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How to recap a webinar

You just finished your webinar, and now it’s time to recap everything that happened. This is an important step, because it helps you understand what went well and what needs to be improved. It also allows you to share the highlights with people who couldn’t attend.

#1 Create a list of all the topics you covered

The first step is to create a list of all the topics you covered during the webinar - to help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you don’t forget anything. If you have slides or other visuals, go through them and make a note of all the topics you discussed. You can also ask someone who was taking notes during the webinar to send you their notes so you can have a complete list.

Once you have a list of topics, start grouping them together into themes. This step can support you in identifying the main points of your webinar and make it easier to write your recap.

#2 Send a follow-up email

After your webinar is over, you simply have to send a follow-up email to all the attendees. This email should recap what was covered in the webinar and provide links to any resources that were mentioned.

You can also use this email to upsell other products or services, but be sure not to do it in a way that’s too sales-y.

If you have a recording of the webinar, you can also include a link to it in the follow-up email. This allows people who couldn’t attend to watch it at their convenience.

#3 Co-promote other activities

If you’re running a webinar as part of a larger event, such as a conference or workshop, be sure to promote the other activities in your recap. Such tactics can increase attendance and creates more value for your attendees for the next time.

You can also cross-promote other webinars you have coming up. This is a marvellous way to get more people to attend your future webinars.

#4 Recommend and link to helpful resources

In your recap, recommend and link to any resources that you think will be helpful for your attendees. These could be articles, blog posts, books, or anything else that’s relevant to the topics covered in your webinar.

If you have any products or services that would be helpful for your attendees, you can also recommend those in your recap. But be sure to do it in a way that’s helpful and not sales-y.

With helpful resources in your recap, you’re providing value to your attendees even after the webinar is over. This can help build trust and relationships with your audience.