30+ Post-Webinar Survey Questions You Should Be Asking

After your webinar, be sure to ask attendees these questions to get feedback and improve future events.

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last updated 28.07.2022

Webinars are transforming the way industry professionals come together to discuss the latest trends and innovations. In a world distanced by the coronavirus pandemic, webinars have been bringing like-minded people together for discussions and talks that help build the world. In fact, 95% of businesses today believe that webinars are key parts of their marketing strategies.

Things being so, it is important to design them in a way that makes the information delivered easily consumable for the viewers. The webinar experience needs to be flawless, inspiring, and motivating enough for the participants to stay engaged. The modules, session durations, speakers, guests, and every other aspect of a webinar need to align with participant expectations in every way possible.

These surveys, thus, need to be designed with a target in mind. The questions that you need to put to the attendees need to give you information that you seek to improve their webinar experience. 

These questions must also give the attendees some descriptive room to highlight where the webinar fell short or what they loved about it.

Let’s now take a look at a few questions you can ask in your webinar survey for detailed insight.

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30 Essential Post-Webinar Questions for a Well-Rounded Survey

When designing a webinar survey, it helps to start off easy and then build the pace up for some serious, information-heavy questions.

Part 1: Ice-Breaker Questions

Craft all your ice-breaker questions to be harmless, and focus more on the attendee rather than on the webinar. You can take the help of the following cues:

  1. Have you attended any of our webinars before?

This question is a way for you to know if this attendee is a repeat visitor. The next time you have a webinar on related subjects, this attendee is likely to return. Since 60% of the webinars focus on generating loyal/returning customers, this question is extremely important.

  1. Which speakers in this webinar are you the most excited about?

Your webinar marketing could gain traction by knowing which speakers excite what cohorts.

  1. Was this your first webinar?

If this webinar is the attendee's first, the insights they provide help you improve the UI for better user-friendliness.

  1. How did you get to know about this webinar?

You can better allocate webinar marketing resources on the right channels with this information.

  1. I would love to know more about your motivation factors for signing up for this event.

An attendee-focused question. User sentiment helps you better align your advertising campaigns.

  1. Would you say the session was well-designed?

By getting feedback on the design of a session, you can keep a track of the features that the attendees liked and disliked.

  1. Please comment on the execution quality of the event.

Conducting a webinar well depends a lot on what the attendees are expecting.

  1. Was there a moment or period in the webinar you would want to do over better?

The in-session problems during a webinar can be identified by requesting the users to answer this question.

  1. I would like to know more about how your profession relates to this webinar.

Webinar marketing involves audience exploration; to that end, this question can provide valuable insight.

  1. If you have attended webinars that were better planned and executed, do tell me how this webinar should level with it.

It is always better to know where you stand in the eyes of your customers vis-à-vis your competitors.

Part 2: General Webinar Questions

Below is a list of a few generic questions you can ask your audience regarding the webinar.

  1. Did you like the webinar? Please highlight if it was great, good, average or could do better.

The best form of feedback is directly asking the audience what they liked and disliked about the event.

  1. What rating would you give to this webinar on a scale of 1 to 10?

Ratings quantify feedback and are measurable.

  1. May I know the reasons behind your ratings?

The answer to this question gives perspective to a rating.

  1. Did you think that the speakers were well-qualified to deliver the session?

Industry veterans do attend webinars to keep up with the trend. They can always shed light on what was missing from your session or provide you references for onboarding better speakers.

  1. If it's a no, may I know why?

If a webinar fails to deliver on the knowledge front, then its purpose is defeated – e.g. if kahoot pin didn't work, then you may get lower ratings. 

  1. Did the speakers address the topics you were hoping to listen to during the sessions?

Viewers attend a webinar to gain knowledge. This insight shows you how comprehensive your webinar was for the viewers.

  1. I would love to know your ratings for the speakers.

Speaker ratings help you to scout better and more knowledgeable speakers for each session.

  1. Were you able to post your question to the session and have it answered?

Webinars consist of many audience members. It helps to have an interface that facilitates posting and asking questions in due turn so everyone gets a chance.

  1. Would you continue networking/keeping in touch with the professionals you interacted with during the webinar?

On a deeper level of observation, this question helps you understand how engaging and interesting the sessions were for the audience. This could also be a chance to share your digital business card or other contact info with attendees.

  1. Was the session able to deliver a few key takeaways for you?

In the end, the quality of a webinar is defined by what value it could deliver to the viewer.

Part 3: Address The Technicalities

Now you can move on to the technical details of the webinar.

  1. Was the webinar platform easy to use?

It is absolutely essential to deliver a user-friendly interface for webinars.

  1. Please comment on the webinar interface design, what you liked and what you would change about it.

Direct feedback helps best to improve lacklustre experiences.

  1. Were you able to sign-up, sign in and access the sessions smoothly?

The most frustrating part of a webinar is being unable to log in and access the session.

  1. Did you experience any glitches or crashes while navigating?

A glitchy interface always earns bad feedback.

  1. Was the audio/video quality as per your expectation?

Since audio and video are the primary media of a webinar, they need to be flawless.

  1. Were the audio and video well-synchronized?

The audio-video sync determines the quality of a webinar since it relies on these media for information delivery.

  1. If there were any network issues not related to your own, please elaborate.

You can’t do anything about the network at the user’s end, but you can improve your own.

  1. Were there any tools on the webinar platform you really liked?

This gives you an insight into what the audience prefers. For example, they may like the fact you managed to generate certificates for them. 

  1. Please tell me about a few webinar tools you would have liked to see provided in the sessions.

Your audience may have liked certain features from other webinars that they would have liked to use on yours – this is invaluable information to compete with your rivals in the industry.

  1. If there were any technical issues other than the ones listed here, please elaborate.

Technical issues can’t be helped, but they can be mitigated for the coming sessions.

Wrapping Up

A webinar survey can make or break your next session. It helps you gather feedback, build on what’s working and replace what’s not, helping you run effective webinar sessions.

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