“Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”) Charity Conference

At LiveWebinar, we believe in supporting charitable and social causes whenever we can. For that reason, we’ve joined the Polish charity conference “Bądź na tak!” (“Say Yes!”) as a technological partner. The conference will cover the topic of strategy building in times of change, and will bring together 19 experts from multiple fields - from business to science, sport to medicine and more.Supporting Charities - the LiveWebinar Way

All proceeds coming from ticket sales will go to building Poland’s first carer support center (Polskie Centrum Opieki Wytchnieniowej) for family carers who have given up their professional life in order to care for their loved ones at home.

The conference aims to educate participants on adapting to change in their professional life, but it also aims to shed light on what it means to be carer. Most people end up taking on this role at some point in their lives, as the resources on dealing and adjusting to such a change can be scarce, and such information can be a benefit to all.

We’re very excited and most grateful to participate in this charity event! Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Ola Czmut
Ola Czmut

Happily combines a love of writing and new technology as a copywriter, and enjoys the puzzle of putting together a good article. In her spare time she likes to catch up on the latest, greatest books, bake chocolate chip cookies and ponder her next travel destination.

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