Enterprise Office Virtual Background: use cases, examples, and benefits

With the fact that many meetings have moved fully online, face-to-face meetings seem like they are becoming obsolete. Keeping up a professional appearance during meetings, whether you take them at home or elsewhere, can be a challenge. LiveWebinar's Virtual Backgrounds feature is ready to step in and provide a fresh and tidy look to your meetings and presentations.

A hybrid or online meeting poses a lot of challenges to the corporate world.  When hopping on sales calls or participating in corporate meetings online, how can you stay professional and put in a good first impression? That’s the question - and challenge - that many companies come across.

Virtual Backgrounds at LiveWebinar is a feature that will enable you to deliver stellar presentations no matter where you are, is an easy answer to it.

Find out how.   

What is Virtual Background?

A Virtual Background is either a picture, a video, or an effect that is displayed as your background during an online meeting - be it a webinar, a video conference call, or a virtual summit in your corporation. 

LiveWebinar Virtual Backgrounds

A Virtual Office Background identifies people and covers everything associated with a background, so everything except a presenter or a speaker is covered. 

We will go into detail later on how this gives a fresh, professional, and very business-like look. 

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Benefits of Office Virtual Backgrounds for Enterprise

How come enterprises such as corporations, banks, and government institutions should use a virtual office background? Below, you will find a few reasons, benefits and use cases. 


#1 Professional look, wherever you are

Having employees spread across the globe is the norm in a disrupted world. All over the world, literally. Many of them are not stuck in their offices, some have chosen different lifestyles, such as working in hotels, villas, or even on the beach. 

However, they still need to maintain a professional image, no matter where they participate in a conference call from.  

The same is true for employees who always seem to be on the move. Changing trains, flying between airports and even switching cafes to work - that is their everyday life, far away from 9 to 5 in the office. 

There is one thing all of these groups have in common:

due to the fact that these individuals do not sit at the office, their look over video conferences may be considered unprofessional. 

And there is one solution to solve it: 

Virtual Backgrounds. 

With a Virtual Office Background, each employee can be in the office - virtually. It is nearly impossible to tell whether or not someone has virtual background enabled with such advanced technology. The wide choice of available options allows you to not only find a casual photo of your office layout but also to customize it so it reflects YOUR office, YOUR brand, YOUR desk. 

Customization at its finest. 

LiveWebinar Virtual Backgrounds

#2 More unified experience - internally and externally

It is extremely difficult to create a corporate culture in a remote work environment. 

Those who don't work at an office location and work remotely may feel dissociated from the company. Regardless of how effective a conference call is, it will never replace sitting face to face with colleagues, but you can make the distance less daunting with an office virtual background.

By creating a few virtual backgrounds that are branded with your company and resemble your offices and premises, you may unify the entire team and bring brilliant employee experiences.

Obviously, this also affects business relationships with partners or clients. In every case, potential clients will always be presented with your company's professional credentials, no matter which employee is talking to them. In the same way, any webinars or summits your company holds are beautifully integrated and displayed.  

 #3 Making video calls more comfortable for everyone

Let’s face it: video calls aren't for everyone, yet everyone has to attend them now. While there are excuses such as "my camera isn't working", they may not be the best every time. Virtual Office Backgrounds give all sides of the "video transaction" a sense of comfort. 

As a result, it is easier to focus on the presenter than to examine their background - even unconsciously. Using the office virtual background feature, presenters are not constrained by a poor background they may have in their real workplace. Those details in conference calls or online meetings are not disruptive or bothersome. 

Harmony reigns throughout the company. Stress no more. There may also be more attendees who turn their cameras on, and thus a higher attendance rate.


Virtual Backgrounds for Corporations at LiveWebinar

With LiveWebinar, you can set up your virtual office background directly in the browser, without the need to install additional software. 

LiveWebinar offers quite an array of office virtual backgrounds:

  • feature for uploading your own photo (for example, a branded virtual background)

  • LiveWebinar resources (photos) to use - including some office/business space

  • blurred background 

additionally, with the Enterprise solution, you can create your own library for all your corporate users 

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LiveWebinar Virtual Backgrounds

Take it to the Next Level with LiveWebinar

Here at LiveWebinar, we offer way more than just Virtual Backgrounds, though. 

Not only can your conference rooms be customized, but the entire business experience can be re-done and designed as well. 

You may be surprised to discover, for example, that we offer more than 1500 customizable elements, including colors and logos, user roles, functionality, and the interface itself.

Streamline your business processes by installing apps, receiving technical support, customizing your platform, and building a multifunctional platform. 

Are you still unclear about the ideal online environment? 

It's okay. We will gladly assist you.

As a result, you will end up with a fully customized platform - with your logo, domain, and a batch of chosen features and functions. 


You can't go wrong with it, can you? 

We offer enterprise solutions and white label packages (read more here), or you can contact us directly right now with your idea. 


You can count on us to make this happen. 

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