Showcase: How virtual event images help marketers create successful events

Virtual event images can make or break your next online conference. Check how to tackle it!

There is no doubt that boring presentations will not make your virtual event more attractive. On the contrary. They can make it a failure, and your audience will either leave it or fall asleep. 

We can enumerate many disadvantages of such meetings, including failure to achieve results, bad impact on brand reputation, and difficulty in remembering information. How do you avoid this?

It looks like you need to implement virtual event images into your strategy.

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Deep meanings of virtual event images

Graphics are not only nice visuals. And that should be obvious.

The recipient may, at first glance, perceive the artwork purely in terms of aesthetics. However, sometimes it is these designs that will determine whether the event will be successful, whether it will bring in more sales, and whether participants will stay until the end of the event or not

Recall if you've ever participated in an online (or even offline) event that had great visulas. And then think of all those presentations that either had too much text or were filled with inappropriate illustrations. 

There's a huge difference between them, right? We can bet that a virtual presentation with properly tailored graphics is likely to have improved your perception of the meeting. 

Therefore, images can be a valuable tool in business, helping in many areas. And by using them, you can communicate complex information, reinforce a company's brand, engage employees, and more. 

Your next webinar or other online events should include them just for that reason.

How virtual event images can help marketers create powerful webinars

In order to create compelling events, digital event photos can be a powerful tool that marketers can use. But what exactly are these visuals capable of?

Here are a few ideas of what virtual event images can do.

#1 Enhance the user experience

A virtual session can be enhanced with high-quality and interesting images that can help boost a user's overall experience of your whole online show. As a result, your presentation will be more enjoyable and will attract more attendees.

Further, illustrations are more likely to be shared and generate attention on social media than text alone due to the fact that they are visually appealing. Therefore, it is important to use virtual images that portray the event in a way that is exciting to the reader.

#2 Improve user engagement

When slideshows, presentations, or interactive graphics are used during a digital event, attendees are more likely to stay engaged.

Using illustrations can help break up long blocks of text and provide visual representations of complex ideas. The nature of virtual events can be text-heavy and monotonous at times, and images help to break up the content and make it more visually appealing by giving it variety. 

Attendees can benefit from this as it can keep them engaged and reduce boredom.

#3 Build excitement

There is no doubt that the right pictures can help create excitement and anticipation for the event. 

You can do this by using promotional materials such as flyers and social media posts or by using multimedia aids during the event itself. If used effectively, such images can help convey the atmosphere and energy of a particular event. Even if it is being held online or if it is taking place in a physical location.

For example, they can be used to showcase sneak peeks of the event information, such as:

  • keynote speakers, 
  • panel discussions, 
  • or networking opportunities. 

This can help generate great enthusiasm among potential attendees.

#4 Create a visual identity

It’s also obvious that every virtual event image can help establish the visual identity of your campaign and reinforce your brand message. For example, using pictures that correspond with the event's theme can help tie everything together and reinforce the overall message.

Additionally, digital event images are an opportunity to reinforce the event's brand and emphasize its key messages. 

This can include graphics of your: 

  • logo, 
  • branding elements
  • and any other illustrations that are part of your marketing materials.

In case you don’t have a name for your event yet, you can use a name generator to build a full brand.

#5 Make a great first impression

The pictures are often the first thing attendees see when they arrive at an online event, website, or landing page. And it's important to make a strong first impression. 

So, this is another reason why you should take advantage of these visuals. A well-designed header image or logo contributes to the event's brand and creates a professional and attractive look.

Also, these designs can be just eye-catching and help hold the attention of potential attendees. Impressive graphics can help to make a virtual event stand out from other online events and can be a key factor in drawing attendees. 

Thanks to them, your event can stand out from the crowd!

#6 Emphasize key points

And last but not least - images can be used to highlight key points during a webinar, another type of online event, or an offline meeting. 

For example, using:

  • graphs, 
  • charts, 
  • symbols,
  • or infographics 

can help to make complex information more accessible and memorable.

Sometimes it is that you simply do not understand some data or statistics, you can’t grasp the main idea, you see too much information in the text, etc. In this case, everything can be easier with the right graphics. And properly presented data will affect greater distinction and understanding of it.

Improve your Virtual Event Images

What can you improve in your next webinar to make your meeting a hit and to make online visuals as beneficial as possible? 

Consider our suggestions:

#1 Use banners

For your next webinar or other digital meetings, don't forget to have an appropriate banner matching the style and nature of your presentation. Also, remember to include an appropriate CTA to increase the effects. You can make such a banner in LiveWebinar, and it can be part of your virtual event image strategy. 

To increase your performance, create a base with different banners and illustrations that you will use in the future. This way, designing graphics won't be so time-consuming anymore.

#2 Customize the background

Also, opt for a customizable background that will show throughout the event. You can personalize the background behind you, as well as customize the background of your presentation, for example, using your brand colors.

Such visual elements will also increase recognition and awareness and can introduce variety. Therefore, you will boost your audience's interest.

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#3 Tailor your landing page

The landing page is another place where appropriate pictures cannot be missing. This is the spot where customers register for an event. There are times, however, when people hesitate in this last step and do not actually register.

The right design and quality graphics will make your audience curious and can show them that you are a professional and you know your stuff. And therefore, they will be more likely to sign up for your event.

#4 Include virtual event images into your social media

And one more space where it is worth adding your digital photos is social media. This is especially useful for attracting new customers and maintaining relationships with your audience.

For example, if you keep a consistent strategy and use your graphics on social media as well, you can more successfully encourage users to attend an online meeting.

Prepare virtual events with images in LiveWebinar

There are a number of ways in which images can be used regarding virtual events, including for marketing, branding, communication, design, and more. Now you know that if you use them correctly, you can achieve many benefits.

If you choose LiveWebinar to host your online meetings, you can use virtual event images with ease.

Use them in your presentation, send them to chat, keep them in storage and share them with others without any worries. The benefits and advantages of using such pictures will be at your fingertips.

Easily communicate complex information, such as data or process flow, to promote products and boost your events. And don't waste your time on this. Automate your virtual event images and make them appear automatically with the capabilities LiveWebinar gives you.

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Over to You

As you can see, graphics are an essential tool for marketers when it comes to creating successful digital events, as they can increase engagement, build excitement, reinforce branding, and enhance the participant experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign in LiveWebinar and make the most of your virtual event images!


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