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Refunds and Voided Transactions

My event has been canceled, but people have already paid. How can I ensure everyone gets a refund?

The tickets you’ve created for this event can be used for a new, rescheduled, event without the need for refunding. However, the new event must occur within 14 days of the cancellation of the previous event.

You can issue a refund from the “Paid Tickets” tab. Refunds can be made 14 days after the successful transaction has been registered in our system. It is in your best interest not to make mass refunds for paid tickets and, if possible, not to cancel paid events. In case of abusing the refund system, the LiveWebinar Team may decide to deactivate Paid Rooms for a given user.


I’d like to void a transaction; how do I go about this?

You’ll be able to void the transaction, and the attendee will receive an email notifying them of their transaction being voided.

To consult the manual for this feature, click here.