded templates and drive sales - those are only a few benefits of Constant Contact.

Top features: audience insights, social media management, integration with LiveWebinar

Pricing: starts at $9.99/month

#5 FreshMail

Those who want to send successful email marketing campaigns will find FreshMail an ideal solution. You can save much time with an autoresponder automated communication. Additionally, you can track how many recipients opened the message in real-time after sending an email about an incoming online conference (for example, held on LiveWebinar).

Top features: high-volume sending, building personalized emails, A/B testing, analysis of recipients' data

Pricing: starts at $14/month 

#6 AWeber

Creating professional emails for your subscribers might be a smooth process with AWeber. You can let them know about a live Q&A session in moments using the free image gallery, drag-and-drop interface, or pre-built templates - whatever you prefer.

Top features: accessible template building, segmentation, subscribers tagging, reports, and analytics of your email campaign performance

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan

#7 Klaviyo

When you want to grow your business and provide a personalized experience, Klaviyo is the platform you need to consider. It helps launch effective campaigns, increases ROI on email marketing, and enables building relationships with customers.

Top features: LiveWebinar integration, rich audience segmentation, reporting and data visualization (you can enhance it with Preset)

Pricing: depends on how many email contacts you have

#8 GetResponse

GetResponse is a very versatile tool for email marketing, marketing automation, and ecommerce automation. For example, you can easily send customized newsletters, emails about an upcoming live stream on LiveWebinar, or any other type of message to your audience via email.  

Top features: autoresponder, email analytics, list management, transactional emails, live chat, signup forms

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan

#9 Moosend

It is email marketing and automation software that lets you create customized emails for your subscribers. If you need some ideas, there’re many modern templates for any occasion you may think of. 

Top features: A/B testing, list segmentation, data analysis, email automation temples, advanced reporting, landing page builder

Pricing: starts at $9/month 

#10 ConvertKit

You can stay in touch with your subscribers, informing them about products, new podcasts, or online meetings with ConvertKit! This email automation tool will help you to get more done in less time.

Top features: automated email responses, email list management, surveys, and many integrations 

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan

#11 Encharge

This platform helps small businesses and startups to increase revenue through email marketing, for example, using behavior emails (based on how your visitors interact with your website). 

Top features: segmentation, emails personalization, analysis of email campaign performance, many integrations

Pricing: starts at $49/month

#12 Kirim.Email

It combines email marketing, validation, and hosting tools in one platform—a fantastic solution for solopreneurs, SMEs, educational institutions, or any other type of business.

Top features: transactional email generator, fast setup, reports on your email performance

Pricing: starts at $35/month

#13 Mautic

Using Mautic, businesses of all sizes can boost their email marketing efficiency. Features like automated email campaigns, lead capture and management, or detailed analytics will help your business increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Top features: smooth integration (for example, with LiveWebinar), contact list management, segmentation, email customization

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan 

#14 Ontraport

Whether launching a sales campaign or promoting a paid webinar, Ontraport makes it simple to send customized emails about all the events to your audience. 

Top features: analysis of your emails data, lead source tracking, automation tools

Pricing: starts at $29/month


The features offered by might interest marketers or business owners looking to automate some email marketing tasks.

Top features: personalized email builder, automated email responses, many integrations (including LiveWebinar), marketing lead database

Pricing: starts at $19/month

#16 SARE

If you’re looking for a platform for automating communication with your customers or subscribers, SARE might be a good fit.

Top features: analysis of campaign results, autoresponder, drag-and-drop interface, contact list management

Pricing: contact SARE for pricing details

#17 Sendinblue

Using Sendinblue, you can build better customer relationships and communicate effectively via emails. In addition, many automation features make designing and sending messages to your subscribers super quick.

Top features: segmentation, analysis of the emails, priority sending, customization options, LiveWebinar integration

Pricing: starts at $0 with the free plan

#18 Sendy

Send newsletters with Sendy! It is a self-hosted email application for delivering and tracking messages to your subscribers via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Top features: email and mobile preview, contact list management, analysis of email performance, message customization, LiveWebinar integration

Pricing: contact Sendy for pricing details

#19 Vbout

Vbout is a marketing automation software for all who want to generate leads by creating email campaigns.

Top features: analysis of email performance, email automation, A/B testing, many email templates, LiveWebinar integration

Pricing: starts at $100/month

Choose the best email marketing software to deliver relevant content at ease! 

Overall, email marketing software is powerful for managing and tracking your email campaigns and, equally important, building customer relationships and loyalty. Several excellent options are available on the market today, so there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best!

Email marketing software FAQ

What are different types of email marketing software?

There are many different types of email marketing software. However, here are some common types:

  • A/B testing email marketing software: allows you to test different versions of your email campaigns and see which ones perform better. Using this software, you can create more effective campaigns that reach more people.
  • Automation email campaign software: helps you manage all aspects of your email campaigns, from creating and sending emails to tracking how people respond. So if you’re looking for an easy way to manage your marketing communications, this software is for you.
  • Segmentation email marketing software: allows you to divide your list of subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria, such as demographics or interests. It makes it easier to target your messages to specific audiences and increases your chances of getting them to read.

How to choose the right software for your business?

When choosing email marketing software, it's essential to consider your business needs and preferences. For example:

  • the capabilities of the software 
  • the features available 
  • pricing options
  • support 

It's also crucial to look through user reviews before purchasing to find the right email marketing software.

What features should you look for in email marketing software?

Here are some key factors to look for:

  • Ease of use – ensure your software is intuitive to use and navigate, especially if you’re new to email marketing.
  • Integration capabilities – check if the platform is compatible with other platforms.
  • Segmentation options – find out what segmentation options the software offers, such as by customer type or geography. It will help you target your campaigns more effectively.

How does the price relate to the available features?

Price is a crucial factor when choosing any type of tool. So if you are about to invest money, first check how the price relates to the available features. Just to give a few ideas:  how often you'll need to update the software, how many users will be able to access the emails, and how much storage space it requires.

Also, it is worth comparing the plans and pricing with the other email marketing options. Since there’re many pieces of software on the market, everyone will find something suitable for their needs and budget.

Who is the end-user of this software?

Most of users of email marketing software are businesses that use it to send out newsletters, promote new products or services, or drive traffic to their website. However, the software can also be used by anyone who wants to send out emails as well. So whether you are a student looking for an easy way to send email campaigns about your studies, or an entrepreneur trying to build up your mailing list fast, email marketing software can help you get started quickly.

What are the support options and customer service policies?

Some companies may have a dedicated customer service team for email marketing, while others may rely on their support forum or live chat service. So it is crucial to check what kind of support the software provider offers and how long it will take to receive assistance. Many providers offer 24/7 customer service, so there should be no problem getting help when needed.

What are the additional resources that can help me make my decision?

You can determine which email marketing software is right for you by reading reviews written by other users. Doing so lets you get a sense of the program's features and potential problems. Additionally, frequently updated user guides and tutorials can provide even more details about how email marketing software works.

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