“Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”) Charity Conference

We're proud to mention that we've been chosen as a technological partner in the Polish charity conference “Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”). Read on to find out more!

For an organization to call itself successful, it must make a real impact, and LiveWebinar knows it. That's why we took part in organizing a charity event. At LiveWebinar, we believe in supporting charitable and social causes whenever we can. For that reason, we’ve joined the Polish charity conference “Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”) as a technological partner. The conference will cover the topic of strategy building in times of change and will bring together 19 experts from multiple fields - from business to science, sport to medicine, and more.

Have you ever were interested in a charity event? Of course, there are a few benefits you should consider when you take part in such events. We understand that organizing an event of this size requires a lot of effort. However, if the process is done correctly, it can yield a tenfold return on investment. That was this time.

Supporting Charities - the LiveWebinar Way

Observing the recent world events, a group of people initially caught themselves in mind that they were surprised by the difficult situation of people who so far were the weakest in the system or were dependent on the support of others. Later, they noticed that effective employees of large corporations and medium-sized businesses also grapple with the hardships of the new situation and were helpless or simply surprised. This is how the idea for the e-conference "Bądź na tak! I wybierz swoją strategię w zmianie" (Say yes! And choose your strategy in change) was born, as an amalgam of inspiration for business and involvement in charitable activities.

The conference "Bądź na tak! I wybierz swoją strategię w zmianie" is a combination of inspiration for business and involvement in charitable activities. If you are a leader, manage a team or a company, or simply look for interesting solutions on how to cope with difficult situations - this place is for you.
All proceeds from the conference will be allocated to Poland’s first carer support center (Polskie Centrum Opieki Wytchnieniowej) for family carers who have given up their professional life in order to care for their loved ones at home. All the speakers resigned from their remuneration and performed for charity.

Nineteen speakers from the world of business, science and sport participated in the event, sharing their knowledge and experience in dealing with change.

The conference aims to educate participants on adapting to change in their professional life, but it also aims to shed light on what it means to be carer. Most people end up taking on this role at some point in their lives, as the resources on dealing and adjusting to such a change can be scarce, and such information can be a benefit to all.

The conference was divided into three sessions:

ME IN CHANGE, the guests here were people who experience a change in an extreme way every day. This module will include, among others Katarzyna Bień-Bukujeko - air traffic controller, Mateusz Sieradz - nurse and paramedic, known from the fanpage Mr. Nurse, Marta Fidrych - Paralympic, Ela Lange and Daniel Jerzy Żyżniewski - psychologists and Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski - global leader of IoT at EY.

A TEAM IN CHANGE, where the guests tried to answer the question of how the change affects the team and how the team helps with the change. Diversity, flexibility, and agility will be discussed, among others, by Ievgen Berezenko - Head of Epam, Northern Poland, dr Anna Janowicz - president of the Hospice Foundation.

ORGANIZATION IN CHANGE, here about leadership, trust and effective relations in business will be asked - Monika Godzińska, vice president and financial director of Bank BPH, dr Paweł Fortuna - psychologist and Piotr Rent, a trader from ExpertSender.

And finally, there was a talk with a special guest: Jaro Bieniecki, the creator of "Runmageddon" and a six-time medalist of long-distance runs. He talked about how extreme experiences can strengthen and immunize and how to be brave in making non-obvious decisions.

What was all this for?

In the UK, 600 people leave their jobs every day to look after their elderly or loved ones. Considering the aging of the Polish society and the widening gap between the number of young people and the Silver generation - we may soon face a social and economic crisis resulting from the transfer of highly qualified specialists outside the labor market. So how to catch a balance, recharge your batteries and have the strength for new challenges - Poland’s first carer support center will help in such cases.

Each of the organizers, partners, and speakers renounced their remuneration, and each purchased ticket contributed to the construction of Poland’s first carer support center.


"Bądź na tak! I wybierz swoją strategię w zmianie” is an amalgam of inspiration for business and involvement in charitable activities. So if you are a leader, you manage a team or a company, or simply looking for inspiration on how to cope with difficult situations - this place will be for you. 

We’re very excited and most grateful to participate in this charity event! Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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