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last updated 27.03.2023

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Magnetic Headlines’? Successful Bloggers use it to their advantage to increase the traffic on their blogs. Just like them, if you are willing to make your blogs perform well, then you can achieve it by the means of writing magnetic or attractive headlines. This can be done through appropriate wordplay on the Title of the blog. 

Bloggers across the world have been increasing the conversion rate of their posts by making their headlines stand apart. Traffic on the post is highly dependent on the power of the headline. If one fails to make it clickable, then all the efforts go in vain. This article enlists the ways you can write good headlines for your blog post. 

Make your headline interesting with facts and figures 

Your readers skim through the tons of blogs that are presented to them online. When you integrate specific numbers and research data into the headline, it attracts the attention of the readers. Headlines with numbers have a greater tendency to generate more engagement. Such content is shared more on social media. Another trick is to use odd numbers rather than even numbers in the headlines. Our brains tend to spot odd numbers. Also, data with odd numbers are easy to recall and remember as well. 

Give your readers a reason to click the content 

In this age of social media, people do not have enough time to skim the content after reading it. And hence, content is skimmed based on the headline. You need to assure that headlines are appealing enough for people. Using a unique reason in the headlines to entice readers makes them click on the post. When people get a good reason to click on the post, the likelihood of them reading and sharing the same increases to a great extent. 

People generally are attracted to posts that contain words like reasons, lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, tips and tricks, ways, facts, secrets, principles, and strategies, among others. Here are some sure-shot headlines that become baits for readers:

  • 10 Tips to make people like your blog
  • 8 lessons I learned as a new mother
  • 3 things to keep in mind while learning skating 
  • 15 facts about great advertising copies 
  • 6 Principles followed by Indian Landscape Designers 
  • 5 Great Insights into the Future of Transport 
  • 4 Big Secrets to land the desired job 
  • 7 Strategies to invite Collaboration on your page

Convince your readers with a Call for attention 

When a headline is interesting, the chances of readers clicking it increase. The main purpose of making the reader click the post is to make her read it, or at least read the first sentence. The headline of the blog should be such that it calls for the attention of the readers. 

As mentioned in the previous point, readers do not have much time to spare on a post that is not meant for them. Hence, when the headline and the content sync, they are more likely to read the entire post and share it. In this sense, the headline is just the tip of the iceberg. 

When the headline is a good one, the rest of the things in the post automatically fall into place. The headline should meet the objective of the content. Through the post, the blogger is telling a story to the reader. When the story and its title do not match, the reader is highly disappointed. The chances of banning the entire blog in the future increase as well. 

To convert the reader into a loyal customer, headlines need to be written in a manner that calls for attention. Here are some points that need to be considered while writing headlines that attract the attention of the readers. 


The first thing that needs to be assured while writing a headline is uniqueness. It should be different to all the existing ones. Some people tweak existing headlines to make one of their own. This does not count as unique. You can search for the uniqueness of your headline on Google. If there are tons of similar-looking posts, then you need to work harder. The result should be “no results found”.


The second thing that you need to consider is precision. Your headline should be such that the readers are tempted to read the post. It should be able to make readers realize that the post has all the answers to the questions in their minds. When the headline is precise and the content is related to the headline, then the readers are likely to devour the post. The chances of them sharing the content get higher as well. 


The third point to consider is making it urgent for readers. One of the fears that grip people in the modern world is the fear of missing out or FOMO as they call it. When a sense of urgency is created in the headline, people are more likely to open it and share it. Headlines should be such that people click them there and then. The urge to procrastinate makes it difficult for bloggers to get the attention of the readers. When the discount is for a limited period, the chances of buying the product are higher. This trick is generally used by copywriters. It helps bag leads through lead management software


The headline should make readers realize that the content is useful to them. The content will increase their information, offer valuable advice, give practical help, and do such things. When the content is laced with accurate and latest data, it becomes useful to the readers. The content should have relevant pictures, pictograms, graphics, screenshots, diagrams, and the like. This makes it credible for the readers and helps increase traffic to the blog. 

Other points to consider: 

  • Headlines should be easy to understand. It should be written from a layman’s point of view

  • Headlines should have simple words. Avoid using synonyms and jargon in the headings. 

  • Headlines need to be effective rather than attractive. 

  • Include adjectives in the headlines, which make it interesting for readers. 

  • Write a headline that includes the word ‘you’ to grab the attention of the readers.

Stick to the Formula while writing the headline

The structure of the headline is very important while writing the headline. When the structure is proper, and the headline is gaining attention, it is time that you make it your formula to write an effective headline. All bloggers have a fixed formula that they apply while writing an attention-grabbing headline. Including power words in the headline works the best. 

You can either write the headline first and the content later or vice versa. Either way, the content and the headline should be in sync with each other. While writing the content, bloggers need to first identify the underlying problem and then offer an apt solution for the same. Here are some of the popular formulae that bloggers across the world use. 

  1. Using ‘Get Rid of the “Problem” once and for all Formula

  2. Using “Little Known Ways of using the ‘Product’” Formula

  3. Using ‘Who Else Wants the ‘Product’’’ Formula 

Measure the effectiveness of the headline

Not many bloggers know that readers like to share lengthy articles - posts that contain more than 2000 words. However, if the article is not interesting enough, then the number of words and all other formulae will not matter at all. Hence, while writing a post, ensure the quality of the article rather than the length. 

For devising a formula for writing headlines, you will have to measure the effectiveness of the headline or its success, to be precise. Bloggers need to save time, effort, and money and ensure that the post is a successful one by measuring its success. This can be done through several means: 

  1. Tapping the client inquiries after posting the article

  2. Analyzing the social media statistics

  3. Analyzing inbound links, editorial links, and other digital statistics

  4. Measuring direct responses


The importance of headlines will only increase in the coming times. They are an integral part of the content, irrespective of the format of the content that bloggers use. You need to focus your attention on the introduction, subtitles, call to action and bullet points in the content. The primary objective is to educate prospects by making them learn new things through the content. Bloggers who use storytelling as their weapon can build authority in the industry. The one important thing to keep in mind is to be consistent with the content and the headlines, and the followers will only grow. 

The average attention span of people in the present times is just 8 seconds. For making the most of this time, you need to write a headline that makes a point instantly. Various bloggers have their formulae to do this. You can also devise one of your unique formulae that works perfectly for you. Using a combination of SEO techniques and emotive language works the best. This helps improve the conversion rate of readers. New and innovative content marketing strategies hit the market regularly. Hence, it is important to write great content that helps generate search traffic on the blog. A great blog has a greater headline that boils down the entire post into a few interesting words. 


What are the key factors in writing headlines that grab attention?

To write headlines that grab attention, focus on crafting a compelling headline that speaks directly to your target audience, is catchy, and highlights the main idea of your content.

How can I come up with compelling headline ideas?

Brainstorm headline ideas by considering your target audience's needs, using powerful words, and experimenting with different headline formulas to create an engaging and effective headline.

What makes a headline more visible to search engines?

Great headlines are optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, proper length, and a clear focus on the topic, making it easier for users to find your content.

What are some headline writing tips to create a good headline?

Use powerful words, be concise, convey a sense of urgency, and make sure your headline accurately represents the content of your article.

How can I create effective headlines that engage readers?

To create effective headlines, focus on being clear, concise, and informative while tapping into your reader's emotions or curiosity.

What are some examples of catchy compelling headlines?

Catchy headlines are often short, memorable, and make use of wordplay, alliteration, or questions to pique your target audience interest.

How can I avoid writing confusing headlines?

To avoid confusing headlines, make sure your headline clearly conveys the main idea of your content, avoids jargon, and doesn't mislead the reader. Create a few headlines.

What are some strategies for producing great headlines for a blog post?

When you create headlines, you need to use numbers, ask questions, make bold claims, or invoke curiosity while ensuring your headline accurately reflects your blog post's content. Don't be scared of funny headlines – many headline examples are actually hilarious!

How can I write great headlines that catch the reader's attention?

Write a headline that is clear, concise, and directly addresses your target audience's needs or concerns, while also creating a sense of urgency or curiosity. No space for a vague headline!

What are some examples of headline formulas that work?

Some popular headline formulas include "How to [achieve a specific result]", "[Number] Tips for [desired outcome]", and "The Secret to [solving a problem]".

How does search engine optimization (SEO) impact headline writing?

SEO plays a crucial role in headline writing, as using relevant keywords and crafting a clear, concise headline can improve your content's visibility on search engine results, draw readers.

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