LiveWebinar integration to IFTTT

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Use IFTTT with LiveWebinar -

Create, automate and enjoy time savings with IFTTT integration

Automate the most repetitive tasks and enjoy time savings with IFTTT templates for your webinars. No coding required!

Follow a logical sequence of actions when preparing your webinars. Don’t waste time on sending out text message notifications or preparing separate social media posts. That should not be your worries anymore.

Use a magic IF THIS THEN DO THAT formula and focus on what you’re doing best!

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Sample integrations with apps using IFTTT

Use IFTTT with LiveWebinar -
Add Webinar to
Google Sheets
Use IFTTT with LiveWebinar -
Add Sub-Account
to Google Sheets
Pause Spotify when
a webinar starts
Use IFTTT with LiveWebinar -
Add registered users
to Google Sheets
Send me e-mail after
user registration
Facebook – Webinar
Create a status message
Send yourself an email
Sub-Account Create
Add newly created
LiveWebinar meeting to
your Google Calendar
Twitter – publish
webinar URL

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