How to Create Interaction During a Webinar

Feeling like your audience is slowly drifting away from you while you’re hosting you webinar isn’t great. How to keep them interested? One of the best ways to do so is through creating engagement and interaction. If you’re not sure how to get started with that, let this article be your guide!

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by Ola Czmut
last updated 22.03.2021

2020 seems to be the year of the webinar what with everyone going on in the world right now. We’ve been pushed towards a more dynamic style of conversation, involving technology where possible, driving interaction forward.

Webinars are used by 61% of marketers as a tactic for content marketing strategy and B2B companies average 23 webinars a year. On top of that, there’s proof that webinars work, too. Between 20 and 40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads.

The numbers are good, and the stats all check out, but could they be better? How would you make a webinar even more interesting? Perhaps having a form of interaction from viewers would help, but how would you create interaction during a webinar?

One Way to Create Interaction During a Webinar

Studies show that 26% of all webinars are in the software and technology industry, so it only makes sense to use technology that works well when trying to get a message, course, or studies across. Before you’ve even decided how to create an element of interaction through a webinar, you should always look at some fundamental basics.

Be an Expert

If you’re going to be hosting a webinar around a specific topic, it puts you in the center of attention. People will hang on every word that you’ve said, and will more often than not, try to cross-reference some of the information that you’ve mentioned in order to corroborate findings. Whether you’re charging for your webinar or not, you’re still asking for the time out of someone’s day, so ensure that what you’re saying, and teaching is valuable and unique.

Present Product or Information

If you’re presenting a product or specific piece of information, present it in a way that people will understand, which will allow them to grasp it firmly and ask questions if they are unsure. After all, you’re hosting a webinar on a topic or product that you are comfortable with and being confident about it goes a long way in front of peers

Generate New Leads

Leads will turn to sales at some point, but you can only get leads by putting on a good and valuable webinar. Generally, the people who attend the webinar will be people who are interested in the subject matter and want to learn more. In essence, your target market is already listening and watching, ready to see what you can present. Although, in a webinar, you don’t necessarily want to talk at your audience, but to them. Which leads to the final point…

Engage the Audience

You hold the power over your audience. Just by hosting a live webinar, you have the power to sift through all the marketing and advertising media, and present a true, and honest side to a product or information. Be early, speak to viewers and engage with them on a personal level, if possible. Having a webinar platform with interaction is essential.

Webinar Platform with Interaction

It’s as simple as integrating software with your webinar to ensure that there’s a degree of interaction and something that your audience is sure to respond to. A platform such as LiveWebinar will allow you to integrate your system using the API interface. It works with a multitude of marketing automation tools including the likes of MailChimp, FreshMail, Campaign Monitor, and many more.

With it, you can truly engage with users by driving participation and seeing results. These engagement methods include:

Polls and Surveys

You’ll be able to increase your audience engagement and get feedback to maximize the participation of the webinar and let all of your users play a part in it while it’s happening. Thanks to polls and surveys, you will not only interest your audience but also use a new feature that will be useful in other webinars. And the audience will be pleased with this form of cooperation because even those who are ashamed to speak on the forum will be happy to use this option.


Having a form of easy communication with the viewers and users is essential and being able to have full control as a moderator is something that is necessary too. It’s never been easier to talk to those around you. Why? Because the audience can use the chat to ask you a question without interfering with your speech. They are happy and you are. Again, someone who is embarrassed might just write what they want to say without speaking. And you can answer the question in your spare time and the webinar continues.

Calls to Action

The calls to action that you can use will let you convert leads into sales and will encourage all of your users to dive deep into the product or information that you’re discussing. You’ll always get favorable results. Use a few catchy phrases and watch the results. Even if you don't attract crowds, you will always find new customers. If you think it won't work, then remember how you found yourself paying attention to the competition's CTA.

Powers of Whiteboard

It may not sound it but giving your users the chance to participate in a group whiteboard is a fantastic way to get participants to commit information to their short and long-term memory. The audience does not get bored because then you attract more attention to the webinar. Clients are more engaged and break the ice in communicating with the group. You, in turn, save time on unnecessary translations, because you also use a whiteboard, so running the webinar is easier for you.

Other Features and Functions

We’ve established how to create interaction during a webinar, but now you can see a webinar platform with interaction at play with a whole host of other features attached to it too. Not only does LiveWebinar integrate and give you the power to interact and engage with users, but you’ll be able to build your platform the way you want it. Allow your branding to come alive, with LiveWebinar you can customize your sessions and personalize the experience all tailored to your company.

You can split your participants into smaller, more management rooms, and then carry out tests after you’ve put down the information you want people to hear. This will help you tackle different departments and different aspects of a presentation. Best of all, if someone was to miss it, or perhaps disconnects during the webinar, you can record the sessions in Full HD for them to revisit later on.

There’s also live streaming software to have the meeting and webinars broadcast across social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Periscope. All this can be done right now with free registration on the LiveWebinar site. Start your webinar journey today!

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