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How to get ready for your next workation? Check what LiveWebinar has up its sleeves for better communication!

Remote work is a comfortable solution for all those who value freedom and flexibility. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer, working full-time or running your own company - with LiveWebinar you can work from anywhere in the world! All you need is a device and an internet connection. 

All the rest needed for effective workation is provided by LiveWebinar.

What is workation?

Workation is a combination of vacation and work, i.e. remote work while traveling. You can work with your laptop at the beach, in a cafe or in a hotel - wherever you are and wherever you are going. It's a bit of "work" and a bit of "vacation" - a healthy and effective approach to combining work and travel. By working in this way, you can enjoy more freedom and flexibility.

The growing popularity of workation

... is the result of many factors. First of all, thanks to remote work, you can easily combine work with traveling and visiting new places. Secondly, more and more people decide to work consciously - they want to have more time for themselves and their loved ones, and also more time to pursue their passions. Finally, working remotely allows you to make better use of your time - you can concentrate on what really matters without the distractions and stress of arriving at the office at a specific time.

Behind this trend is not only convenience, but also hard facts and figures. The possibility of remote work is no longer a nice privilege for an employee, but a real standard offered by most companies. Therefore, if you are an employer and you do not offer your employees the possibility of remote work or workation - you need to change it quickly, or your levels of employee engagement can decrease. 

Meet LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is a tool that is used not only to conduct webinars (as the name suggests), but also to improve communication and remote work. Thanks to the built-in tools and integrations, LiveWebinar will make it easier for you to work remotely, wherever you are.

With LiveWebinar, there is no need to install additional applications - the software runs stably in browsers. What's more, you don't have to worry about LiveWebinar operating anywhere in the world - the tool is not subject to restrictions, sanctions and restrictions (some popular videoconferencing platforms will not work in China, Cuba or Iran). It is extremely important for all those who value freedom and flexibility at work.

LiveWebinar has several years of experience behind it and is now used by over 170,000 users worldwide. Hundreds of reviews and awards prove the stability and innovation of the tool.

How does LiveWebinar improve workation?

# 1 Intuitive online meetings

Wherever you are, wherever you connect - with LiveWebinar you can easily and quickly organize an online meeting. Sign up in minutes and then set up a meeting or conference anywhere in the world. You have tools at your disposal to make your work easier. You can conduct presentations, take notes, share screens or files - and communicate via chat or a shared, virtual whiteboard. Anyone who wants to join the meeting just needs to click on the link to enter the room.

#2 Engaging business presentations like in a conference room 

When it comes to workation, efficiency is what counts - and that depends on how you can use your time. That is why LiveWebinar will make it easier for you to conduct business presentations with a feeling almost like in a conference room.

Thanks to the Screen Share or Whiteboard functions, you can easily convey all the necessary information during interactive presentations. Sharing a screen or taking notes on a shared board has never been easier, and in addition, participants can comment on the content presented in a variety of ways.

LiveWebinar has multiple audio modes to make your meetings easier. Raise your hand mode allows you to submit a request for a question live, which can be especially useful during a conference.

And if we add full HD recording and built-in space for files within the platform, we get an image of a tool that provides a unique, high user experience.

# 3 Features streamlining the transfer and verification of knowledge

Do you need to work in a group or test your skills? LiveWebinar will enable you to easily transfer knowledge and verify it.

Using the "Survey" function, you can check the level of understanding of the presented content. The "Test" function will allow you to test theoretical knowledge in the form of short tests. Thanks to the Voting Manager, you will enable real-time voting. You can easily communicate the results to participants for further reference.

During the Q&A session module (questions and answers), participants can ask questions in the chat. You can choose which of them you want to make publicly available and address them on an ongoing basis.

In divided rooms (so-called breakout rooms) you can talk in groups or individually. This feature is useful for consultations, business talks, and mentoring sessions - and makes it easy to hold such meetings, regardless of location.

# 4 Automatic webinars 

Thanks to the evergreen webinar function, you can easily prepare and share a recording of your meeting ... even when you are not there. All you have to do is record the material in advance and the recording will be played at the set time to the people registered for the event. This feature can come in handy when presenting a product that can be easily shared with a wide audience.

You no longer need to connect with your participants in real time. LiveWebinar will automatically send them notifications about the date of the meeting, and also remind them of the start of the meeting.

This way, you can present, sell, and show things in a meeting... you are not even at. Full-fledged workation ;-)

# 5 Full personalization

Who said that during workation you can't build a perfect working environment, but also a good-looking work environment? With LiveWebinar you can build subscription forms collecting leads or use a branding tool to change the look of a webinar room to your style or brandbook. And if you are looking for a platform for internal communication and workation "on a scale" in your company, you should check out the LiveWebinar Enterprise offer.

# 6 Paid webinars as an additional source of income

Are you organizing a large conference after the holidays? With LiveWebinar you can organize events - even for several thousand participants, and start signing up now. The tool will allow you to register, subscribe, and charge for tickets - everything is done on one platform with a simple integration with the payment gateway.  

Choose LiveWebinar!

If you want to work efficiently and communicate seamlessly, LiveWebinar is the perfect solution for you. It is a platform that supports both remote work and business meetings. In addition, thanks to its functionality and ease of use, LiveWebinar will work for all people who want to work efficiently and effectively.

Don't wait - register today at LiveWebinar and see how the platform can support your workation.

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